Eclectic Chic: Visiting interior designer Frederike Bettermann

Presentation Frederike Bettermann

When Frederike Bettermann sets foot from her loft apartment, she stands in the middle of Hamburg’s lively Eppendorf district with its countless small boutiques, cafés and flower shops. But not only the elegant location and the view of the Isebek Canal make Frederike’s home so special. After all, the building where the woman from Hamburg lives with her husband used to be a huge car park. The coarse ceiling beams and the massive columns were simply integrated into the apartment during the conversion and give it that certain something today.

Come on a little sightseeing tour:

By profession, Frederike is an interior designer and accordingly looks like their decor. She also works as a stylist for photo productions and effortlessly creates spaces out of nothing. In your own home every single room would be ideal as a set for a photo shoot. “I often get inspiration from blogs and magazines. I love watching and analyzing styles from other people, “says Frederike.


When setting up the Hamburg does not follow any specific concept, but most likely she can identify with the Eclectic Chic. She describes this style as follows: “The trend is towards more individuality, that is, doing things yourself, building oneself or enhancing them with simple things and then throwing everything together. As if you were contracting with the friend. Because then the device mixes so synonymous automatically. If you then place the furnishings correctly, a unique interior can be created. ”


Regardless of whether certain deco accessories fit her apartment or not, Frederike also takes with pleasure souvenirs from the holiday. She then decorates her loft. But how do you keep order in spite of always new things in order to feel well? The interior designer also has an answer to that: “I really love decorative boxes, small trays and bowls. Because in such containers, a bit of chaos can calmly prevail. Seen from the outside, but then everything seems neat. For me it is rarely really messy. Through my work on photosets, I put things home again and again in the right place. From time to time, of course, something may stand around, we do not live in a studio after all. Besides, a lot will change when the baby is there anyway. ”


If Frederike’s baby is not asleep in the redecorated study, it will be allowed to watch from the cradle, which happens in the open dining room.

Soon, Frederike is expecting her first child. The study was therefore partly relocated to the long corridor, the old workplace has been transformed into a nursery. There is already a self-built four-poster bed that Frederike and her husband built themselves. Anyway, the interior designer had plenty of time during pregnancy to work on the shared apartment. If the facility stays the same for two months, that’s a long time for them, says Frederike. “Too often,” she changes the decor and if it’s just small things that are exchanged, such as pillowcases or Vases ,

WohnungFrederikeBettermann11 “If you want to have a nice apartment, you also have to feel like exploring the facility. An apartment does not have to be ready on the first day of the move. If you can, you should take your time to gradually collect furniture and decoration. Because it widens the field of view, not only to go into a single furniture store, but also to look at Internet exchanges, on the bulky waste, on the Flohmartk or in thrift stores. The goal in your own home should be to set individual accents to feel really comfortable. ”

How Frederike implemented this, you can see in my picture gallery to click:

Find out more about Frederike’s style of living, her furnishing philosophy and her work on her page ,


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