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Designer chairs – simple and ingenious for optimum seating comfort

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Cool designer chairs to admire

Today’s post about Designer chairs belongs to our series with original chairs. We are always fascinated by the imaginative design of some of these pieces of furniture. Very often the genius lies in the simple simplicity. Although many of these chairs look quite bizarre and not really sturdy, they actually have an ergonomic and physically robust construction.

Look, for example the nest chair by Nina Bruun below. Inspired by nature, this designer chair is characterized by a loose shape. Birch strips were wrapped around the frame. The whole thing looks chaotic and at the same time very natural.

You feel safe and comfortable in there

designer chairs nina bruun nest

Just as refined and supple, it continues with the Pipo chair by Alejandro Setrada for Piegatto. Made of plywood, this piece of furniture has an elegant wave shape that can be inscribed into any modern interior.

Optimum ergonomics and first-class design

designer chairs pipo alejandro setrada for piegatto

The Diwani chair by AE Superlab – oriental inspiration from birch wood

designer chairs diwani ae superlab

Diwani immediately shows the influence of Arabic calligraphy art. The curved lines of the oriental characters lend the chair design a mystical appearance and take us into the mysterious distance.

Curvy continues with the Curvy chair by Edoardo Benamor Duarte

designer chairs curvy edoardo benamor duarte

Modern, minimalist idea of Gerling Living

designer chairs flexiblelove gerling living

The convolution of Mr. Simon surprises with optimal flexibility and space for saving features

designer chairs folding mr simon

The Flow Chair by designers Cheng Tsung Fenf and Kao Min Chen

designer chairs flow cheng tsung fenf and kao min chen

This recliner flows as easily as a river of bamboo strips. It is just perfect for relaxing in the garden or on the terrace. Of course, you can also use it indoors.

The top of functional minimalism in our chair collection is Urban Philosophy

designer chairs glass chair urban philosophy

This unique creation by Nissa Kinzhalina fascinates with the ingenious simplicity of acrylic. At the outer edge there is a black stripe and depending on the angle from which the chair is viewed, it displays different profiles.

Stay with us and choose your favorites from our chair collection. Which design do you like best? Which interior design style do you prefer?

The Mayan Chair by Arya Alfieri

designer chairs maya arya alfieri

The oyster-smart, fold-out idea of ​​Kawamura Ganjavian

designer chairs auster kawamura ganjavian

Colorful Pegas chairs from far away Shanghai

designer chairs pegas shanghai

The staircase chair by Robert van Embricqs

designer chairs rising chair robert van embricqs

The funny Robo creation by Brad Benke for Stahl Architects

designer chairs robo Brad Benke Stahl Architects

Sophisticated Japanese chair design – Saji by Laura Kishimoto

designer chairs saji laura kishimoto

Woven silk armchair by Alvi Design

designer chairs silk alvi design

Steam and its organic forms of Bae Sehwa

designer chairs steam bae sehwa

Original and practical chair covers can be found at Bernotat & Co

Stackable and functional – the Twain chairs by Marina Lothigius

designer chairs twain chairs marina lothigius


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