Decoration of living room and living room – the most interesting ideas

Decoration salon ideas modenras

As the seasons change, so too will the trends in the decoration of salons, and the 2017 forecast will give you many new ideas.

Benefit meets sustainability by integrating elements with a practical purpose. Think of cork walls, many plants and organic materials in light tones.

Salon decoration – trends for the 2017 season

Decoration salon great ideas

Let’s start with one of the most important trends, the green color. It’s a very simple color to integrate, regardless of your style preferences.

Salon decoration – original ideas and trends of 2017

Living room green

The dark greens become the new star color for a dark interior that says goodbye to navy blue and midnight blue.

Super green accent wall

Accent wall green

The dark green color of the rooms creates a moist Scandinavian backdrop for brown leather, reindeer skins, brass lamps and natural linen. Used in a chair or cushion and decorative items such as accent, adds depth and can deliver colors from the outside.

Original design of the living room with vivid colors

original living room

With the green tones and the sustainability of the environment, which fits into the trends of the salons, it makes sense only to add jewel tones to the theme inspired by nature. Think of emerald green, sapphire blue, and pure amethyst that unite all of your earthly senses.

Beautiful decoration salon with intense tones

intensive salon decoration

Another tendency to consider is the use of organic materials. Wood and stone can be wonderfully integrated into a variety of aesthetic aspects while contributing to a soothing natural environment.

Nice living room with bright colors

Original decoration colors salon

A mix of old and new never gives depth to a design. The retro lighting is perfect to give the living room more character.

Original sofa set with green upholstery

Original Salon Disneo Modenro

We have already mentioned that jewel tones increase, but what happens is that they look impressive on a velvet background.

Living room with green sofa

green color sofa living room

We see Rooms with simple color palettes, on which the elements of the texture interact: in fabrics, art, wall treatments and even lighting.

Original green sofa

Living room green sofa

The emphasis on more organic forms will dominate rather than laser-printed patterns. Whether in collections of vases or pots, lamps, lights, tapestries, whatever.

Decoration in cream tones

beautiful decoration cream tones

The ceramic has a raw appearance, a handmade finish that is very earthy and very trendy at the moment.

Living room with blue armchairs

beautiful living room blue armchair

In contrast to Minimalism We see much more maximalism. Gone are the super clean, flat and unadorned rooms of recent years. The lines stay clean, but the prints are layered and the colors appear. More is more and it is a lot of fun.

metal elements

beautiful turquoise sofa

Brass covered with patina over time is very suitable at this time. Surfaces such as hot rolled steel and untreated metals will be stars in 2017.

wood elements

beautiful living room furniture

Everything at this time is more about the rough textures than about the super bright look of the past. You will see how this trend is taking shape in furniture, accessories and even in cupboards.

Furniture for living room

nice furniture living room

It’s time to say goodbye to the chevron bosses in all their forms. It was a great geometric impression, but as aesthetics change to a more traditional sensation, the prints, flowers, butterflies and birds change as well.

Design of modern furniture

Original design furniture

A large room does not require furniture on a large scale, a much more intimate and cozy space can be created with smaller pieces and grouped well.

Pink sofa

super pink canape

It’s time to return to the Geometry class; Circles, squares and triangles make a comeback. Look at the furniture, the carpet and the lighting design: The evidence is everywhere. Overlaying shapes into three-dimensional graphic designs is a big trend as the lines between the furniture, the interior and the graphic design blur.

Modern furniture set
super modern furniture set

In 2017 we also have a license to mix metals. In future projects we will experiment with the contrast; cold metals like steel and silver sitting next to hot copper and rose gold. We also mix surfaces so the polished surfaces sit next to dull and polished textures and rusty patinas.

Original furniture in a modern style

Impressive furniture in the fashion style

It is very possible to combine traditional arabesques with contemporary elements, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Many owners want the comfort and convenience of modern pieces, coupled with the authenticity and luxury of old pieces. For example, you can use a crystal dining table together with authentic Arabesque chairs.

Modern living room

impressive modern room decoration

Do not be shy with the pattern and color when it comes to Arabic style pieces. It is always about correct proportions: good design and size and the balance between the colors. If your message is minimalism, influenced in any way by orientalism, you can use two or three elements throughout the house; Statement elements such as a large mirror, a dresser or architectural elements such as doors.

Original living room

large living room lounge

The New Year is time for reflection, but also a time to embrace the new energy. It’s about creating an everyday sensation that focuses on three key types: Nordic life, continental life, and urban life.

Range of gentle colors

beautiful furniture muted tones

Key tones include dark red, brown and mustard. Elegant roses continue to be the focus, complemented by green tones and warm neutral notes. Perennial favorites are preserved, with lighter shades of gray and blue of the sky, as well as shades of gold.

Design of modern furniture
original modern furniture design

Choosing a new color can be complicated. The secret is to choose a nuance that inspires safety and comfort while being brave enough to create a personal style inspired by your travels. The food we read, the books we read, and the music we hear come from all corners of the world and should inspire our choices in our homes.

Living room decoration

original living room decoration

Original coffee table

Original bedside table

Living room in modern design

contemporary design salon

Original Nymphlampe by * Koket

original decorative elements salon

Original decoration salon in purple and blue

Original salon violet blue

Original living room with blue wall

blue wall lounge

* Köket


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