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DIY ponds minimalist design for koi fish

original ideas Aquarium Koi ponds

The ponds For fish were already used by the first farmers in history to ensure the food supply.

On the other hand, koi fish are a symbol of endurance in the face of adversity within Japanese culture, as this fish is known to float upstream to cross its waterfall.

Designs of koi ponds for gardens and DIY ideas

beautiful modern terrace wooden platform

By placing a pond in the garden, you can create a place with great visual appeal. The interaction with the fish, their feeding and the fact that they can be observed in their habitat will provide hours of relaxation. There are also many benefits to the environment. The fish can become like pets, and you will begin to recognize them; You can even call her.

Original designs of koi ponds for gardens

Deco Koi Bambu ponds

When talking about the disadvantages, it is true that building and maintaining a koi pond can be expensive, but the benefits must also be weighed up. Nothing good is easy, right? Your fish can become a burden because someone has to feed them while traveling, and in colder climates, they must hibernate and be protected from predators.

Original pond design with koifish

Disney fountain pond koi fish

The benefits of a koi pond are obvious; You can always enjoy a pond or a water garden. You may need to control humidity by installing one or two blowers or possibly a dehumidifier. But it is certainly a characteristic statement within the house.

Supermodern koi fish pond

Pond fish koi gardens modern

Imagine a Zen water garden covered with boulders and two Japanese Shinto benches. This would be a simple addition to your home.

Original Koi fish ponds of modern design

Koi fish ponds modern design

Laying a glass face in the pond is really a window into another world. It’s like having your own aquarium, but outside. The only downside is that you need to clean the glass a little more, but it’s worth watching the fish swimming beneath the surface every day.

Original garden fountain with koi fish

Koi pond fountain garden aquarium

Even in a small courtyard you can build an incredible Koi pond. A glass wall in a pond has much to offer.

Designs of koi ponds with waterfall fountain

Koi ponds waterfall fountains

Outdoor is clearly the most popular place to place a water garden or koi pond. And there are many ideas that you can use.

Original design of the modern Koi pond

super natural pond well

You could create a raised design on your deck or a sunken design in a bamboo forest.

Tips and original ideas for the design of koi ponds

original ideas design koi ponds

If it rises above it can have a glass window, like an aquarium. It can be a pond or a water garden entrance with a path to the door. The possibilities are endless.

Original ideas for the production of koi ponds

Ideas for ponds

As you can see in all previous examples, a pond or water garden can really enhance the design of your home.

Original designs of homemade koi ponds

Home Koi pond designs

With many modern styles available and the clear ability to create your own from scratch, there is a design idea that will fit any home or decoration.

Original modern terrace design with koi fishpond

Original design modern terrace pond

Here you can see some ideas that you will surely love. A beautiful pond lost under the floor of a wooden deck adds a point of relaxation with incredible views.

Original rock garden design with Koi fishpond

Original design rock garden pond Jardinc

Or this large garden rock garden with waterfall fountains and koi fish, an ideal addition to any kind of garden.

Great patio design with a modern Koi pond

modern Koi pond terrace

Under the stairs or under a garden path is the perfect place to place a water fountain. Especially if they are glass stairs.

Original modern patio design with koi fishpond

Modern Patio pond Koi fish

Next, we will see a series of amazing ideas for creating original water-watching towers for koi in the ponds.

Design of garden rockery with Koi fishpond

Rock garden pond

Original lookout tower for koi fish

Aquarium in Koi pond

The German fish lover T. C. Helmut has added a lookout tower to his koi fishpond.

Original aquarium design for Koi fish pond

modern koi fish cube

The fish can enter and leave the tower at will. Judging by their appearance, they prefer the views.

Glass aquarium design inside a koi fish pond

Original bowl of koi fish

However, you can switch quickly from the input to the output at the bottom. Are you wondering how it’s done?

Design of Koi fish pond with glass aquarium

Aquarium Koi pond ahgua
Helmut says that he simply removes the air from the tower by using a hose connected to a vacuum cleaner. Its tower is 2.4 meters high and 40 x 40 cm wide and rises 1.2 meters above the pond.

Original aquarium designs for koi fishponds

Original aquariums Koi aquariums
First and foremost, he says, a bottle is attached to a hose. The hose is connected to a vacuum cleaner. Then the air is removed and the water will rise.

Original design lookout tower for koi fish pond

Fountain garden with fish

If your garden has only one place that fits a pond, do not worry, you can create a large pond almost anywhere. However, if you have two or three seats to choose from, consider the maintenance factor.

Original fountain design for koi fish pond

Source images koi fish

If you place your pond in a place where there is at least six hours of direct sunlight every day, you have a wide choice Easy to choose plants Plants that thrive in the shade are also available so you can create a pond in a location that never receives direct sunlight. But you will have less easy-care options and you may have to pay a bit more to get the desired plant mix.


Leave work space around the pond. For the proper care of the plants and the pond, it is best if you can easily reach all parts of the pond. If you place your pond next to a fence, wall, hedge, or building, you will need to enter the water to take care of that part of the pond. Instead, leave a working space of at least 2 feet around the pond.

Ideas for ponds

One way to keep plants in harsh winters is to keep them in cubes. A more convenient method is to create a deep area in yours Pond. Store your aquatic plants in pots or root bags so they can move into deep water in the fall. The required water depth depends on your climate.

Tips for ponds

Extend the coating to prevent the ingress of plants. Even plants that normally grow on dry land love the water, and some want to spread out on the edge of the pond. To prevent ingress, extend the liner 12 inches or more past the edge of the pond and cover with mulch or gravel. The rubber coating blocks the roots looking for water. Make a border where the garden meets the grass. The flat stones, which are located on the ground floor, create a transition between the pond and the grass. Instead of cutting the grass where it meets the rocks or plants that surround the pond, you can guide the mower directly over the stone’s edge. Just make your pond empty. To prepare for the winter or to clean the pond, most pond owners occasionally pump the water. To simply dry the pond, gradually tip the bottom into a hole. In this way, you can set up a pump in one place to drain all the water. Make the hole in the form of a bowl and not more than 3 cm deep, so that the panel can fit into it.

DIY garden ponds

Place the skimmer in an easily accessible place. Skimmers, filters and cascade tanks collect waste (mainly leaves and other parts of plants) and occasionally need to be cleaned. If you want to use one, do not put it in a place that can only be reached by crawling on the rocks or by trampling the plants. The things that come out of a skimmer are a great fertilizer for plants. Plant a hostas patch or other sheet cover next to the skimmer. The large leaves hide the debris as they decompose and nourish the plants, and a trip to the trash is saved. Cut steps to the ground to facilitate access. The steps make it easier to get in and out of your pond when you need to clean the plants or cool off on hot days. The steps also serve as shelves for the pots and offer different water depths for different plants. When cultivating the plants, the topmost stage must be covered by at least 6 inches of water. Steps that fall 12 inches or more below the waterline must be at least 20 inches wide to accommodate large pots. If your pond is too small for the built-in steps, create an entry point where the pond side is vertical.


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