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Center table for multiple use in the living room area

Center table double circular timeless fonts

Always in the salons, the selection of the furniture from which they are made is important. We have to remember that we spend a lot of time with it. So it should be comfortable and favor daily activities.

Center table with variations of colorful designs

Centerpiece special colorful circular ideas

Whether watching TV, reading or working every piece of furniture must respond to our needs. Today we will focus on one of the main furniture to have a functional living room. It’s about the coffee tables. Necessary for our living room to look balanced. For the central table like the ones we are showing, they are used in different ways. In front of the sofa, they are the perfect place for books or magazines.

Central wooden table in dark tone in combination with the walls

dark wooden table toned bottles

In the middle table of different designs are the hangout with friends and family. Sometimes the coffee tables can be downplayed because they are slightly overshadowed by the sofa. The biggest challenge may be to choose the most suitable one according to the design of the product Lounge. Based on the style of the room, we can better orient ourselves in the selection of the coffee table. Cases of rustic environments, for example, are best seen with wooden tables.

A minimalist-style table that contrasts different materials in a creative way

modern minimalist table accents of centerpiece

The elegant surroundings look fantastic with the center table and the glass finishes. It should be mentioned that it is a perfect design for small websites. The reason is that they do not affect the sense of space in the environment. The living room of larger dimensions may have a stone or marble table that will shine in all its glory. Industrial environments in the center Table and style must play with wood and metals.

Another possibility to involve nature in the design of contemporary living spaces and furniture

Center table moss covered cushions

In summary, it can be said that the material is important in deciding on our table. Other surfaces with a modern image include acrylic as a variant to glass. Especially when we have small children at home. Many of the coffee tables currently have a combination of materials. With amazing surfaces that can include wood, stones and various metals.

The moss blanket differentiates this table from other designs

white table contrasting books

Centering table and styles follow the shapes in the same way. The rectangular variants are among the most used. It is usually the shape that best suits the sofa. However, it should be noted that this varies with a two-seater sofa. For small classrooms, the table should be square or round. The rounds are advisable because they avoid the annoying tips of the corners.

A perfect ottoman as a variant to the coffee tables and with a great aesthetics

round table parts Ottoman circular

It is exactly the space that will determine the dimensions of our coffee table. It’s the same with the rest of the furniture that integrates the living room. Our selection must be based on visual balance. A very small one will look out of place. Another too large will significantly reduce the usable space. To make things easier, the perfect dimension should never be less than half of the sofa.

Combination of crystal and wavy shapes in an elegant and very cozy environment

Center table crystal wavy elegant plants

About forty or fifty centimeters away. The transit through this part of the house can not be complicated. In the middle of the table and its height represent another special factor. The perfect model can not be very big. The best help tables should usually be low. As with the length should be in accordance Couch.

Interesting contrast that reflects the surfaces in light wood and white

Table center proposal low furniture vases

Never above or similar, although it is a voluminous piece of furniture. Excessive height is fatal for small classrooms and becomes a visual obstacle. Perhaps the most functional is that of extractable surfaces. However, it will always depend on the use that we did not suggest. Unless it’s usually purely decorative, the extractables will always be useful. It is important that they have storage forms.

Terrarium recovered from an unused piece of furniture and used as another table

Central table terrarium regained furniture legs

Shelves or drawers are particularly suitable for storing books or magazines. As we mentioned earlier, everything depends on the usage we are considering. There will always be a difference between a table to support your feet and another that supports our work. Choosing the right one should therefore take into account the needs of our family. In this way, we conclude with the one that best suits the aesthetic and functional part. We leave you a gallery with great models.

Furniture with steel and wood surfaces in a modern industrial accent design

Steel prefabricated wood industry slats

Marble is one of the favorites for the surfaces of elegant coffee tables

oblong pieces of marble metal combinations

A dollhouse style is an interesting accent for the coffee table

Environments colors house dolls pillows

Metallic finish in gray in the base and with a style of perfectly low lines

low gray metal model cushions

The color of the table contains another special detail in the rooms or in each room

White set of red fonts

Creative idea containing computer plates and lights at the edges of the table

Computer circuits concepts lights

Table with different shades and large shelves at the base

contemporary tables objects memory ideas

Shazam a table with a different design that will change any interior

simple lines warm leather room

The lower part is the perfect place to store everything you need in the living room

Letters wood special floors lines

Finishes in white and wood make this table the perfect piece for Combine it

Wooden base circular ideas curtains

A model that tracks the entire black contrast line for this modern space

black metals make elegant fountains

This table as an aquarium will be another special addition to any home

Fish special aquarium table ideas

Unique combination of materials in the design of the coffee table, Greg Cashiers

Wood look modern options living room

Beautiful model that incorporates the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnature in materials and with a bonsai

Proposal bonsai special leather processing


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