Curtains for living room and dining room – colors and patterns

dining room modern design orange curtains

Today we would like to present fifty fabulous pictures of designs Living room and dining room curtains , Often we overlook decorative accessories like curtains, but today we will show them that thanks to them we can give our interiors an original and different look, let’s start our journey.

Modern living and dining room curtains

Floral patterned living room and dining room curtains

Suitable curtains can excellently characterize. In the study we see above, we can look at some fantastic modern curtains with floral prints. The combination of the tonalities is very interesting and the concentration of the motifs in the upper area lets the eyes focus on them.

Living room designed by Brown Davis

Great room for yellow curtains

The living room we see above presents some striking smooth yolk curtains. It is a design of Brown Davis in which the lively tones contrast with a white background and the royal light black. The curtains manage to imitate the color of the wood and melt it.

Decoration with curtains in the Nordic style

Large curtains in the Nordic style

Let’s see a design now nordic and fresh Here the complementary colors are to create a clear and bright atmosphere, which make aquamarine with salmon a topical combination. The motifs of the prints also mark a trend, the warm geometric shapes contrast with the flowers of cold colors.

Modern living room design

nice design yellow dining room curtains

Below we have put together more designs of complementary color combinations. Marine blue and yellow activate and awaken our mind, in addition, the order of the elements of the bright colors has managed to mark a certain symmetrical and practically perfect rhythm.

Design of curtains with gray floral prints

patterned gray floral curtains

The following image, which we see above, presents a Living room decorated with intense yellow notes on a gray dove background. The curtains play a very special role, because they mark certain areas and provide movement thanks to their vegetable motif patterns.

Dining room design with smooth gray curtains

modern food smooth gray curtains

If you change completely from the decoration style, the above design will appear. a small dining room in a minimalist style, painted gray. The curtains are also gray and smooth, they match the wall color that mimics the look of the cement. A few color accents in the environment like the ones in this design look really great.

Curtains with floral patterns

Beautiful printed curtains flowers roses

In the picture above, we see a series of coral-colored curtains and pillows, mustard-yellow and light brown notes. In itself the colors stand out, but also the prints are different; of flowers and vertical ribbons. In one of the walls we can see a decoration that mimics the flowers of the curtains, it is a great design.

Elegant blue velvet curtains

beautiful blue velvet curtains

This impressive room displays character and style with the curtains and blue velvet upholstered sofa. This color is deep and intense, but also the velvet gives an exquisite shade. If you want to give your room a refined touch, choose a smooth and opaque curtain. These are some of our tips for choosing curtains for living and dining, now we leave you with more pictures of designs in our gallery, we hope you like them.

Design of smooth gray curtains

beautiful straight gray curtains deco

Nice design of modern curtains

beautiful white deco curtains

Modern tones of neutral tones

beautiful design modern brown curtains

Design of curtains with horizontal bands

nice design curtains

Modern dining room design with white curtains

beautiful design modern dining room curtains

Ocher curtains

beautiful design set mustard curtains

Lounge with a modern design and turquoise curtains

turquoise curtains of original design

nice design living room modern

Super lounge curtains turquoise saten

green color lounge curtains

White curtains white curtains of the dining room

Classic style velvet curtains dining room

yellow floral curtains

Living room with green curtains

blue curtains ornaments collars bowls

blue curtains white horizontal stripes

purple dining room curtains

beige modern dining room curtains

translucent gray color feeding curtains

modern white living room and dining room curtains

Living room and dining room curtains intense colors

green gauze curtains decoration

smooth opaque gray curtains

smooth white curtains

navy blue lounge curtains

Curtains living room design modern brown

Design curtains dining room modern style

Design curtains color aquamarine room

Design curtains ribbons beige

Design colors ocher yellow

Design curtains flowers yellow lounge

Velvet curtains in luxurious design

Design Salon Curtains Deco colors

big curtains design classic style

Super dining room elegant design curtains

Super luxurious lounge Celeste curtains

Gold Room Curtains of original design

Original curtains gray color space

Original black curtains pinhole

original Scandinavian design room

beige living room and dining room curtains

Dining room curtains and blue dining room

Curtains for living and eating green curtains


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