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Fancy coffee table design makes for an undisputed eye-catcher

Living room table floral design glossy black collage

Original ideas for your living room table

The coffee table, also known as a coffee table, is often underestimated. Compared to the dining table, for example, he plays more of a supporting role in the interior. But it is true that without this table, the sofa does not look complete. To make the living room table really eye-catching, you can simply choose an original design or build it yourself.

Today we have collected a few inspirations for you. Take a look at them and let your imagination run free. Which style of living do you like? What kind of sofa should the coffee table fit? Which size do you prefer?

The foot coffee table by Svilen Gamolov

living room table foot black white svilen gamolov

Here you will find a colorful mix of colors, shapes and styles. Some of the tables are clear imitations of nature motifs, others are more abstract or have a futuristic design. There is something for almost every taste. Most models can be conveniently ordered online and there are also those that you can make yourself with a little hand skill. On the Internet you will certainly find the appropriate instructions.

The lovely living room table Abyss of Duffy London

living room coffee table duffy london abyss table

Our favorite is the antique clock coffee table. He captivates with his unmistakable, nostalgic mood and simply inscribes himself perfectly in the vintage style of living. Maybe you are more into the industrial style of furnishing. Then you will definitely find the Blackhawk Hardware 009 table great. With its sophisticated design in steel look, it spreads an exclusive flair in the room. No less effective are the liquid table by Zaha Hadid and the Abyss coffee table by Duffy London. Both are a perfect imitation of water and provide a fresh, cooling effect in the home.

Stunning by Zaha Hadid

coffee table Zaha Hadid

It is entirely up to you what effect you want to introduce into your home with your coffee table. Of course, the economic aspect also plays an important role. In our research, we have but some very effective, unusual tables discovered that are also quite inexpensive. The alternative would of course be to act creatively and sustainably and to make a chic and original living room table yourself. So you will not only be enthusiastic about your coffee table, but also be very proud and satisfied. Just go!

For real vintage fans

coffee table coffee table side table antique clock iroonie com

Masculine broadcast with Blackhawk Hardware 009

living room coffee table blackhawk hardware 009

High gloss in black

living room table floral design glossy black amanicoffeehouse

Living eye-catcher in the living room

Living room coffee table aquarium

A cool Domino coffee table made of solid wood

living room coffee table design domino

Sustainable DIY idea from old magazines

living room table coffee table dining table diy magazines

Minimalist design with mini fireplace by Planika

coffee table coffee table round hearth planika

The Up-Balloon Table by Duffy London

coffee table coffee table up balloon table duffy london

Futuristic design with LED lights on Yupiu

living room table futuristic coffee table led lighting yupiu

Perfect for video game fanatics

coffee table gamer fanatic coffee table

Geometric shapes and innovative technology at amanicoffeehouse

Living room table geometric design gloss black amanicoffeehouse

Make a charming coffee table for your favorite drinks out of the old wooden chest

coffee table drink table coffee table wine bottles wooden chest

The wooden mixtape by Jeff Skierka

coffee table Jeff Skierka mixtape

Creative living room tables to make yourself

Living room table natural wood creative design

Oval, Scandinavian design by

Living room table oval coffee table vangviet com


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