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Designs of small houses with a minimalist decoration

Designs of small house pictures

When we talk about houses and apartments, we often refer to theirs decor at the time of acquiring the house or at the first moment of the establishment.

Even many times, the reforms we can do inside are in the background, as if we could not see the capabilities and qualities of the interior. That is why, in this article, I will talk about the reforms that we can do and about small house designs which we can benefit from to get the most out of our house.

Designs of small houses and their weak points

Ideas for decorating small houses clock

As weak points of this type of housing we can distinguish three main areas: space, lighting and the choice of furniture. These three features are related. First and foremost, the lack of space makes it difficult for us to organize the interior and furnishings. Furniture is usually large and even massive, while space is getting scarcer.

how to decorate a small house pictures

Second, lighting: in small houses, the windows tend to be smaller, so lighting is less common. The walls are much closer together and the massive architectural elements like the load-bearing walls seem to create a claustrophobic interior in which we do not feel well.

small houses decoration minimalist

And third, the Furniture : It seems that the designers are working out more and more large pieces of furniture that take up too much space on the surface of the house and prevent us from placing everything we need. However, all these features should not prevent them from creating modern, light-flooded interiors, and we’ll see below why.

A few designs of small houses with effects that increase the space

Models of small-minimalist houses

It’s clear that the only way to make the interior bigger is to pull certain walls or make additional constructions that give us more space. However, in many cases these solutions are not possible, especially when we are in front of an apartment or when the walls we want to throw are cargo.

small houses-furnished sofas

If you take a closer look at the pictures of the models of small houses that I have chosen for this article, you will see some decorative details that are repeated in all the photos and that concern the colors, the furniture and the decorative elements.

Interior of small-modern houses

It is not necessary to call a decoration specialist to organize and decorate the room of your home, unless you want something extravagant. It is enough that they stop thinking about the advice that we constantly give in our articles, and they can introduce not only the modernity but also the elegance in their home.

A few designs of small houses with clear and lighted interiors

how to decorate a small-modern house

Before decorating small houses, they must first of all choose the color of the walls and the floor. On many occasions people flee the color white because it refers to the walls of hospitals and because their excess inside is strong enough for the eyes.

Minimalist White House designs

However, this color can be used with many combinations with other tones that allow them to create a very nice interior of small houses. On the other hand, you can also choose other clarity tones like yellow or pastel shades to decorate the walls.

Designs of small houses-white

You have to keep in mind that these colors are a great source of light. The reason is that it reflects in them and illuminates the interior much more. In return, the walls and support beams usually have a pretty impressive image that softens these colors and takes away the load.

A few designs of small houses that combine colors and furniture

small house design photos

The combination of colors and furniture in house designs in most cases refers to the combination of tones that we can make between them. However, a few simple combinations between them are not enough to make the most of our interior.

Designs of small houses decoration minimalist

Among our ideas to decorate small houses, we present the contrast between walls and furniture. Bright walls that serve as a background contrast beautifully with dark or black furniture placed in the corresponding parts of the interior.

Interiors of small houses-white-black

The areas that are suitable for our interior are those that we want to emphasize, either by the amount of light that accumulates there, or by a constructive element that should attract attention. In either case, we need to place furniture that stands out, or a decorative accent that emphasizes it.

Designs of small houses with decorative accents

Interiors of small houses-furniture-wood

One very interesting way used in interior design and decoration to highlight those parts of the interior that we want is the use of decorative accents. If you do not know how to decorate a small house, you can bet on it, but you must remember that the accents are created by the intense colors that stand out from the other shadows that remain in the background.

Models of small houses accents

On the photo above you can see a coffee table with a modern design that combines black and orange. In this case, the combination of the two colors produces a striking contrast, while the orange color sets the focus on the white ground.

Interior small houses salon

The same can be done with the decorative cushions of the sofas. You just have to choose between contrasting tones and attract attention at the same time. This in turn means that the sofas must be placed in an area that they want to highlight.

Ideas for decorating small houses furniture

In the pictures below, you’ll see more ideas about the simple reforms you can make in your homes that will inspire you when making decisions about decoration. I hope the tips you read were useful and that they make the most of your interior.

Designs of small minimalist houses

Designs of small-modern houses

Designs of small decorated houses


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