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Chandelier Tips for Home Decor

Chandeliers are a great addition to almost any room, but knowing which size is best and how high it can hang can be difficult. According to . Lighting adorns a room.

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Luminaires are a key element in the design of a room. “Imagine decorative lighting as architectural jewelery. It can beautify or dress up the look, “says lighting designer Randall Whitehead. Consider style, shape, color and size when choosing a luminaire as the perfect accessory.

Modern Home Decor Pchandelir Tips Chandelier Tips for Home Decor Chandelier Tips for Home Decor Modern home decorpchandelir tips

Hang a chandelier in a room to make a statement. The eye falls on this light when you enter a room because it is of considerable size and often striking in design – whether dripping with crystals or shimmering with sleek chrome arms. Chandeliers are available in all styles for every design expression.

How do I decorate? suggests some other ideas to choose a chandelier.

If you choose lighting for a new home and do not yet have dining room furniture, there is a very simple rule that you can follow. Add together the length and width dimensions of the room. Your answer is the correct diameter a chandelier should have. For example, if your dining room is 10 x 14 ‘, a 24 “diameter chandelier would look good.

However, if you already have a table, it’s more important to size it chandelier to the table as the room. A good rule of thumb is that your chandelier is half to three quarters of the width of your table.

For the right hanging height, position the bottom of the chandelier about 30-32 cm above the table, adjusting to the size of the table and the overall size of your room.

Modern Home Decor Tips Decoration Chandelier Tips for Home Decor Chandelier Tips for Home Decor Modern Home Decor Tips Decoration

Throwing the right amount of light is so important to creating an environment. You want to avoid the glaring light that comes from a functional or more direct lighting. Instead, throw a soft, warm glow over your perfect picture. Consider a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lighting as needed. You can also use shades for softer lighting.

Review Lighting Trends to Learn More –

We love chandelier colors for their flexible design. Change your look throughout the year – use deeper, more dramatic colors in fall and brighten in spring with cream, butter yellow, or any other soft color. Or switch to frosted glass for a completely different look altogether.

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Modern Home Decor Reader How to choose lighting for your home? Do you have suggestions for choosing luminaires in specific rooms? We would like to hear from you!


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