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Corian – the material of surfaces that last a lifetime

Corian countertops

Corian® It is the original solid surface material that has been developed for a lifetime. It’s a unique blend of minerals and acrylic that creates a hard stone surface suitable for any design or dimension.

Corian – the best material for bathroom and kitchen countertops

Corian bathtub

Corian® is an advanced composite of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer and is backed by DuPont ™ with a 10-year limited warranty. One of the features and benefits of Corian® is undoubtedly its high load capacity. The inherent resistance of Corian® comes from the fine properties of minerals and acrylic.

Advantages and disadvantages of Corian surfaces

Corian surface

Its non-porous surface prevents the ingress of dirt and stains into the material. The stains and stains remain on the surface and can be easily removed with a pad and a household cleaner.

Corian bathtub

This material has a high temperature resistance; It is exceptionally resistant to high temperatures. Even burns or scorch marks from boiling pans are superficial and can be quickly removed in kitchens with Corian® surfaces.

rectangular bathtub

A clear advantage is that strong stains and scratches can be erased without trace by simply rubbing with a household cleaner. The consistency of Corian® is firm and homogeneous. The colors and patterns of Corian® are diverse and can not wear off.

bathroom surfaces

It is a material that has been developed for a purpose; to be a practical material for life. Since its introduction in 1967, Corian® has proven to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that can be easily integrated into domestic and commercial environments. Corian® can not delaminate. This means that the compounds are discrete and the liquids can not penetrate


The Corian® offers versatility in design, functionality and durability. Originally offered in the form of sheets and molds, Corian® can be made with conventional woodworking tools in virtually any design.

modern sink

Corian® worktops made of mineral material are hygienic. Corian® is non-porous, its smooth surface prevents the ingress of liquids and facilitates cleaning. Bacteria and molds have no roots.

modern kitchen

Corian® retains its good looks for many years as it overcomes the effects of everyday wear. It is also environmentally friendly. Corian® surfaces are renewable.

modern sink

Damage can usually be repaired with ordinary abrasives and a scouring pad. Benefits: Renewal and durability make Corian® inherently respectful of the environment.

Sink in the bathroom

Safe Corian® is an inert material, non-toxic, chemically non-reactive, hypoallergenic. Feature: At normal room temperature, Corian® gases are not emitted. Corian® is one of the least toxic materials even under direct flame.

white bathroom

Advantage: This means that Corian® can be used for sensitive applications such as museums and archives showcases, wall and work surfaces in operating theaters and intensive care units on ships and ferries.

bathroom furniture

Corian® confidently specify Corian®Corian® properties is a methyl methacrylate heavily loaded with minerals and robustness combined properties of stone with the processability of hardwood.

modern bathroom

It is firm, homogeneous, nonporous and resistant to many chemical and physical hazards. It can not delaminate or rot; It’s hard to stain; It has good impact resistance and is very easy to clean and care for.

original kitchen

With its design flexibility and ability to achieve firm and impermeable adhesive seams of DuPont Corian®, the material offers inherent hygiene and easy maintenance projects where these properties are particularly important.


Corian® Resistance: This material easily resists the substances. Alcohol, coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables, ammonia (10%), chlorine (5%), disinfectants, washing soda, shoe polish, etc. can be removed without effect the surface with water and ordinary detergents, abrasive powder or scouring pads.

Sink in the bathroom

The same procedure will eliminate the markings of cigarettes that remain burning on the surface. Use alcohol to clean the stubborn cosmetics and remove nail polish spilled with non-acetone nail quitaestmaltes, and do a good wash with water after treatment.

modern bathroom

Concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents such as chloroform and ketone, which are found in some brands of nail polishes and color cleaners as acetone, may affect appearance after prolonged contact. However, when rinsing with water immediately after exposure, most strong reagents and special biochemical stains have no effect.

modern surfaces

This material comes in different colors and patterns. However, color and particles appear constantly giving the appearance of a solid surface.

Colors countertops

Although the first colors tended to earth tones, the modern designs are in a variety of shades from pure black or white to yellow, gold, purple and blue.

resistant surfaces

Neutral shades of gray, brown and beige are also available. The designs have evolved with grain patterns ranging from pebbles to sand and glass, and designs that mimic granite, travertine or marble. Customized colors are also possible.

black worktop

The sinks are in one and two bowl versions. They have different colors and are available in different sizes. They can be mounted on the top or even molded on the countertop to appear without seams. Modern scientific techniques allow you to shape Corian the way you want it.

original surface

When Corian is used as a solid surface material, it is cheaper than quartz or granite. However, when it comes to countertops, it tends to be as expensive as granite or quartz.

bathroom furniture

The price also depends on the color, design and configuration of the worktop, the molded form, the mounting, the edges and the inlays. The manufacture and installation of Corian worktops may rise, according to the contractor.

rectangular washbasin

Corian surfaces can be cleaned by a variety of methods. From spraying cleaners to the house and cleaning with the use of sponges, soap and water, cleaning the surface is easy. Long-term exposure to chemicals, however, may discolor the surface.

Corian interior

It is not resistant to chemical damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use a neutral pH detergent on a Corian surface. It should also be noted that these surfaces can not withstand the intense heat and burn or melt if too hot containers are placed on the surface.

modern sink

Pushing very hard objects across the surface can also cause scratches Worktop by Corian. Throwing off heavy objects can cause dents on the surface.

Corian maintenance

Due to the consistency of matter in Corian particles, it is easy to repair scratches or stains. The cleaning can be done by grinding or rubbing the surface with an abrasive peel. However, vigorous rubbing can cause a physical depression on the surface.

Bathroom countertops

The care and maintenance of Corian countertops is essentially the same as for quartz and granite. Corian surfaces offer a variety of design options in terms of color, structure, mold design and inlays.

Vintage sink

It can be easily cleaned. Most of the damage caused to Corian can easily be repaired. The Corian is less durable compared to granite. Corian surfaces can not withstand the heat and can easily be damaged if heavy objects fall to the surface and easily become dirty.

oval sink

What’s better, the Corian or the granite? In the old battle between man and nature, these two countertops compete face to face in the kitchen and bathroom. Corian is the Dupont brand for its solid worktop material. It is an artificial product consisting of 33% union resins and 66% minerals.

Corian countertops granite countertops

rectangular balcony

On the other hand, granite is a real stone. It is granite, obtained directly from the earth, cut into slabs, polished and honed. Nothing is added, nothing is removed.

Granite bathroom

The term “granite” has been gradually adopted as a parallel meaning for the material commonly called quartz or reconstructed stone countertops, which are not identical to granite slabs because they are aggregate materials.

modern bathroom

Corian was the original solid mark of the surface. Developed by DuPont in 1967, other companies began to manufacture solid surfaces by phasing out the DuPont patent. Although it is still a premium brand, others such as Avonite, Staron and Mystera are considered the best brands. The granite of the plate is not associated with the brand names.

kitchen surfaces

On a square foot basis per square foot, Corian is 10% to 20% cheaper than a granite slab. In general, Corian can not be bought directly from the consumer; You must go through authorized dealers. Corian, however, is transparent about the cost.

Corian colors

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if you’re trying to compare both materials, remember that nothing can reach the brightness and depth of real granite.

Sink design

Among the solid surface brands, Corian offers the best and widest range of styles and colors.

island cooking

Nevertheless, solid surface materials can not match the 3D “depth” of the plate granite. Granit offers a high return on your investment when it comes to selling your home. Note that the plate granite (like the modular or granite tile) is upgraded more.


But Corian is not despicable either. Of all handmade materials for solid surfaces, Corian is the brand with the greatest brand awareness. The granite needs occasional sealing, while the corian does not require sealing.

chair set

Finally, we will see some of Corian’s pieces that are quite original and eye-catching. London-based architect and interior designer Rabih Hage has designed the Leftover Collection, a series of furniture for Corian® Color Evolution, exhibited in Milan this year. Presenting some of the new European tones of Corian® (Kaiser Yellow, Blooming Green, Noble Ecru, Beige Ash and Absolute), the collection is based on the use of excess materials and reuse, treatment of cuts and discarded planks in construction of furniture as “noble material “, Reused in new pieces of luxury furniture.

Artistic pieces and furniture from Corian cuts

table excerpts

The designer has always been fascinated by recycled material or discarded cuts of stone, wood or metal, whether cheap or expensive. The reuse of these materials as a luxury product and the treatment of the cuts as something precious turned out to be a real motivation. Especially Corian®, which is considered a luxury material.

Original table design from Corian cutouts

Corian table

The author also notes, “I like imperfection in patinated pieces of antiquity, and the patina of the time is somewhat impersonal, so authentic. To counter this authenticity, I consider the random overlaying of the blackouts a gesture of noble and authentic design in the construction of my new designs for “Corian® Color Evolution”. Imperfection is beauty; A discarded material is as noble and valuable as a freshly polished stone. ”

* Corian®


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