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Feng Shui successfully put energy in the bedroom

feng shui energy bedroom bed green fresh white chandelier

Feng Shui energy in the bedroom

Put on more Feng Shui energy in your bedroom. We have already informed you what to consider when you enter bed choose. But here we tell you how to place it properly in the room.

Feng Shui energy – harmonious atmosphere.

bedroom bed feng shui place well energy

The perfect position for your bed is far away from the door – no matter which – bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, patio door, or another. In no case do you leave the bed in line with a door. It could only be placed diagonally across the door or away from it.

It is also important that there is a wall behind the bed and no sharp angles from the wall or a piece of furniture you “watch” while you sleep. Small bedside tables on both sides of the bed also create a harmonious Feng Shui atmosphere , Make sure that there are as few electrical appliances as possible in the bedroom. It would be good if there are no sockets on the wall where the bed is close.

A good feng shui bed

bedroom bed feng shui nightstand white brown

Of course, following all these rules is not always possible, especially in the modern contemporary world, but if there is a possibility, use them! You can also do yours happy directions Find Fen Shui and place your bed to match. Do not despair if this is not possible in your case. Instead, be creative, act smart, and be sure to find the right solution.

Not in line with the door

feng shui energy bedroom bed green fresh

Completely made of wood – a feng shui bed

feng shui energy bedroom bed wood brown beige

Padded headboard in white – stylish and elegant

Feng Shui energy bedroom bed white bedside headboard upholstered Diagonally opposite – yes, opposite the door – no

bedroom bed feng shui place well bad


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