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Decorative fireplaces – do not you have one yet?

Decorative chimneys covered room drawing

Today we will talk about the decorative fireplaces and we will deal with the different types of chimneys that can become the ideal centerpiece of your home, do not miss the tour of these great pictures.

Decorative fireplaces – disused fireplaces and contemporary fireplaces

decorative fireplaces full of firewood

A classic style fireplace can be a really great decoration element for your living room or living room. Even in summer you can use the Kaminni to place some decorations and make the atmosphere even more special and comfortable.

Decorate the niche of the fireplace with many candles

decorative fireplaces filled candles

Decorate the room with some trunks to add a rustic accent to your living room, or set up a tray full of candles to create an intimate sunset atmosphere.

Original fireplace design decorated with vintage style suitcases

Retro fireplace vintage suitcase

We love the idea of ​​decorating some vintage objects Fireplace French style;

Original decorations of chimneys of work

original decorations chimneys false suitcases

Old suitcases, old typewriters and some lanterns create a corner of great visual interest.

Designs of decorative chimneys full of ornaments

decorative fireplaces full of ornaments

You can also combine decorative elements of different styles if you are looking for a versatile look. In this picture you can see an interesting combination of materials and textures that attracts everyone’s eyes.

Fireplace design with shelves

Fireplace shelves deco lubrios

If you have a work chimney in your house that you do not want to reuse, you should consider whether you want to make it practical Bookshelf to place some objects at such a height.

Original decorative fireplaces with ornaments and plants

original decorations decorative fireplaces ornament

If space is tight in the living room and there is not enough room for some indoor plants, you can also use the fireplace for this feature. On the right is a group of flower pots with succulents in the chimney. To get the right balance, place an odd number of pots. To make sure the plants grow, keep them in the living room with plenty of natural light and add enough drainage.

Original decorations of chimneys of work

Original decorations fake fireplaces

If you want to have the glow of a burning fireplace, but do not want to keep an eye on the fire, you should wrap some trunks with flashing lights. At the top left you can see how the LED lights produce a weak light during the day and a soft, gentle light at night.

Christmas style fireplace decoration

big christmas fireplace decoration

Homeowners with non-working chimneys can give them an unexpected twist by adding metallic spray paint to birch trunks. Pick up some birch or logs from the outside and lay them on a flat surface covered with a tarpaulin.

Original yellow fireplace with fake fire decoration

yellow fireplace

Hold the spray and at a distance of about 8 inches from the surface of the wood, apply the spray paint, move it slowly back and forth. Allow the paint to dry for at least a day or two before placing the logs in your home.

Fireplace decorated with real trunks

Design firewood fireplace decoration

Or buy birch wood in a garden center and let it cut to the size you want. The trunks should be two inches longer than the chimney opening. You also need a solid wooden box for the interior. Place the box with the floor facing out into the fireplace. This will help to keep the stack of logs straight and immobile. Stack a trunk directly in the top of the chimney opening to set the storage box. The trunks will fit very well if you take the time to try them on different assignments until you find the best disposition.

Decorations for chimney niches

fake fireplace decoration salon

You can also place a wallpaper of your taste to cover the niche of the fireplace. If you prefer, you can even put a mirror, which gives your living room a feeling of greater amplitude.

Large classic fireplace

large marble fireplace

If you plan to place some decorative objects in your fireplace, do not forget that the goal is to group the objects in such a way that they look like the unity of a thought rather than many separate ideas.

Large decorative fireplaces full of books

fully tackle large decorative chimneys

Start by placing the highest object just outside the center. Expand the medium sized objects and fill in the corners with the smaller ones.

Super modern bioethanol gas fireplace design

Modern gas bio fireplace

In the following, we show you a series of pictures of modern fireplaces, which in themselves can be called decorative fireplaces, because they really have exquisite surfaces.

Great design of the modern wood burning fireplace

modern chimney wall cementto

A functioning chimney in minimalist style breaks through the concrete walls of this semi-open living room.

Large modern gas fireplace

great gas work fireplace

Something similar happens in this original modern room, with the difference that the chimney in this case is in an independent wall that acts as a partition of the environment.

Modern fireplace design * in a partition

modern chimney environments

Room dividers with gas chimneys are appearing in more and more homes around the world, and the reasons are pretty obvious.

Original design of modern gas fireplace

modern design fireplace work

Now we’ll leave you with the rest of the pictures from our gallery, enjoy the tour and do not forget to visit our website, see you soon.

Original designs of modern gas fireplaces

modern gas fireplaces

Superb fireplace design pendant

super design fireplace hanging

Original living room fireplace decoration Original Salon Chimena fills plant

Beautiful wood fireplace protection plate with Posavelas

Firewood chimney protection plate

* Modern fireplace Spark


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