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Fancy furniture in 4 styles: Scandinavian, Retro, Avantgarde, Industrial

fancy furniture and lamps furnishing silence

So set up your living room with fancy furniture of modern and futuristic style

Eclectics is a widely used term that can have many meanings. Today we address a very special aspect of eclecticism. It’s about spicing up the ambience with very different fancy furniture that can be modern and even futuristic.

Industrial, minimalist, retro or avant-garde – which is your style?

fancy furniture furnishing tips industrial style

Fancy furniture in 4 different furnishing styles

fancy furniture scandinavian design dining table with chairs

The end effect is often creative chaos that seems confusing to many. However, such facilities are often very upscale. How that works is best learned from the best. By this we mean styles that have been around for many years, in a perfect way to integrate fancy furniture. Here are some examples.

Living room sofa with unique design

fancy furniture design furniture sofa avantgarde

leather sofa by designer Robert Stadler

fancy furniture genuine wood furniture designer sofa

Scandinavian style

The pure, clean lines and colors characterize the Scandinavian design. Accents complement it. They often come in the form of fancy furniture in garish nuances. At the end of the day everything seems super comfortable and consistent. Correspondence in the materials, shapes and shades contribute greatly to this.

fascinating Scandinavian furniture

fancy furniture scandinavian design designer armchair pink

Designer side tables in Scandinavian style

fancy furniture scandinavian design tables

Different configurations and color combinations are possible

fancy furniture Scandinavian design tables bright

Another factor of fundamental importance is the appropriate lighting. It ensures both a good view of everything, also emphasizes the special accents perfectly.

Minimalist wooden furniture

fancy furniture scandinavian design side table round

Unusual ideas

fancy furniture carlo continent subalterno1 design furniture

Futuristic designer furniture

fancy furniture genuine wood furniture designer chairs


The fancy furniture is also at home in the avant-garde. Here is the contrast between their special shapes and the clear, straight and simple lines of the room in general.
Compared to the Scandinavian style, the avant-garde is less colorful.

Avant-garde furniture

fancy furniture avantgarde fancy lamps

Contrast between the special shapes and the clear and simple lines

fancy furniture design furniture avantgarde chair

One sticks to basic colors like black and white and also to their variations.

You can also achieve this by means of many special materials which are used, for example a lot of precious metal and glass.

Radiant MDF materials can also be seen in these rooms.

Side table and bookshelf in one

fancy furniture design furniture side table bookshelf avantgarde

Fresh color accents and original special shapes

fancy furniture design furniture holzrtisch avantgarde


We gladly accept many retro epochs when furnishing our modern apartments. The furniture is quite unusual in this context. Their special, spectacular properties are all the more emphasized.

Retro furniture are in the trend like never before

fancy furniture in retro style genuine wood furniture sofa side table

Vintage wooden furniture

fancy furniture retro design genuine wood furniture

The beautiful old wooden chest of drawers from the 50s

fancy furniture retro design genuine wood furniture dresser

Furnishing ideas in a retro style

fancy furniture retro design vintage dresser

Chic living room furniture

fancy furniture retro design living room in vintage style

Retro posters as a wall decoration idea

fancy furniture retro design living room furniture

Copper accents give the ambience a modern touch

fancy furniture retro design real wood furniture side table on rolls
Industrial style

The other source of inspiration for fancy furniture is the industrial style. They are characterized by the combination of rough lines and materials. At the same time, like the products of modern industry, they often appear very elegant and live from the slim vision.

Industrial design furniture made of wood and metal

Fancy designer furniture industrial furniture study

Fancy lamps in industrial style

Fancy designer furniture industrial furniture coffee table wood

Wall clocks as chic home accessories

Outstanding designer furniture industrial furniture home office set up

Living room furniture with simple design

fancy furniture industrial furniture living room


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