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Design of garden ideas to make them more practical and inviting

Design of gardens ideas modern houses geometrica

For the design of gardens, ideas as we propose them today are excellent variations. More than ideas, we suggest a number of tips that may be of interest to you.

Especially because sometimes the design of the gardens can be complicated. Especially if we do not have the help of a professional adviser.

Garden design ideas for functional furniture

Garden design ideas fresh colors white

When designing gardens, the ideas and advice we show are the basis for a beautiful and harmonious space. The first of our tips is based on the design of the trails. When we project them, we should try to be broad enough. It is recommended that the width is not less than five feet. In the garden may be located other side roads, which make it more interesting.

Garden design ideas for sculptural elements with rocks

Garden design ideas sculptures styles colors

In these cases, the dimensions may be less than three feet. So that the dimensions of the garden do not seem small, a Road Main along the route. When designing gardens, staircase measures are another important aspect. For stairs with more than ten steps, it is recommended to set up rest areas.

Design of rooms with borders limited by the lawn and brick structures

Design of gardens ideas brick segments trails

The dimensions that you want to give the garden or terrace depend on many factors. One of them is the guests we usually get at home. If we usually spend a lot of time between friends and family, comfort will always be necessary. In this context, furniture and other accessories such as pillows can help us. Both with great effect on the decoration of the garden.

A case in which green turns out to be a striking element of the overall design

Garden design ideas perennial green plants

The public areas in the gardens must be appropriately paved. As it is logical, we must respect and treat covers with plants. For shady places or other locations, a stable and safe installation will always be required. Slippery surfaces are not advisable. As the Cobblestone that may have slight height differences. Regardless of the materials and components, these surfaces must have some tendency.

The pergolas are specially designed to create shady spaces in the gardens

Garden design ideas climbing plants fountains

This prevents water from accumulating and making the surface slippery. The plants in the design of gardens ideas for their care and others are fundamental. If we prefer a lush landscape, fast-growing plants are perfect. Other varieties can even function temporarily as a perfect filler. With regard to the paths we mentioned at the beginning, the plants should be at an average distance from them.

The ponds and rocks are perfect for a harmonious and fresh garden

Design of gardens ideas Rivulet plants

The plants should also not disturb at the edges. If they lean too much on these rooms, they will make them appear thinner and more uncomfortable. The design of the gardens always requires a space with grass. Although it can be an expensive insurance, it will be worth it. As a surface, it is very pleasant when we want to rest or play with children.

Climbing plants can be a natural cover for pergolas

Garden design ideas rocks warm grass

We guarantee that everyone will love it and nobody will want to leave it. In addition, the lawn can become an important resource for the garden. To achieve a modern effect, we can divide it into small sections. Combine structures in materials such as concrete to accentuate the green of the plants. Other accents in terms of color and textures can be achieved with the plants. When designing gardens, ideas with plants should also consider practical aspects.

The paths with curved lines create a greater depth in style

Garden design yellow trail ideas

For example, conifers and some deciduous trees Perennial They are very useful. If we are in a strong wind area, we can protect our garden. To achieve a little privacy, there is nothing better than ornamental herbs. In a simple way and almost instantaneously they limit the view from the outside of the garden. So we can enjoy the garden without fear of prying eyes.

An adequate range of furniture is important to ensure a pleasant environment

Garden design ideas shade pergola pink

Another use of the trees in the gardens may be for the creation of shady areas. A tree placed at the indicated location can be the perfect detail for a haven of relaxation. Especially when it comes to avoid the scorching sun of summer days. It is important that the total involvement in questions of vegetation is balanced. It will be difficult for us to move in the garden if we do not respect that detail.

The moss has made this path a natural part of this little garden

Path moss covered in inbred details

The design of the garden should allow us to easily see all the components that make it up. This must be taken into account when deciding to install a fence or partition. We can say that the design would be incomplete if we did not put some plants in pots. They have always been an excellent solution to add a creative or interesting detail.

Potted plants are another perfect way to decorate

diy solutions decoration gardens effects

They are an ideal way to add colors and customize our decoration. All this without mentioning that we can move them and freshen up the picture of the terrace or the garden if necessary. The suggestions of the pictures can be of great help to you. Everyone will give you a personal idea of ​​possible styles for your garden.

Flowers are an ideal tool to apply contrast

Flowers color combinations yellow spaces

This fountain in the middle of the garden is a fun and pleasant detail

Fountain middle terrace plants walls

The aesthetics of this garden and the furniture make it a beautiful garden

Vegetable garden vegetables aesthetic styles

Another interesting variant for decorating the terrace with potted plants

Flowerpots Plantations Rustic Picture Bows

A garden full of peace thanks to the magic of sand and rocks

Peace sand designs style color flowers

Low-floor construction is ideal if you prefer an open space

Ground floors allow a small view of the courtyard

A pond with sculptures and rocks makes this terrace a resting place

Rock gardens trees surrounded color

We gain privacy with the use of larger plants

Rustic height plantations private growth

An interesting variant of the path defined by the lawn

Path grass definition plants flowers

Idea for walk to the fountain in the garden with colorful details

Sendros sound fountain water falling

An attractive variety of contrasts between plants and soil

Simple shadow mulch contrasts used

Creative DIY project to decorate the way in a special way

Solutions diy house marks furniture samples


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