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Designs for white walls – ideas for attractiveness

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Among the multitude of color options for walls It’s hard to choose. But today we show you some original ideas of decoration and designs for empty walls. The most common is the color white.

Designs for white walls. Ideas for the kitchen

Kitchen-dining room-design walls and white

There is a prejudice that white walls have many drawbacks: to look simple and boring, associations with hospitals or other public institutions. All of this is sometimes just exaggerations.

Designs for brick partitions

Dining Room Modern wall separating bricks

After seeing our ideas, we are sure that he will change his mind. The white wall designs we show you today give you the opportunity to create original finishes in any style.

Designs for-walls-white texture Allison Burke interior design

In addition, you can use any design tool and decorative elements. And if you think it’s hard to get white walls, you can be sure that modern materials minimize the impractical properties of such a coating.

design-for-walls-white-texture-design-living room-style contemporary-ideas

It is believed that this stylistic decision was made in the 1920s in England. After that, this idea was adopted by many popular designers and nowadays we can see many projects where white is the main color.

The influence of white color on people

Designs for-walls-white texture Bedroom

Before choosing a color for a room, you need to find out what effect that has on the people who live there. From this point of view, white has a number of advantages over many other colors.

Designs for-walls-white-texture-shelves-sla-Estar

Among its features we can find the ability to carry energy, control the action, reduce fears of fears and nightmares also has beneficial effects on pets. Gives a sense of peace creates the illusion of purity and can be combined with any color.

Designs for walls and ceilings in white

Designs for-walls-white-texture style Nautical Salon

For white, it can also be said that it is a positive color, the combination of any other color of the spectrum is fine. Therefore, psychologists, psychiatrists and other physicians rely on the help of whites in the treatment of patients. If there’s a complex selection of colors, White can replace any one of them without ruining the design.

Designs for white walls texture ideas kitchen

As we all know, walls and completely white houses are not new. In the stories and on many continents, this picture was celebrated and appreciated. As with most design trends, things are cyclical and the fashion varies.

Designs for White Walls Texture Brick Kitchen Living

Who has not seen the incredible Greek, Japanese, Moroccan and Scandinavian interiors (among many others) to know that, the design of white walls that give a sense of clean minimalism (often replaced by more colorful handcrafted textiles and artworks) We are now familiar with the contemporary idea of ​​this trend.

Designs for-walls-white-texture-plate wall

In the early 2000s, the pattern was everywhere. Extravagant paintings and retro prints dominated, we were in love with the wallpaper and the extravagant designs. Was there a problem with all these details and with the very decorative style? Well, no. But like most things, there is always a twist that leads us in a different direction.

Designs for white walls texture wood

Perhaps this turn led to the current trend of minimalist and simple interiors. If you have a tight budget, you want a renovation and you want to save the cost of decoration and pay attention to the essentials. Then there is no better idea than to choose white wall designs, and this aesthetics, which is so easy to improve, can be more economical.

Designs for white walls texture wood bedroom

Even if you choose the white color for your design, you may be overwhelmed by the large amount of ideas. With all these ideas for the white wall, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the options and the simplest feels more secure and realistic. Therefore, white walls focusing on furniture and art, which can be easily moved and changed, are the best option. These designs are something safe and simple that will not let you renovate next year.

Designs for white walls texture wood ceiling

Since we are all used to the perfect interior. With our down to the last detail maintained rooms, you can always be inspired. But we all know well that most of us do not live that way. But we can always use these ideas to add something more to our design and make the most of it to create an attractive space for us.

Designs for white walls texture millimeter interior design

We are sure you will get many positive reactions if you choose white walls. There is a false assumption that white or minimum is equally clean, and color is equally chaotic. The cleaning has nothing to do with the color of your room.

Designs for White Walls Texture Furniture Vintage

A dark red room can be as clean and tidy as a totally white room. And a totally white room can be as crowded as a room with orange walls. The color of the wall rarely has anything to do with how clean or messy the room is.

A house designed by Nobbs Radford Architects¹

Designs for white walls textura nobbs radford architects

So that your white walls do not look boring, you can use cutouts, exposed bricks, tiles, panels or wood as a lining for the walls. These ideas are modern and avant-garde and certainly give your space a texture space It is neutral or monochrome.

Designs for white walls texture options style

In this sense we assemble for you all these rooms with classical white walls, but with refined attractiveness thanks to the moldings, the bricks, the stones or the wood. White wood or white brick walls are perfect for minimalist or contemporary interiors as they create a striking contrast.

Designs for white walls texture stones

If you want to decorate your white walls and perhaps the ceiling with moldings, it is suitable for any room, from the bathroom to the living room. This is a nice and modern way of not making boring white walls, especially if you have a minimalist room.

Designs for white walls texture sofa purple

When it comes to the design of bathrooms and kitchens, tiles are another great idea to add texture to your walls, though they are neutral, bright and attention-grabbing. Try the white tiles, these types of tiles are a constant trend, and can be even more accentuated with black countertops.

Designs for-walls-white texture wooden beams

Bedroom spaces design industry

Wall tiles white living room design

1 Nobbs Radford Architects


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