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Change of bathroom cabinets for a completely new look

Changing the look of the bathroom is something that is not done often enough; Therefore, you should carefully consider which bathroom furniture (especially cabinets) to choose. The best part is that the color of the cabinets matches the color of the tiles on the floor and walls to achieve harmony. Bathroom cabinets can either be installed as kitchen cabinets or freestanding like a piece of furniture; They can also be prefabricated or made to measure. All types of cabinets can be made of different materials.

Stylish bathroom cabinets

If you want a bit more elegance in your bathroom, use stylish furniture for that purpose. Looking for ceramic cabinets that mimic natural materials like marble or wood. These cabinets add a special warmth and elegance to your bathroom, especially if you choose self-contained furniture. Add a few woven bamboo baskets and the impression will be striking. There is a disadvantage of these cabinets and that is their price, they can be very expensive.

Stylish bathroom cabinets

Stylish bathroom cabinet Image source of Bath Shoppe

Plastic cabinets

Plastic furniture is cheap and affordable compared to furniture made of other materials. Plastic cabinets can look very interesting when they are chosen in bright colors. This furniture is very easy to clean. Just put in the bathtub and wash with hot water and detergent, dry and ready. Combine plastic cabinets with the toothbrush cup and a plastic soap dish. If you have enough space in the bathroom, add a couple of plastic boxes for clean towels and a dirty laundry box. Complete the atmosphere with plastic pots for indoor flowers and give your bathroom a modern look with cheap furniture.

Bathroom cabinets plastic Image source of Gladu design

MDF furniture

It is recommended that bathroom furniture be made of high quality materials that are moisture resistant. Chipboard, when exposed to moisture, can swell over time and that’s something you certainly do not need. MDF is a material that withstands the increased humidity in the room. If you are a little talented, make an interesting decoupage in the closets and make them look more interesting.

MDF bathroom furniture Image source of Bathroom supplier

Glass bathroom cabinets

Glass shelves and other bathroom furniture are very stylish and unusual. In addition, they work perfectly in combination with glass sinks, which can be found in a variety of colors. Glass cabinets are usually built-in wardrobes, and when placed on the walls, they give each bathroom a modern look. Glass cabinets can be found in different shapes and colors, but avoid them if you have small children for safety reasons.

Tranquil Vanity Style Glass Bathroom Cabinets Image source of Kohler

wood cabinets

Wooden furniture is not recommended for bathrooms because it is known that the wood does not tolerate moisture. But if you only want wood furniture for your bathroom, choose one specifically for bathrooms with special protections and coatings that make it waterproof.

Bathroom wood cabinets Image source of Jamie Bush

Custom bathroom cabinets

If your bathroom is small, it would be wise to choose “custom” furniture designed to maximize the space of the bathroom and achieve its maximum functionality. It is necessary to measure the bathroom and decide which furniture you would like to order.

Custom bathroom cabinets Image source of Cabinetry of completed

Come on, some simple ideas to get started. If you need more advice for planning your new bathroom look, you can contact the experts at Integriti Homes. When renovating, treat the bathroom with the same attention as the other rooms in the apartment or house. The bathroom should provide a pleasant environment that symbolizes cleanliness, functionality and your personal style.

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