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Cheap wardrobes – economic alternatives for everyone

cheap modern simple design of the dressing rooms

Every home needs a well thought-out system to organize and store clothes. Otherwise we dive into an endless search for garments every morning.

The solution is simple: an independent wardrobe or clothes rack located in a strategic location such as the bedroom, the front door or the cloakroom. Today we would like to suggest you amazing storage ideas and several models of cheap dressing rooms Do not miss it

Storage solutions and cheap dressing designs

original ideas cheap wardrobes

The racks are a wonderful thing if you want your room without closets. Whether it’s a home-made do-it yourself or one you bought, clothes racks are a big win for a room with no closet.

Original design of the modern and simple changing room

Simple modern dressing room design

You can create more space by adding a shelf to the bottom of the rack. This is a great way to show off your shoes while giving them a seat. Or you can get one with several hanging levels. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on what you and what you need.

Original simple and modern dressing design

modern dressing room in original design

As an added benefit, these items have come into vogue lately, so they are all advantages.

Original design of Ikea frame

original design cheap casting

Have a Closet or a clothes rack in the entrance hall is very useful. Guests can leave their coats and their bags and accessories there. The clothes rack may have shelves or compartments for each of these things.

Large design of mobile additional dressing room with several shelves

Dressing room simple design cheap hangers

This storage rack of industrial style It has three shelves, two of which are smaller. This leaves a small portion to hang long clothes and other clothes.

Original design of simple wooden chest of drawers

Easy dressing of cheap orroginal wood

Here we see a design that is very simple but very functional. The two large shelves are for storing the shoes on the bottom and the pockets on the top. Scarfs and other accessories can be stored on the sides.

Simple dressing rooms with shelves and shelves

Hanger hangers cheap

Clothes racks and cabinets or closets are a must in changing rooms. To make it easier for you to keep the area clean and organized, you can add various storage options. Two clothes racks and a mirror can be the main elements of the room.

Original fitting room designed by Ana Kraš

original dressing room in modern style Ana Kraš

Is there something Ana Kraš can not do? Known for his sculptural wire and wire hanging lamps, the designer is equally adept at photography and modeling. His dressing room called Ksilofon (xylophone in Serbian) consists of “oak bars” and colored plywood boards. A Kraš has come up with the design to meet the wishes of friends that it is a simple dressing room that can be put together.

Original designs of cheap cabinets and cabinets

original ideas wardrobes cheap wardrobes

Next, we will see more ideas and designs for cheap changing rooms for all rooms, including children.

Frame structures for changing rooms and wardrobes

Cabinets Structures Metal Clothing Clothes

Racks are a solution to the lack of space in children’s rooms. When it comes to mobile structures, you have the ability to change the look of the wardrobe and its storage units whenever you need them. Zipped wardrobes are another suggestion when looking for a place to store clothes sparingly.

Original design of the dressing room with industrial style tube

Industrial roof pipe wardrobe rod

Depending on the model, there are walk-in wardrobes with or without shelves, so you can better decide in advance what the cupboard function will be. These cabinets do not carry much weight and therefore should not be overloaded. However, they are great for storing garments from other seasons so they do not get dusty.

Original pink polka dot fabric wardrobe design

Wardrobe fabric pink polka dots

Below we show you some designs of large walk-in closets and fitted wardrobes. An independent locker room is something that not everyone can afford because of the shortage of space in big cities.

Designs of cheap wardrobes and wardrobes

cheap wardrobes

But if you have such luck, do not miss the opportunity to make the most of it by taking full advantage of the space. If you are into fashion, you should use this space for something closer to your heart.

Beautiful white kids wardrobe

Pink cheap dressing design

Create a wardrobe with an open wall shelf system with rails, shelves and shelves. Or just remove the doors of your cabinets. That way, you’ll be able to see all your stuff at once. For dressing rooms you should place a chest of drawers in the middle of the room. A few tables, two chairs, and two mirrors will end the fighting, whoever gets dressed first.

Great dressing design by Ikea

Ikea dressing design

Although these are cheap changing rooms, choosing them is not easy and simple. How every object and every piece of furniture that is sought for our home should be functional or functional. Cheap changing rooms should meet our needs. There are cheap options made of wood, but we always have to check their quality. Keep in mind that a good price does not make sense if it only takes a short time with average usage.

Design of white built-in wardrobe with many storage units

cheap built-in furniture

It is important that the dress generally conforms to the general style that we are looking for in our home. Make a budget before selecting it. Although these are cheap dressing rooms, a clear price range is necessary. If more furniture is needed for different areas, the entire available budget must be split. The boundaries of the room in the same way create a certain amount as well as its size.

Beautiful decoration of children wardrobe

Super dresser little girl

It is important that they do not visually become an element that overburdens the environment. Make room measurements before buying cheap changing rooms. It is important, as we have mentioned, that colors and styles are in complete harmony. A dress for a minimalist design or a rustic atmosphere will always have variations in its designs and design in general.

Great design of the built-in changing room for nursery

integrated kids chest

Some weight in the cheap dressing rooms is the material. This is another thing that needs to be analyzed carefully. It is the aspect that determines its durability in many cases. There are beautiful paint-based surfaces that look nice. Similar to Fornica is melanin, but they are different things and the finish is also very interesting. When painting, there are boards that make up the interior.

Tips and great ideas for storing clothes

great ideas for girls

Especially those that have medium or high density. To all this we add wood panels which are subjected to a treatment to cover the surface. As a rule, there are materials that are often valued in changing rooms with paint. The oak can carry this list and has a very special tonality that will highlight our furniture. It is characterized by the fact that it is a very loose wood, which usually has no knots.

Original ideas to use the entire wardrobe

Original ideas drawers dress up

Its hardness is perfect and we will have a furniture of quality and great beauty. The same thing happens with oak, which looks very similar to dark brown and black. For these cheap wardrobes there are tinctures that give the wood a different color. The quality of the cherry tree is also one of the favorites for the design of the changing rooms. In this case, a tone treats near the reddish.

Original design of the wardrobe is located under the stairs

Original dressing under the stairs

The use of beech is possible in the cheap dressing rooms for a clearer shade. It is clearer and similar, it has an excellent hardness. There are two versions of this material, in its natural state and evaporated. Another clear and very noble wood is pine. It must be mentioned that in contrast to others a larger number of nodes can be seen.

Simple dressing design in a modern style

simple dressing room modern design

It is very beautiful thanks to its texture and the rustic effect that occurs with the appropriate treatment. If you want to order cheap pine locker rooms, you will always need a coat of varnish. The reason is that it is a type of wood that has pores. In addition to being able to better adapt to the spaces, the options for personalizing your wardrobe will be greater.

Ideas for cheap changing room Ikea

cheap locker room ikea ideas

Enjoy our selection of options with different finishes and materials. No doubt you will find something that suits your taste and the space you have. There are many possibilities, but always keep in mind the idea of ​​functionality and style of decoration. In this way, the room remains harmonious and beautiful.

economic clothing ideas carpets

small spaces furniture design


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