Decorate the living room table in an original way in simple steps

Decorate the table

Her coffee table is the anchor of the living room, makes a design statement and serves as a visual focal point. It is also one of the most susceptible to clutter in your home.

Remote controls, magazines, jewelry, mail … If you have something lying on the sofa, it will probably land on the coffee table and be “messy”. A simple remedy? Design taking into account your lifestyle. Today we will give you ideas on how to decorate a living room table with style and in a very simple way.

Decorate the table

decorate the living room table

You do not need expensive works of art to make your coffee table elegant and glamorous. A simple vase of flowers or a moss topiary adds an instant touch of color and style and is easy to change with the seasons. Make a personal design statement showing some of your favorite books or shawls from your recent family vacation. With some planning, you can turn the crowded table into a design feature you can be proud of. Take a look at these ideas to decorate a coffee table.

decorate the living room table

Do you give your coffee table enough decoration? After all, we call it a coffee table, but do we really drink our coffee there? Well, yes, we do, but the coffee table is made for a lot more. In addition, unwanted feet, the coffee table can host a variety of products, whether some of your favorite books and magazines, pictures, vases or dishes, flowers or even coveted treats your adventure around the world. The coffee table can literally be (and usually is) front and center in your living room and should be a focal point in the careful placement of objects or functional or decorative containers.

Decorate ideas for the table

decorate the living room table

As with designing a bookstore, decorating a living room table can be difficult. But do not worry! We have some simple decorating ideas to make your coffee table look very elegant and functional. Everything starts and ends with the explanation of ideas for decorating a living room table.

How to decorate the living room table according to the rule of three

how to decorate the living room table

The rule of the three objects: Add a coffee table tray with small items, add decorative containers, include candles, add flowers or living plants, a bowl or vase or even a glass bottle. Just hold it with a smaller table or use multiple coffee tables.

The rule of three

Ideas to decorate the living room table

The rule of three in design is that people consider odd number clusters, especially number three, as attractive, and it’s a concept that you can use when decorating your coffee table. One way to approach this tactic is to divide the coffee table into three different sections, with a rectangular table being ideal. You can also place groups of three decorative objects on the table for an attractive and asymmetrical design. The rest is on the scale and the location.

Add a tray with little ornaments and accessories

great ideas to decorate the living room table

If a group of items appears messy, add a coffee table tray. The tray secures and displays all your articles in an attractive and orderly manner. In addition, using a tray for the design objects of the coffee table facilitates updating or complete removal when more space is needed on the surface.

Add decorative containers as centerpiece

original ideas to decorate the living room table

Sweet and chaotic are not words that usually work well together. That’s why there’s nothing more efficient than the elegant containers that contain items like coasters, remote controls and even game gear. The simple and elegant decorative containers are a sure way to consolidate and organize every aspect that needs a little more style.

Insert candles in the decoration of the table

simple ideas to decorate the living room table

Warm and naturally attractive, the candles on a coffee table can be the “focal smell” of the room, giving them a warm welcome. Candles have the unique ability to add color and dimension to any table surface, creating a space that is visually pleasing and instantly relaxed. For example, look for a fragrance that is light and clean (like a strong citrus or sweet flower) to feel alive and awake. Is your room a place to relax and unwind after a long day? Choose a relaxing lavender scent or a deep pine aroma.

Add flowers or live plants to the decoration of the table

Simple ideas to decorate the living room table

Do you want the flavors of Candles and go for the real thing? Living flowers are a great way to add a natural scent to your home while bringing your own visual beauty to the table. Flowers are not something to think about: choose a bouquet that smells good of colors that match the colors of the room. A neutral-style space can hold a dramatic touch of color, while a space that wears its own coup muffles with floral tones like fresh white roses. Is there allergies in your home? Fake flowers work just as well, are messy and require no care. Choose several types of artificial flowers to reflect the seasons and change them when the time comes for an update.

Fake flowers work just as well and require no care

Ideas to decorate the coffee table

If your space is too tight, or if a normal to large coffee table is taking up all the free space, it may be time to consider a smaller table. A smaller size does not have to mean a smaller style; The small tables can be large with engraved patterns, colored glass and more defining characteristics in terms of character. A simple and small coffee table can give structure to a modern, minimalist appearance. Keep in mind that for smaller tables, adding an item (or no item) is the best decorative move: think of a vase or bunch of flowers.

Use several coffee tables

Ideas to decorate a coffee table

Do you have two small coffee tables or two rectangular tables? Group them for a great affirmation! Do you have three small round tables? Move it for a unique and artistic look. Several coffee tables can make the room versatile and interesting, drawing attention to every area of ​​the room you want to highlight. Be sure to choose your accessories for this type of grouping and be sure to keep it to a minimum so that the focus is on the design of the table.

A nice Diy centerpiece

Ideas to decorate the table in the living room

Color coordinates: Contrast and play with other colors in the room and be sure to complement the color palette. Add a personal touch: It’s alright to have a coffee table that shows all of its style and personality. After all, it will be the one who will see it most at home and enjoy it. Style Suggestion: Instead of a magazine, choose a digital family album: Most are easy to create online!

Decorate the table in the living room

Encouraging Activity: Play in safe locations under or on the coffee table. Sometimes older games, such as Scrabble or chess games, can be unique design elements for coffee tables. Other possible items could be table books and picture books, a deck or cards or dominoes.

Tricks and simple tips for decorating a table

decorate the table

Decorating your coffee table does not have to be difficult. With these tips and ideas you have a space that can be redesigned, designed and enjoyed at any time of the year. Do you have own tips and tricks to design this intricate game room? Share with us in the comments!

Use different geometric shapes to decorate a living room table

how to decorate the table

Circles and squares. The books add an intelligent structure, but if each piece is rectangular, the look may seem a little suffocating. This is where the circle comes into play. The touch of elegant curves against sharp rectangular corners blends the look of a classic combination. Try a round vase, bowl, candle or paperweight, either on or between more square elements to break the lines and add visual interest.

Decorate table living room and living room

Ideas to decorate the table

Play with heights. Another way to give your coffee table appearance is to play with the heights of the items. The dreiregel can also be used here. Try to reach three different heights, use elements of different sizes, or stack them more.

Great ideas to decorate a living room table

Ideas to decorate a table

If you place the highest piece in the middle, you can create a nice symmetry, but as we have already seen, sometimes a small intended asymmetry can also tie you up. As you add some of the height, the whole group will feel more dynamic and interesting.

Ideas to decorate a coffee table

Candles and flowers. Flowers and conical candles are two design options that give your coffee table new heights. In addition, the flowers give a touch of color, while the candles add a touch of metal, so they are even better together.

Ideas to decorate a living room table

If you have multiple candles, try cutting one or two inches from the bottom of a candle to vary the heights, which adds even more interest. It’s very easy to be green. Plant Life also adds energy by introducing organic lines that face the manufactured parts.

Ideas to decorate a living room table

For a simple formula 1-2-3 uses a plant (flowers, leaves or a potted cactus even exotic), a simple and elegant book goody metal or glass.

decorate a living room table

Simple asymmetry It is worth noting that these style suggestions are only one approach so far. If all these rules and formulas are overwhelming, try the simplest approach: an element (or stack) that is almost completely asymmetrically set to an extreme. This is very useful for long tables that are difficult to fill.

how to decorate a living room table

An asymmetrical approach is also very effective if your table is beautiful in itself. Place objects on the side or in a corner and let the table surface speak best.

Steps to decorate a coffee table

This aspect also works well in the round tables. Use an element or stack of elements that move out of the center to create a negative space, like a true design expert.

Ideas to decorate a living room table

Square tables. For a perfectly square table, you may be tempted to use four equal parts for a perfectly symmetrical appearance. However, you can get a more intriguing look if you use two parts or groups, one in each corner. Try a tall vase or flashlight in one corner with a stack of two or three books in the other (and a breezy sculptural accent at the top).

decorate a glass table

Glass tables. Do not forget to design a glass coffee table, which is not just about what happens above, but also about what follows. A transparent table practically requires Carpet Graphics Try out a black and white rug and use equally strong accents in different shapes, or let the top completely undressed and make the rug the star of the show.

decorate a two-tiered table

Tables with two shelves. If your coffee table has a lower shelf, you do not have to fill both levels, but if you want, try aligning the items in each level. Use two pairs instead of three and do not forget to play with heights. A storage box with a lid or a small basket can help keep the lower level sharp while storing items such as remote controls.

Tables with unusual shapes

Tables with unusual shapes. The plants are even friendlier when the table has an unusual curvilinear shape. The softly fallen flowers, such as tulips, are especially large, as the organic shapes work together with the shape of the table and you do not need much extra drama.

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nice table decoration

beautiful decoration of living room table

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Decorating ideas for a living room table

romantic decoration of the living room table

Original decoration of the living room table

large decoration of the living room table

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