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Design furniture inspired by nature and made of natural materials

Furniture design table

Inspired by nature, design furniture is a work of art that gives every home a new lease of life regardless of its prevailing style.

Design furniture nature

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists from all walks of art. Furniture designers are no exception.


The creation of a beautiful and durable piece of furniture almost always involves natural materials such as wood and stone. In addition, the presence of natural materials in our daily lives creates a sense of connectedness and unity with nature itself and let us not forget that we are a part of it and as such must be in harmony with the rest of the living world around us Life.

Wooden table with River

Design furniture, which is not only made of natural materials, but also inspired by natural shapes and movements, are true works of art.

Armchair in the form of flowers

It is not easy for designers to combine the functionality demanded by the human way of life with the forms created by the laws of physics and the survival instinct of living nature.

Ocean table

In this article we present you some designer furniture, which is exactly that.
Let nature invade our homes through the work of nature-loving designers!

night furniture

Design furniture – marble tables that mimic the waves of the sea

I will start with a series of marble tables that mimic the waves of the sea and are truly unique and extraordinary.
The pieces you see here are inspired by the ocean, the most mysterious and unique part of our world.

small table waves of the ocean

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur looked at the ocean to create a collection of tables, benches and stools that continue his series Liquid Marble. The pieces of the collection Memories of the Ocean seem as if the waters of the undulating ocean suddenly freezes. The furniture of this series are digitally designed and consist of polished marble or bronze blocks, the three-dimensional waves, however, are similar to those of real water

coffee table

The polished and irregular surfaces reflect the light like water, enhancing its resemblance to the ocean. The organic tops slightly change their geometric structures and create a perfect contrast that does not go unnoticed in any modern space. Choose your best piece!
The pieces create the illusion of water from the frozen undulating ocean, which is great for such a material.
This Table Coffee was designed digitally and would certainly look great in any modern design house.

Designer furniture marble table
This is a larger version that can be used as a table for those who want something truly unique.

Marble big table
The organic transition of surfaces into geometric lines can be very intriguing to the eyes.
The inner views of nature always relax our mind and soul with their sense of calm.

small table sea

However, in today’s hectic working life, for most of us it is not possible to enjoy the beauty of nature as often as we would like to. Do not worry if you do not have enough time to walk around in nature and bring something of nature to your home instead.

stone stool

How is it possible to do it? It’s certainly possible with these creative, nature inspired furniture designs.

Furniture design table-tree

Shelves that resemble branches

Trees are the most important part of nature and can be seen from your window. But now, with the ORA collection, which includes beautiful shelves reminiscent of branches, you can bring the silent essence of trees directly to your home. The collection will not only keep your books safe, but will also provide a dazzling decoration in your living room, study, or library.

Regal Tree

Speaking of trees, we can not forget the inhabitants who live in the trees. With the bird-shaped bed by Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr you can live like a bird in your house.

Bed in the form of nest

The nest-shaped bed is made by putting together various wooden planks. In the middle you can fill the cavity with pillows and blankets in different sizes. So you can relax or sleep in this human-sized nest and experience the life of real birds.

table butterfly

Design furniture – the creative coffee table flap flap

With the creative coffee table Flap Flap, you can virtually bring the beauty of the butterfly into your living room. It was designed by Francesco Barberini and Nina A to add a natural touch to any room with its aesthetics. Instead of waxes and acrylic paints, the table is provided with beeswax to be ecological and close to nature.

Cabinets animals

The Italian furniture brand Seletti has launched a collection of furniture in the form of several Animal from the farm called “shipping collection”. The collection includes a cow-shaped shipping box, a goose-shaped lamp shipping and a pig-shaped shipping table. These pieces are a perfect match for a home for animal lovers. Each unit has a minimalist design and practical use, making it the perfect piece of furniture for any modern home.

Chair Beetle rhinoceros
If you love more crazy and fun furniture in your home, then the Insect Rhino Chair is for you. It was designed by designer Máximo Riera, who designed the chair for an original beetle. The stool faithfully reproduces the robust anatomy of a rhinoceros beetle specimen.

Hammock over the river

Another example of designer furniture inspired by nature

The style of the Dedon Nestrest hammock resembles a bird’s nest. They can go anywhere, indoors or outdoors, to relax and escape the world. It is created by the designers Fred Frety and Daniel Pouzet, partners of Jean Marie Massaud. The nest offers a cocoon-like space to hide and relax in peace and forget the rest of the world.

A beautiful shell-shaped table

Table dish

This chair is also inspired by the shells.

Chair-form of shell


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