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Designer device with simple geometry

Designer device lock plate dark

Minimal designer setup for maximum effect

Today we present 15 unique find pieces from Crowdy House.

Crowdy House is the online marketplace that allows designers and manufacturers to celebrate the premiere of their work. The special feature is the direct contact and potential sale between designers and consumers.

“A direct sale means the best price for you, the best win for him and a designer piece with an authentic story behind it.”

Warming chair by Katerina Stavrinou Moleski fragment

Designer furnishing steel wool chair warming

The products are offered for a limited time. So, if you see this article a week or two after it’s released, probably some of the stuff will not be on Crowdy House anymore.

But there will be a new season with fabulous designs for sale. So, remember the links we provide that will take you directly to the designers and manufacturers and you will find what you are looking for.

Are you ready to take a closer look at innovative and modern living facilities and furniture?

MICROmacro chooses the basic shapes in geometry

Designer setup simple geometry reason

lighting options

Let’s start with luminous objects and pendant lights that illuminate our path

Originally inspired by the knitwear, the laced pendant lamp by Incipit Lab features a look called “smart meets modern”. The luminous object has ceramic parts that are eccentrically combined with colorful cotton cord. This pendant lamp is available in two sizes and can be found in the colors terracotta and gray. If you order terracotta, you have the choice between blue or creamy connecting cord. If you choose gray, yellow or anthracite is your choice of line.

Cotton and ceramics make this incredible luminous object from Incipit Lab

Designer interior ceramic light

Pendant lights made of natural materials that shine and warm

Designer furniture ceramic light gray

If you are attracted to daring shapes, “Geometry made easy light” by MICROmacro, will definitely grab your attention. The circle, the triangle, the rectangle, the square and the star as basic shapes shed new light on the geometry. The effective ribbed steel frame reduces the choice to black or white.

The lamps alone are a work of art and the cast shadows fascinate with their simplicity.

Optimal effect through minimal lampshades!

Designer setup simple geometry

Support your daily routine with “Thankfulness to the Sun Wall Lamp” by Transnatural Art & Design Label. This advanced designer piece allows you to control the color temperature of the light. This means that you determine the light at home and thus spare your biorhythm. Bright white is very suitable for the time of day, warm tones -for the evening. Is not that great? And this lamp can do both!

Support your biorhythm with the appropriate color temperature

Designer interior day rhythm lamp

Find the right tone for the best sense of well-being

Designer Furniture - Daytime Rhythm Lamp Warm

Furniture finds

Are you looking for new furniture for your home that will become a topic of conversation? Crowdy House is here to help. The “Stac MDF Storage Unit” from Formabilio is both functional and tasteful. The module principle allows you many variations and creating your own design. Build your own bookshelf, office or counter and bring color into it.

Formabilio surprises with this storage system

Designer furnishings storage system

White Tie Chair – rust-free steel and warming wool – wonderful!

Designer furnishings steel wool chair room

Fabulous chair “Tie white Armchair” by the designer Katerina Stavrinou Mileski. Handmade stainless materials combined with organic wool. This unusual piece does not go unnoticed. Unforgettable experience is also sitting on this incredible chair.

Set in scene, this designer chair looks even more effective

Designer interior steel wool chair

OpArt and light wood construction – Refines pure!

Designer furniture modernist

The MARCEL side table by Formabilio was inspired by the modernist movement in the period between the two world wars. The additionally built doors are reminiscent of visual art from the 60s and the effect of the design is more nested, than smooth.

The MARCEL SIDE TABLE table represents true elegance

Designer furniture modernist table

Does your room need color accents? The small three-legged table “petite Tripod Side Table” by Avec Amour is an explosion of the pink palette. The color intensity is influenced by the light in the room. Three interlocking geometric pieces embellish the angular acrylic table.

For true friends of Constructivism – Avec Amour

Designer furnishings three-legged table

This wall construct is a perfect masterpiece

Designer device lock plate

For the walls

Now we turn our attention to the walls. At this next designer facility, kindly presented by Crowdy House, the line between the practical and the beautiful blurs into each other.

Primarily we have to do with the Comb Wooden Bookshel by Jaanus Orgusaar / Borelis Ltd. The futuristic aesthetic is just one of the reasons to fall in love with this shelf. Made of a special plate and specially coated, this masterpiece is available in three different sizes for your comfort.

The combined bookcase by Jaanus Orgusaar will be the eye-catcher in your home

Designer device lock plate in scene

No! This is not a Kustinstallation, but a space-saving storage proposal

Designer decor hexagon

Is that an avant-garde form for keeping? Or is this about wall art? How about both? The Racchetta Beech Wooden Racket by Formabilio is a storage system made of beech wood. Available in different colors than five hexagonal frames. At the center of each hexagon is an elastic interface that allows for holding objects. Umbrellas, piles of magazines … if that’s not a maximum benefit of the wall …

With this beech wood idea, you will certainly always be able to find everything

Designer furnishing hexagon fuenfset

Who would have thought that? Origami made of metal and that too handy

Designer interior wallpapers origami

Formabilio also presents the next find – Volatevia Metal Shelf. Both organic and modern, this shelf can be used in many ways and fits equally well in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. Available in white, green and yellow, consisting of five “leaves”, varying in size.

Volatevia Metal Shelf impresses and convinces

Designer decor wallet

Something different than demanding art in context

Designer decor triangle poster

The next example was influenced by the origami technique and glorifies the geometry. The triangular poster by KAMI. Bright pastel colors (peach is also there), especially emphasized by the print. It is a special art work in limited numbers.

Is there anything better than a nice home?

Designer decor triangle poster alone

Accessories and decoration

Today we finish this article by looking at a few accessories also offered by Crowdy House. Look at the next object! Is this a geometric slavery? – Yes, but also a magazine section. Welcome the “Who’s next Magazine Rack” by Marco Ripa, who can handle negative and positive space well.

An artistic storage space, for example for magazines

Designer furniture - Cube

The same thing is synonymous in black Designer decor -Cube-black

Finally, there are cutting boards that are not only solid, but also fabulous-beautiful

Designer furniture granite steel close

The “Thick & Thin Bamboo Ring Tray” by ALLT Studio with striking yellow handles reminiscent of the Memphis-Milano style, but at the same time has its own aesthetic.

Part of a collection of cutting boards, this ensamble of granite and steel convinces with stainless qualities

This board can also use your grandchildren and their grandchildren well

Designer furnishing granite steel

Now let’s take a look at this colorful group of candles and candlesticks. The Clipper Candle Holders by Puik Art stands out not only by its colorful presentation. The candlesticks could be clamped to the edge of the table and thus the view of the table remains free.

Optimal solved is the problem with the candles on the table

Designer interior colorful candlesticks

This great achievement belongs to Puik Art and their Clipper Candle Holders

Designer decor colorful candlesticks in scene

Last but not least we present you Purebrass Tea Light Holder by Jam Furniture in cooperation with Pure Brass. This object adds extra warmth to a candlelit evening through its brass surface. Very simple, but the result is breathtaking.

To double your pleasure of candlelight, use this tealight holder made of brass

Designer furniture brass candles staender

Source: Decoist

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