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Exclusive marble furniture by Rainer Mutsch

marble moiliario especial-concepto-moderno

In every marble furniture space and the beauty of this material in the designs is a luxury. As we know, it is a material that can cause high costs. However, its longevity and beauty make it worthwhile. Be there Furniture or any other application of marble makes the houses look really nice. If you are looking for an elegant and beautiful look, the first condition is. The examples we present today are marble furniture and modern styles.

Marble marble with a beautiful finish and interesting shapes

Marble pending collective areas

It is obvious that it is a material that is often used in floors, windows, chimneys, countertops or in the completion of the bars. Another aspect is the ease of maintenance. With little effort you can clean and improve the durability. As a piece of advice, no matter which piece we have at home, it is necessary to clean its surface. There are several special products for marble cleaning on the market.

Marble furniture with polished surfaces with organic geometric shapes

marble moiliario armchair table colors

In general, the benefits are many, whether in furniture or Floors. To integrate it into the design of our home, its possibilities are endless. Best of all, your image will be of great impact in every detail. From these ideas, the Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch designed Aeon. An interesting collection based on the marble furniture and the functionality of the models. Each of these completely made of marble furniture was intended for the Breitwieser stone manufacturer.

Table from the Aeon collection by Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch

Marble Furniture Bridge Pathway Decorations Marble

The Aeon collection consists essentially of three parts with a unique image. It includes a dining table of about three meters in length. In addition to a strange shelf and other wall shelves, which are completed in several dimensions. Each of these pieces was designed from a single block of Calacatta marble. Through a technological process, these blocks are shaped until they reach the final shape.


At a higher stage of the process, there are craftsmen who are responsible for giving it a proper finish. It is precisely the craftsmen who polish each of these designs. It’s a process that usually takes more than three weeks to finally get the furniture to its final image. In general, one of Rainer Mutsch’s intentions was to experiment with geometric and organic shapes. So you can enjoy pieces that have a perfect point of lightness in every visual detail. As an interesting point in each piece, the surfaces have a unique identity.

Wall shelves in various lengths integrated in the Aeon collection

Shelves-walls-trailer-style minimalist

Studied furniture design in Copenhagen and industrial design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna for the career of Rainer Mutsch It has a long history. He opened his own studio in the year two thousand eight in Vienna. Based mainly on a product design approach. His greatest commitment, as we see in this collection, is the functionality of the pieces. Another interesting detail is that he lives with the objects created by him. So you can certainly see the true potential of every single piece created by your studio.

View of the section of marble pieces to start the design of the furniture

Block-process work-functional

Enjoy in detail these beautiful creations, which undoubtedly find another facet of marble on furniture. This is another creative example of how this material brings elegance, freshness and modernity to interior design.

Pictures work style design Stein


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