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Design bunk beds for kids for a peaceful living together of the brothers


When two children have to share the same Bedroom design bunk beds for children will help us to create a pleasant and even fun room where each of them can enjoy their own privacy without feeling isolated.


That’s exactly the challenge, one Where brothers live together – give them the necessary conditions to peacefully sleep, play and learn, without disturbing each other and without the unnecessary conflicts that the reduced space can cause.

Bunk beds for children

In short, that means smart design to avoid the epic territorial struggles that are usually also armed among the brothers who love each other the most.

And what is the most personal place of every person? There is no doubt that it is the bed – a place dedicated not only to sleep, but also to other relaxing activities such as reading, listening to music, chatting, playing, etc.

Caravan children bunk beds

Although the nursery is not large, every child deserves a proper and comfortable bed that feels comfortable at any time of the day or night. Design children’s berths provide just that – unusual but great solutions to turn the small space into a cozy and fun place.

Cribs ideas

Design bunk beds for children sharing the space

This bespoke bunk divides the space into two parts to give each child their own space. Designing a common bedroom for a brother and a sister can be difficult. However, MAKEcreative and Tanguy Le Moing / Supermobilet worked together to find a solution that would allow each child to have their own space.

Bed Child-modern

Instead of creating a wall-mounted litter, they designed an independent bunk of plywood that extends almost the entire length of the room and is placed in the middle. In this way, they have given each child their own space and privacy.

original bunk beds for children

As seen in the photos, the bunk works as a partition that divides the room into two equal parts. Thus, each of the children can study, read or do whatever they want, without having direct visual contact with the other, so as not to be distracted. Such a solution is very suitable for children of different sexes of school age.

Bunk beds for children

On the other hand, a classic child bed is a good option for siblings of the sexes because they usually spend a lot of time together and get along. In this way, the two children also have their private space, which is the bed, but at the same time, they will be able to play and talk with each other.

double bed

In any case, children’s bunk beds are an excellent solution, not only to save space, but also because they offer more privacy than the separate beds.

Advantages of children mooring

1. If you have more than one child, each of them will have their own bed to sleep on. This not only gives them their own space, but also helps them develop a good habit of sleeping independently.

2. Often the nursery is smaller than the other rooms. A bunk actually offers more space in a small room. It also allows you to store things like toys under the bed or in cupboards and drawers.

3. Some bunk beds have the option of separation: As the children grow up and the need arises, you can divide the bunk beds into two beds.

Even children who do not have siblings prefer to sleep at height. That’s why the designer beds like this little house with legs and a staircase that is more than just a place to sleep, a private sanitary house.


4. Children love them – yes! This applies to almost all children. They love the idea of ​​having their own little and cozy place to play.


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