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Designer Office – What does the modern workplace look like nowadays?

designer office parsons desk white mural chair

Designer office – create a modern and cozy working atmosphere at home

The days when the desks were large and with numerous storage drawers are over today. Refinement and simplicity describe the contemporary designer office. Enjoy the simplicity of your workplace! Laptops, MacBooks, iPads and all wireless accessories take up very little space and make all drawers unnecessary.

So you design a very simple work corner, where you concentrate on the most important thing. What you really need is plenty of natural light, comfort, a no-frills modern desk and a comfortable work chair, and maybe a room flower that adds a touch of freshness to the working atmosphere.

Designer office – design your workplace according to the latest trends

1. Refinement and simplicity

Second Parsons Desk , Designer Jean Michel Frank

3. Swag Leg Desk, Designer George Nelson

4. Spotlight Desk and Airia Desk

5. Oval Table Desk, Designer Florence Knoll

A modern and minimalist home office

designer office ergonomics design white simply plain

Be smart and stock up on space-saving furniture

designer office bedroom nursery laptop desk

Ergonomic design is fashionable today. Lightness and simplicity – that’s what we need in the contemporary complex world, and that’s what the designers did. Big names like George Nelson and Florence Knoll have thought of our comfort and comfort. The designs shown below are classic, they are, so to speak, evergreens from the middle of the last century, when the artists worked extremely innovatively.

Let the sunlight penetrate the room

designer office spotlight desk crossed legs black bookshelves

Desks like the Parsons Desk can still be found today in our work day. Designed in the 1930s, the Parsons table is still the ultimate choice for you. He is very practical, elegant, saves space and yet has hidden storage drawers. Its designers are the French designer Jean-Michel Frank and his students at the Parsons School of Design branch in Paris. Look at the Parsons table yourself. Do you also find his design stunning?

Make your workplace practical, alive and to your own taste

designer office parsons desk green work corner space saving stool

The contemporary design is based on the principle that less is more

Designer office parsons desk wood bookcase

Strong colors create an extraordinary atmosphere

designer office parsons desk pink colored stool wall decor

The Parsons table is also very suitable for the room of your children

designer office parsons desk bedroom sunlight

Women stand on tender colors and zebra patterns

designer office parsons desk black plain

You can use this Parsons table both as a make-up table and as a work table

designer office parsons desk black sunlight bed home office yellow

A prime example of simplicity in the workplace. What else do you need?

designer office parsons desk white workbench sophistication

You do not have a separate room, then combine the bedroom with the work area

designer office parsons desk white work corner bedroom window

The coziness increases the work performance

designer office parsons desk white work corner bedroom sunlight

Magic color harmony! – typical girlish

designer office parsons desk white work corner tender pink bed sofa

Dreamlike cutting studio. Here many girl dreams can be realized

designer office parsons desk white atelier sewing machine light curtains

Modern, simple working corner on the roof terrace

designer office parsons desk white roof terrace window light

Do you have preferences for specific colors?

designer office parsons desk white red white printer floor lamp Lovely view! Enjoy it while working

designer office parsons desk two armchairs white plain light

Personally, I’m just thrilled with yet another desk design – the Swag Leg Desk by designer George Nelson. Like the Parsons Desk, it’s much more up to date than ever before. How innovative and intuitive George Nelson thought when he designed this practical desk in 1958. Maybe he did not think his design would be so popular and hip in the 21st century. Simply ingenious as the Swag Leg Desk fits our modern workspace. Can not find it?

Design from the year 1958, which is still relevant today

designer office swag leg desk work chair workplace virtually space saving

You have no place? Actually you need very little!

designer office swag leg desk dining area workplace virtually space saving

A practical desk, enough natural light and of course a desire to work – that’s all you need

designer office swag leg desk bedroom workplace practical

The Swag Leg Desk is made of walnut wood and fits perfectly with the rest of the wood

designer office airia desk bedroom workplace virtually space saving

On sunny days, you can also work outside on the veranda

designer office airia desk veranda wood workplace practically plain

Simple workspace in a rustic style

designer office airia desk workplace virtually window light

And last but not least, I’ll put it to you Herman Miller’s Airia Desk , designed by Kaiju Studios in front. This work table is inspired by the two desks mentioned above. But we see in him a touch of modernity and perfection. Designed specifically for working with laptops, Airia Desk will definitely make your work process easier.

The Airia Desk is more modern and luxurious than the Swag Leg Desk and just as practical

designer office airia desk workplace virtually window tight This work table inspires and delights with its design

designer office ergonomics design airia desk

Would you like to work in a creative atmosphere?

designer office sofa coziness airia desk

I hope this article was helpful and interesting to you and you enjoyed these beautiful designs. Maybe you also have a great designer office or would get one soon.

The Oval Table Desk by Florance Knoll is multifunctional, practical and elegant

Designer office round table black floor to ceiling window light

Elegance and simplicity – work with style

designer office round table white sofa window light

Home office in the living area

designer office round table living area open plan The Spotlight Desk is similar to the Parsons Desk, but it is crossed-legged

Designer office stealth black home office light

Choose fresh colors that support your ability to work and well-being

designer office spotlight desk crossed legs yellow white

The Spotlight Desk goes very well with every girl’s room

designer office spotlight desk crossed legs nursery white The black work table is preferred by serious men designer office spotlight desk crossed legs black window


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