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Fall on your balcony – get the new season with joy

Balcony terrace deco autumn * Image: Ikea

Who said that the life of a balcony ends at the end of summer? Now that the summer is over, prepare for the reception the autumn on your balcony and get the most original decoration.

Ideas to get the fall on the balcony

Handrail decorated the autumn

With the right materials and colorful autumn flowers, your balcony can become a very cozy autumn oasis. Cushions and blankets of natural colors can be used for the fall decoration on the balcony.

Beautiful decoration of autumnal style lobby

beautiful decoration porch terrace

You can also mix and match the autumn flowers in the rich traditional colors of purple and blue. Even the ornamental bowls are safe for every balcony in autumn.

Beautiful porch decoration with autumn decorations

beautiful decoration terarza porch

Use many tealights and lanterns at night to give the feeling of luxury and romance. An electric golf light can work wonders in the darkest and darkest corners. When it comes to the decoration of the balcony, we should always have adequate lighting.

Large garden bench decoration

pretty garden bench decoration

Use many beautiful pillows, but replace the bright colors of summer with the earthy colors of autumn. Use beautiful autumn flowers in bright purple tones. The autumn asters and the heather in zinc urns are sure bets for decorating a beautiful balcony.

Great decoration, inspired by the fall

beautiful decoration inspired autumn

Below are some great ideas to create a cozy balcony in natural colors of autumn. Imagine you want to take a relaxation area with pillows. If you live in a cool place, we recommend you sitnt├ętica naural or sheep to add to your decoration balcony skin cover, it will bring character and style to the look of your balcony.

Autumn decoration ideas for terrace

Ideas balcony balcony decoration

Asian style candles and lanterns are perfect to complete the ambience of the exterior decoration.

Beautiful autumn decoration with pumpkins

beautiful autumn decoration

The garlands of light are also a great way to illuminate and decorate a patio, as long as you do not overdo a Christmas look.

Designs of autumn decorations for outdoors

otonic donations for outside

Lay several soft blankets in warm colors for your guests, so you will not be in a hurry to enter the house in case it gets refreshed.

Original entrance decoration in orange tones

Orange tones entrance decoration

An original carpet can become the center of decoration, especially on smaller balconies, do not forget to place one.

Original deco design for fall

original decoration otonop procuts

Without pumpkins, that would not be the case, because they are an integral part of any outdoor fall decoration. The real pumpkins do not last as long as the decorative pumpkins, but in any case, just because they are present, they symbolize the fall.

Decorate with natural autumn products

Decoration natural products autumn

Group them on a table to form an outdoor centerpiece, or place a few of them on a staircase.

Decorating ideas for gardens with pumpkins

Decoration patio gardens pumpkins colors

Nothing characterizes both autumn and a beautiful rustic crown. Start your own designs with ca├▒abazas, dried leaves and pine cones.

Original entrance hall decoration with pumpkins

Decorations entrance hall floor pumpkins

Looking for a neutral ornament like this crown, which is inspired by nature and fall colors, it is the perfect complement to your door or your exterior.

Beautiful garden decoration for the autumn

Original decoration Jardin Terarza

If you have a large terrace or a small balcony, signing the arrival of autumn can make any room feel like an autumnal break.

How do I decorate the front door for the fall?

decorate_door Reasons Autumn

You can easily create directional signs, or you can use your favorite phrase or autumnal saying.

Large modern patio decoration with fireplace

great modern terrace fireplace

Think about how to keep the heat inside you Balcony during the cool autumn nights, with some comfortable fabrics added. Also put some decorative pillows in knitwear and place a luxurious faux fur rug over your garden furniture.

Original modern style rustic decoration

original modern style

You do not need a garden to get a nice garden. With a magnificent planter and a pot or two, you can have a beautiful garden on your balcony that captures the colors of autumn in your windows.

Ideas for the decoration of terraces and entrances with pumpkins

decorate terraces entrances place pumpkins

Nature makes a great show in Autumn . Even if you live in an apartment, you can sit in the front row on your balcony if you plant in a pot or two simple plants that reflect the spectacular range of fall colors.

Original planter with autumn flowers

big planter colors clamodes

Below we will list the steps for you to help you develop your own DIY planter, do not miss them.

Design of the entrance decoration with pumpkins

Design decoration pumpkins entrance

Begin drilling the planter with a drill in the concrete areas where it will be hung. Do not forget to drill holes in the ground for drainage;

Flowerpots made with the skin of pumpkins

two flowerpots pumpkins flowers

The points of the drainage holes are clearly marked. To complete the rail pot, you need to add a large square pot.

Original entrance with autumn decoration

Entrance house decoration autumn

Fill the flower box almost to the top with potting soil. A big bag with a pot bottom is enough for both planters. You need six plants in four-inch pots for the rail planters and a few larger plants for the square pot.

Autumnal decorative ideas for terraces

decorative ideas terrace

Choose plants that bloom in complementary colors and contain some ornamental herbs in the layout. The dwarf grass, for example, is purple and looks great in the pot or planter’s trail and some annual flowers, like the million bells (Calibrachoa), complement the color and texture of the grasses.

Ideas to decorate with pallets and pumpkins

Wooden furniture pallets pumpkins

Dissolve the roots of the plants a little before planting. This is good for the roots to spread in the container. The large crushing knife is the perfect tool for this because of its versatility. Use the end of the bifurcated knife to loosen the roots at the bottom of the root ball and the saw edge to cut along the sides of each plant.

Original balcony decoration for fall

original balcony decoration

On one side of the pot, dig a hole in the potting soil to make room for one of the grasses.

Original deco design with Halloween motifs

Original deco motifs Halloween

It should cover the crowns of plants easily without damaging them. Continue to sow to fill the covered path pot with the herbs in the center and flowers on both sides so that you can appreciate the colors and textures of your balcony from the street.

Original entrance autumnal decoration

Original decoration terrace entrance

After sowing, fill with potting soil. Add a few tablespoons of soil and use the point of reach between the plants.

Original autumn decoration design for outdoor use

Original autumn outdoor decoration design

Confirm the earth around the crowns of the plants with your fingers. A large plant like the Coreopsis is long flowering and is the right size for a large pot and complements the herbs and flowers in the pot very well. You will need two plants for this pot and several packs of six smaller, one-year-old flowers, such as marigolds, which are planted on the edges of the square pot.

Original planter decorated with elements of autumn

Original planter with elements of autumn

Loosen the roots with the big knife. Next, use the knife to wedge the smaller annuals around the sides. Fill with a few pallets filled with potting soil.

Original fun decoration for the fall

Original fun autumn decoration

Cut out coreopsis flowers and marigolds to encourage them to continue to bloom for a long time. After planting the two tanks, water with well water.

Original design of autumn decoration for terraces

Original design decoration autumn

The spout rotates so you can also use a direct stream of water, but use the shower at the first water to make sure the bottom of the pot is evenly moist.

Original autumnal porch decoration

Original entrance porch decoration

The filler hole in the shower is balanced so that it fits under the faucet in the sink if you have no outside tap on the balcony of your garden apartment.

Original autumnal decoration for terraces

Original decoration pumpkins terraces

* Image: Ikea


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