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Design gardens and terraces – use the whole room

Decoration of gardens and terraces

The terrace is one of the most popular outdoor areas for its versatility. Today we would like to introduce you to 24 fabulous ideas Decoration of gardens and terraces Do not miss the tour of these pictures.

Decoration of gardens and terraces

Stump Bower garden chimney

A good idea is to create a cozy room with character. Think about what would make you spend time there and make an extra effort to make a cozy corner.

Designs of decoration of gardens and terraces

large terrace wooden floor

This kind of engagement requires a very special design. But let’s first discuss some of the classic patio attributes like the sidewalk. A floor typically paved with Concrete or stone will create a very clean and cold aesthetic.

Paving options for gardens and terraces

Garden terrace kitchen pergola stairs

Here concrete alternatives can help to create a terrace that looks warm and inviting. Brick is one of the most inviting options and also allows you to create multiple floor patterns. The paving stones give it an old-fashioned, even historical appearance. Finally, stone tiles offer a variety of patterns and colors.

Original garden with modern design pool

Garden pool modern design

Another main element of the terrace are the Furniture . And though the wrought iron is pretty sturdy, it does not really help to guarantee comfort. Metal furniture in general is durable, but has its own disadvantages, such as oxidation.

Original terrace design with modern fireplace

pretty terrace hearth modern

So when it comes to patio furniture, it’s best to stay comfortable, otherwise your patio can simply be reduced to a function rather than a functional area.

Original designs of decoration of gardens and terraces

Decoration of gardens and terraces

If you are looking for the classic look, you can always use wood inclusions and a green area to soften the surfaces of stone and metal. Create beautiful compositions with bright flowers and beautiful color accents.

Original modern style porch design

Modern house design porch

Creating a modern terrace can be as simple as organizing a living area. It does not require much in terms of vegetation or special sidewalks. It can be seen well with just a set of furniture.

Super modern terrace design with workbench

modern terrace design bench work

However, the design solutions are unlimited when it comes to modern architecture. Modern homes often offer outdoor spaces that are suitable for all sorts of purposes, and you can always build an extension to cover the entire garden.

Great terrace design with modern pergola

Original modern pergola-terrace design

A modern terrace can be minimal. A fire pit and a few chairs are enough to make it an attractive place for leisure.

Etupenda garden pavilion with stone fireplace

large gazebo garden fireplace

Modern furniture is also very important. There is a wide choice of tables with integrated fire elements, chair designs, imaginative and attractive sofas that can now be used to add more character to your outdoor space.

Terrace with wicker furniture in modern design

Wicker furniture modern design

With the sun in your eyes, enjoying the view or seeing what you eat can be difficult, so some protection from the sun may be required, especially if your patio is in a sunny spot and has no trees. Surroundings.

Original porch decoration with wicker furniture

Original decoration patio furniture wickerwork

Although a pergola is a popular option, a laser-cut arbor can provide your patio with a beautiful decor with light patterns. The covered spaces are increasingly common as they are very versatile and provide an indoor and outdoor environment that is second to none.

Original modern and luxurious covered terrace design

original luxurious modern terrace design

Just think of all the things you could do with a concrete pavilion; a covered terrace, a house by the pool or an outdoor living area with kitchen. Is there anything better?

Original set of natural wood patio furniture

Set of furniture terrace natural wood

The beauty of a patio can be as minimal as you want and we do not talk about style alone. As we mentioned earlier, a few chairs in the right place may be enough for you to keep coming back. It’s about creating a quiet courtyard space and taking advantage of the view.

Pretty set of simple wrought-iron furniture with colorful cushions

Terrace gazebo fountain panoramic view

Southview Design has a patio in front of a lake surrounded by green trees and grass. Wrought-iron furniture with shiny cushions complete this area, where you can spend hours simply looking at nature or chatting with a friend about philosophy and life.

Original modern terrace design with central fireplace

Original terrace hearth central

One of the things that surely attracts everyone to a patio is a fire feature, be it a small campfire or a giant fireplace. The bright and catching fire is an element that can be seen for hours and heats an outdoor area in cold autumn nights.

Design and decoration of modern gardens

original modern garden entrance design

Original modern garden design in a minimalist style

original modern garden design

Original terrace terrace design

Original design garden terrace

Original small garden design with paved pavilion

Original design patio garden

Original terrace decoration with wooden furniture

Original design patio furniture wood

Original designs of decoration of gardens and terraces

beautiful terrace two palm trees

Original luxurious terrace design with wooden and glass roof

Luxurious roof terrace wood glass

Original, minimalist, modern terrace design Steve Martino

modern terrace design in minimalist style


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