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Decoration of small bathrooms with different modern colors

small modern-elegant bathrooms

One of the biggest issues with decorating interiors has always been small spaces, especially when we want to place a lot of things.

In this article I will give you different ideas small bathroom decoration that will make this room a very pleasant and full one Colour . However, to get a really nice result, forget the things that are not important.

Decorate small bathrooms in bright colors

Decoration of small bathroom tones-flashy

In many of our articles, I’ve talked about the importance of the white color inside and about the improvements it brings to our rooms, especially when they are smaller. There are many bathroom furniture in different colors, but my advice is to bet on white, because the combinations that you can create with it will be happier and full of life.

decoracion banos pequenos-colores-eye-catching

I imagine that most of you dislike the idea of ​​having dark places or rooms in your homes where there is no vitality. With which, why not, introduce distinctive tones into the interiors of their bathrooms? Next, you will see some small bathroom design images in different colors and we will see what they will bring to the interior.

Ideas for small bathroom warm tones

On the one hand, before you choose the color for yours Bathrooms they must take into account that all tonalities are divided into two large groups of warm and cold colors, and each of them gives us a kind of sensation and state of mind. With these nuances, we can create a decoration that balances the properties of the corresponding spaces.

A decoration of small bathrooms with the variety of warm tones

small bathrooms modern furnished flowers

These tonalities are very suitable for those interiors in which a colder environment usually prevails and in which there is little illumination. The pink as a variant of this kind of tone is suitable, because at its base the red tonality, which is the maximum for dynamics and energy. However, to soften the hue, you can choose a lighter or even pink hue.

Bathroom decoration roses flowers

On the other hand, if you want to introduce the floral element in small bathrooms and have no room for a small pot, it is best to choose tiles with floral motifs to complete the decoration. Tinene should keep in mind that on the pink background of the walls, combined with white, the flowers will be the accent that will transcend the boundaries of the decoration.

small decorated purple bathroom

At the same time, the shades of purple also create warm and pleasant interiors. In the picture above you can see an example of a small bathroom combining two shades, one lighter and one darker, in the same color. In addition, the white color of the furniture closely resembles the bright color of the walls until it merges with it.

In the small, with warm nuances flooded baths is passed from sound to sound

Design small baths-color-purple

On the other hand, they must take into account that they can use these colors to create two of the most commonly used techniques in interior design and decoration: contrast and gradation. If they have stopped in the second, they have to take a gradual move from a darker tone to a lighter one. The easiest way to do this is shown in the photo above: selecting a wall part of a dark tone and, gradually, clarifying the color.

Ideas for small bathrooms orange yellow

Instead, if you want to contrast these colors, intermediaries do not need to use colors. So you see a bathroom decoration in the top of the photo, in which the colors orange and yellow were chosen. However, you must take into account that in these cases, the dark color must be placed on the bottom part, otherwise there is the feeling of enchanting the interior.

small decorated bathroom-white-orange

On the other hand, the orange color combines very well with the white and the contrast that they produce is also very pleasant. If you follow this advice to place the darker color in the lower part of the room, you can make decorative accents on the walls with it to complete the decoration with small bathrooms.

When decorating small bathrooms, set to yellow to set accents

Decoration bathroom small-yellow

Another very original and creative way to decorate modern small bathrooms is to use eye-catching colors to accentuate. However, the accents do not have to appear in excess and the best areas to place them are those we want to highlight for some reason. On the photo above you can see how easily the furniture was highlighted with this tonality.

Bathroom decoration-Modern-Green

The same applies to the other bright colors of the palette. Also remember that the designer furniture will help you design small bathrooms. In this way, even a bathtub or washbasin with original shapes will promote its decoration, and in many cases, these original forms will allow it to gain space.

Design of small bathrooms color green

At the same time, another of our ideas of small bathrooms, with which to gain space inside, to remove the shelves and to create some sections in the walls that will fulfill their function. These types of modern shelves can be placed near the bathtub and toilets, where usually more practical and functional elements appear.

Design of small-modern bathrooms

On the other hand, the green color in the decoration of small bathrooms can be combined with the natural nuances of light brown or ocher tones. In short, the variations are endless and by combining them in the right way, they can really reach wonderful spaces. Then I will leave you a few pictures from which you can get useful ideas for the decoration and design of your bathroom. I hope you like her.

Decoration of small baths-white-green

small bathroom decoration green

small bathroom decoration-green-white

small bathroom decoration-blue style

small bathroom decoration-blue

Decoration of small baths-modern-blue


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