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Designer wall shelf for your skateboard – get to know designer duo Zanocchi & Strong

Wall Ride wall shelf for your skateboard

It’s all about designer furniture again and as always young talented designers are in our focus. The designer duo Zanocchi & Strong We were fascinated by today’s contribution and we would like to present you two of their projects.

Let’s start with this incredibly practical and stylish wall shelf.

The “Wall Ride” shelf is specially designed for skateboarders, but if you are not, read on. The designer shelf is super practical and versatile and you can store almost anything on it. Look at yourself.

On this designer wall shelf you can not only keep your skateboard, but also other small everyday objects

The stylish wall shelf has 3 hangers and 2 compartments, and provides storage space for your skateboard, as well as many other small items such as glasses, watch, paperbacks, house keys and so on. Best of all, you can even open beer bottles with just one hand.

Open beer bottles – also that can be the “Wall Ride” shelf

The shelf fits perfectly in the hallway

“Wall Ride” in orange

Modern hall shelf

Impressive design by Andrea Zanocchi (Italy) and Carolina Starke (Brazil)

You can also set up a beer or wine bottle

Make a decorative flower

Hang up your handbag

The accessories of the skater

Do you often party at home? Then use the wall shelf as a side table

The second project of Zanocchi & Strong Designer Studio (based in Turin) is the table lamp “Ludovica” shown below. This will perfectly complete your cozy reading corner. “Ludovica” consists of two separate parts – a color-painted frame made of aluminum and a removable luminous element made of opaque white plastic.

“Ludovica” reading lamp

Minimalist framed frame in red

The 2 components can also be used separately

Easily removable

The shape of the reading lamp was thought useful

Stylish your reading corner

“Ludovica” – table and reading lamp has a battery that lasts about 5 hours and is charged by means of a USB cable.

The designer lamp is wireless


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