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False wall that hides the entrance to a secret bedroom

wrong wall

Who has never dreamed of having a secret passage that leads to a private space that nobody knows? We often associate this type of passage with the great medieval castles or with very old and big houses, but is it possible to create a secret room in a modern apartment?

Next we will see a modern interior design that has a fake wall clad as wooden shelves.

Fake wall giving access to a secret bedroom

fake wooden wall

When PRISM Design and Mori Design designed a modern villa in China, they decided to have some fun, to create a hidden space.

hidden room

The bedroom door is clad in the hallway as a simple, flat wooden bookcase, and when it opens it reveals a staircase. The staircase has a wooden railing with hidden lighting and a second flat bookshelf covers the wall leading to the bedroom.

Room hidden behind a false wall

This staircase has a railing with hidden lighting and a flat library in which many magazines are exhibited. At the top of the stairs, the room opens onto a bedroom with a work area and a headboard with a bench. If you’re looking for ideas to make room in your home and make it your secret and private haven, follow the tips below.

Ideas to hide spaces

One of the ways is to have a secret room under the stairs. It can be reached through a camouflaged door covered by stripes or other patterns. You can do this by clearing this area. Be careful not to damage the conductors. First measure and cut the drywall and remove the selection area. Then install the frame for the door and the actual door. Paint it on the wall so it does not stand out.

great ideas to hide spaces

In small rooms like the bathroom, the interior should be as simple as possible. Therefore, any large piece of furniture or shelf would only pollute the room and make it look less airy and spacious. The solution can be a hidden storage compartment integrated into the wall or in a narrow corner. Adapt it to the walls. You can even hide the entire bathroom behind a few simple doors. For example, consider this situation: it has an open floor plan or a bedroom with a bathroom. You can cover an entire wall with storage cabinets and design a large wall unit from one wall to the other. You can hide the entrance to the next room in this way. One or two of the cupboard doors may be the doors that lead to the bathroom.

Hidden passage behind the bookshelf

Hidden passage behind the bookshelf

Do you remember the room hidden behind a shelf we mentioned at the beginning? So the idea could be transferred to a real house, in case she ever decided to.

Hidden passage behind a bookshelf

Basically, instead of a normal door, you can cover the room with a cupboard. You can do this for your wardrobe or other rooms.

Wardrobe hidden behind a large bookshelf

Wardrobe hidden behind a large bookshelf

Consider this option if you want to hide a pantry or storage room. Let’s assume that the room is accessible from the corridor. You can replace the doors with shelves Functional This gives you additional storage space. The idea also works for basements.

Hide a space

Hide a space

To hide a room is really easier than you think. Basically, you just have to make sure that the entry is not noticeable. So, if it’s a door you want to hide, let it fit the walls. For example when walls They are made of wood or painted in a specific color, do the same with the door. You can even cover it with wallpaper if this is the case.


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