Decoration of terraces and balconies, ideas and design tips

The topic that we are dealing with in this article is the decoration of terraces and balconies. Although this task may seem simple at first glance and does not take a lot of time and money, some important aspects still need to be considered to successfully complete a patio decoration project.

Decoration of balconies

Summer is already around the corner and for the citizens it is Terraces They are a kind of garden in the center of town where you can spend romantic evenings, have a barbecue with friends or just sunbathe. And that means the application of an extraordinary creativity, since the space of Balcony The patio is usually quite limited to implement new ideas and find everything you need for a relaxing outdoor experience.

cozy terrace decoration

Decoration of terraces – general view

In general, the decoration of the patio repeats the style of the floor itself, but this is not a mandatory rule. The style of the terrace may differ from the internal style of the house. Many terrace owners want to change the style of the surroundings in this part of the apartment, creating a modern and comfortable corner of peace and relaxation outdoors.

When decorating terraces, it is strongly recommended to use natural materials such as floors and wooden decks. Then the feeling arises of going out in nature and not on the street, which in most cases is the desire of the owners.

Decoration of terrace
The modern terrace is a miniature garden

In the decoration of terraces you can see almost everything in the backyard of a country house: dwarf trees and flowers, small garden furniture, tables and sun loungers.

small terrace decoration
The modern terrace is a beautiful recreational area. Among the owners of luxury apartments, it is fashionable to celebrate evenings with the family or organize parties on the terrace. For this it is necessary to create a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere in this room.

Decoration of large terraces
Of course, it would be too wasteful and makes no sense to buy a luxury apartment with a terrace to view the city from above. It is logical that the owners not only care about the exclusive design style of the apartment, but also about the terrace, which should be used in the best weather maximum. Depending on the case, the terrace can be a greenhouse, a playroom for children, an outdoor dining room, a living room or even an office.

classic patio decoration
In the quiet areas of the city, owners of apartments with terraces try to turn them into miniature gardens, where you can spend many pleasant hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is of utmost importance to select plant species that are suitable for cultivation on the terrace to create a harmonious design.

Terrace decoration

For example, if you plant small pines in pots on your patio, these plants will give you an impressive green picture during the winter months. They can also be planted in planters or the patio floor can be transformed into a kind of stonemason. From a design point of view, the second option seems to be more effective, but technically more expensive and more difficult.


The glazed terraces

Many homeowners with terraces prefer glazed terraces to continue the design of the apartment, which makes them an integral part of the home. If the terrace has a correct geometric shape, you can set up a comfortable cupboard there, which gives you a panoramic view of the street. However, this is not so easy, as the glazing of the terrace requires a permit depending on the place of residence, as the fa├žade of the building is changed in this redesign.

Balcony Modern Decoration
When decorating terraces, it is very important to pay attention to choosing the right materials. The strength and reliability of thick, natural wood and galvanized metal is what you need when planning the design of your outdoor space. And the interior of the terrace can be decorated with plastic objects.

Scandinavian terrace decoration

If you are a fan of minimalism, then you can only be satisfied with a large table, sofa and benches. Do not forget the details: the furniture and decoration objects should be in harmony with the panorama of the terrace. The aim is to organize the space efficiently and competently.

Decoration of extensive terraces
A successful decorative solution will be the contrast of the rural style of the terrace to the urban panorama. In this case, the design of the apartment has no influence on the design of the open space. The only question is what additional loads can support the construction of the roof and the base of the house. You can create a platform with light covers and folding furniture, or you can make a complete garden with a mini-pool.

Terrace Decoration Original

Next we present you

4 things to consider when planning terraces decoration:

A beautifully designed outdoor space can truly affect the overall look your home creates, providing you and your family with an elegant space to relax and chat with family and friends.

Decoration of terrace ideas

Whether you have a balcony or a larger terrace, it is important to maximize the space and choose a suitable style of decoration.

Terrace decoration: space, function and style

First of all, there are three basic aspects to consider: space, function and style
For smaller areas like the balcony of an apartment or a small terrace it is important not to overload the space. Opt for tall planters or wall vines to create elevation while adding a natural feel.

Decoration of patio lighting
Make your space bigger

The cleverly positioned lights can help to create a space larger than the actual appearance, so it’s worth thinking about an upwardly directed lighting and wall lights here. And for an informal and warm aesthetic, place or hang a flashlight in your outdoor area.

modern terraces decor
Choose furniture intelligently

Garden furniture can be large and heavy and occupy most of the space, so it is important to be realistic when deciding the number of seats you need: if you do not invite more than 10 people at the same time, do not overload your patio with chairs and large sofas , For compact spaces, opt for intelligent and multifunctional parts such as collapsible sets or hidden storage seats.

original patio decoration (2)
Make your balcony / patio work all year round

It pays to think about whether the room works in both summer and winter. Leave enough space to place a heater or heater in the colder months so you can get the most out of the patio. Choose outdoor durable upholstery fabrics that are rain and sunlight resistant. The wicker furniture offers a casual and timeless look and can be seasonally updated with upholstery and cushions.

Ideas and design tips for more important terraces and balconies

Whether you already have a terrace or plan to have one, these ideas and tips for decorating terraces will help you to have the most beautiful balcony or terrace.

Decoration-of-terraces-very modern
In densely populated urban areas of cities, even a small patio or patio is a blessing. You can create your own garden where you can sit and enjoy.

original patio decoration
Surely you can have many plans for the design and style of your patio, but considering these tips will also be useful.

Ideas and tips for the decoration of terraces

We have some excellent terrace ideas and important tips to inspire:

Decoration of terraces-small
Keep the terrace open

A small patio, if kept open, will look good. For example, think of placing transparent glass instead of parapets, fences or railings. However, if you are concerned about privacy and want to block the neighbors’ prying eyes, avoid this advice or opt for a frosted glass that has almost the same effect.

Decoration Modern terrace
Grow plants and tall trees on the terrace

If you have a large roof terrace or poor views from there or if you want to get a real garden, plant lush vegetation along the walls to maximize the natural picture and isolate yourself from the rest of the city. Growing bamboo and grass is a good combination if you want it to be low maintenance, otherwise your options are unlimited.

Decoration of the urban terraces

Create elevated garden beds

If your roof carries the weight, it is advisable to create raised beds next to the walls. You can add raised wooden beds or those made of metal. If you want, you can also build the raised concrete beds: 2 feet deep and in them you can grow even large shrubs and small trees with regular care, pruning and root trimming every few years.

Decoration original terraces
For these raised beds, make sure you use a waterproof membrane and attach a thick root barrier that can block the roots and prevent damage to the roof. Another idea is to create raised layers that are slightly raised off the surface so that the raised layers can not touch the surface and the roots of the plants can not penetrate.

Terrace Decoration Ideas
Plant your plants carefully

When gardening on the terrace, pay attention to the variety of plants. A few large plants, shrubs and small trees, covered with soil, should be annual plants. You can also buy containers in different sizes, giving your rooftop garden a great look.

Patio decorating ideas
garden furniture

Decide in advance what kind of furniture you want to buy. Would you like to rest on the terrace or do you want to eat there? You have to make that choice in the initial phase. Furniture that matches the style and main purpose of the room would be the best choice.
Add a focus

beautiful terraced garden
water source

A point of view attracts the eye. Everything can be a focus that attracts attention. A water fountain, a tall tree, a beautiful arrangement of plants in a garden, a statue, etc.

Terrace with dining area
Pay special attention to the lighting

During the night it is important that your terrace is well lit. Especially near the stairs or door it is good to make more light spots. Even when lit, it will look bigger at sunset and activities such as reading and writing can be practiced.

Ideas Fresco de-Decoracion
Do not use more than three colors in the decoration of terraces

Always choose one color as the accent color and one or two more colors that follow. If you use different colors for walls, floors, railings, furniture or pots, your patio or balcony will look too busy and messy. A strong color combined with a neutral color works better. Neutral colors such as white, gray, beige and indigo also emphasize the beauty of the plants.

Garden on the balcony
Use vertical space

Use the vertical space to add depth to your terrace or balcony, hang flowerpots on the walls, use handrail pots and plant many climbing plants.

Terrace interesting with Decoration
Good plaster is important

Do not overlook the floor of your terrace. Choose the type of floor that suits your budget, but also the climate in which you live and combine well with the style you have chosen.

Game with colors and plant species

Use cool colors and warm colors in balance to get a nice look. Almost everything is possible in a well planned city garden on the terrace. Grow trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals to get an explosion of colors.

We presented our ideas and advice on decorating terraces. Then we leave you a wonderful selection of photos where you can find more ideas and suggestions for your balconies and terraces.

Terrace-wide Decoration

Terrace with wooden benches

Terrace with round table


Terrace with view

Terrace overlooking the river

Terrace with view panorama

Terrace modern design

Terrace minimalist

Prospect Bonita-de-la-Terraza

Decoration of the terrace idea


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