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Caring for house plants – planted upholstered furniture

potted plants cultivate upholstered furniture flower pot

Exceptional designer designs show us a different side of the natural world

The artist from São Paulo Rodrigo Bueno lives and works in an environment he calls “Inner Jungle”. A natural laboratory where nature and duration meet. His studio is full of recovered materials – especially wood and plants, which he collected from the municipal waste has collected.

He transforms these into installations, sculptures, paintings and objects. Bueno strives to capture our attention through the innate beauty of the natural world. It causes the senses – from touch to sight to hearing.

Maintain houseplants

Planting rooms cultivated upholstered furniture green

One of his latest creative projects is the colorful, planted, antique upholstery pieces, where he intertwines tree bark, branches and foliage with throw pillow and chair legs. The everyday objects come alive and serve new purposes. Agnaldo Farias describes the project as “there is no death, but a constant transformation and transformation.”

Grow easy-care potted plants

plant antique upholstered furniture

Apply tree branches

Indoor plants nurture upholstered furniture art

Antique, discarded furniture

potted plants cultivate upholstered furniture alive

Classic, extravagant seating

potted plants cultivate upholstered furniture easy care

Cool red for the upholstery potted plants cultivate upholstered furniture red armchair

Air plant on the backrest

plant cultivate planted upholstered furniture backrest

Golden motifs

cultivate upholstered furniture chair

Exceptional and environmentally friendly

potted plants cultivate upholstered furniture studio

Plant the seat potted plants cultivate upholstered furniture great

Simple and genuinely unique



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