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Built-in wardrobe and its main advantages for housing

Built-in corner wardrobe gray room

The built-in wardrobe is one of the possibilities that always allow a greater use of the rooms in our house. As we can see in many pictures, they are important if we want an organized and fresh space.

Built-in wardrobe with white sliding doors

Wardrobe integrated combinations styles rose

If we decide to build a built-in wardrobe, we must recognize both the factors and the disadvantages. Today we will stop at both points so that you can draw your own conclusions and know if a built-in cabinet can be of use to you. As we mentioned at the beginning of the positive aspects, it emphasizes its elegance, space optimization and order effect.

Functional built-in wardrobe with LED lights on the top

Built-in wardrobe lights interiore wardrobes

One of the main reasons for this is the obvious fact that you can not take us with you if we decide to move. To analyze everything in the right order, we take a detailed look at the benefits of a built-in wardrobe. Quite simply, because as in every issue, there are divided opinions about it. The first thing is that, when it comes to small bedrooms with a built-in wardrobe, the space we have is better taken advantage of.

The interior of the built-in wardrobe with sections for each garment and accessories

Built-in wardrobe wood special steps

They limit in the high part with the roof and in the low part to the ground. Without leaving side rooms as they exploit the walls. So we have no corner that is not used. What is usually common when it comes to it Furniture That’s not made to measure. This usually happens in conventional cabinets. To preserve the cleanliness, a built-in wardrobe is perfect.

Design with a beautiful finish that combines the mirrors with the wood in a light tone

Built-in wardrobe wooden mirror lights

Due to its design, it is almost impossible to accumulate dust. Enter the walls and the structure of the housing, there is no surface or slot, which facilitates the accumulation of dust. So we do not have to waste time in large cleanings, which are also uncomfortable. In general, the main care in cleaning will be devoted to the doors. However, it is a bit simple, depending on the material, the reason is that they are the only exposed surface of these cabinets.

A model of luxury of great amplitude that also applies the wood in its modern design

Built-in wardrobe organization entrance doors

Another positive aspect is the organization of the cabinet itself. Recall that these are working designs based on existing measures. This takes into account the real conditions and needs. There are architectural elements such as pillars or downpipes that are integrated with absolute fluidity. If it were a traditional wardrobe, both would become a problem. Each of these structures fits into the design of the cabinet and can then be used to organize shelves or drawers.

Using the forms of architecture and living for the wardrobe and its style

Built-in wardrobe wall adapted colors

Unlike a prefabricated wardrobe, we can make this piece of furniture more personal. As a basis, our fitted wardrobe should be tailored to individual needs. Consider whether it will be for the child or for the double room. In this way we can define the size and types of areas in which each garment is stored. For example, more attention to shoes or accessories. Otherwise for the bedding and clothes of the child.

The lacquered doors are ideal to improve the lighting of the bedrooms and the color

Fitted wardrobes sliding doors colors

Everything depends on where and who will use the cabinet. Another special advantage is the feeling of order in the rooms. The reason for this is that, unlike a prefabricated wardrobe, they do not look like another addition to the room. In the same way everything can look overloaded. A built-in wardrobe avoids them looking like extra furniture in our home.

Another variant in white and metallic for a modern and fresh bedroom

Built-in wardrobe aluminum walls Reflow

His doors will be on the same level as the Rooms and other accesses to different areas. If you do not look like an extra piece of furniture in the area, everything will look more relaxed and elegant. The sense of order, as we have said, is really superior in these cases. A plus is just as versatile. Thanks to their production, they can be adapted to any style on request. We have the opportunity to choose both the materials and the money you want to invest.

A great contrast of color in this bedroom, where the white dominates the walls

Built-in cabinets surfaces red slats

Interior details such as drawers and shelves can be made of different materials such as plastic or metal. In doors, wooden surfaces are common, accompanied by mirrors or glass. In addition to its aesthetics, the opening path is essential in this type of cabinet. There are three different variants. Sliding, folding and folding type. The second are the simplest in terms of their mechanism.

Special traditional model for the attic containing metal handles in the design

Built-in wardrobe metal handles flooring

If you choose these models of doors, you should appreciate the dimensions of the room. In a small bedroom you can meet the bed or other furniture nearby. When it comes to exploiting the space, the best option is the sliding one. It is not necessary to have free space in front of them. The displacement occurs thanks to the guides and the bearings of the system. The elegance of these cabinets has to do with the order inside.

Design variant in white and some areas with crystals, with which you can see the interior

Built-in wardrobe traditional glasses

How to make it to order and to order is more elegant. Leaving the limelight on the doors, the whole design looks perfect and achieves greater aesthetics. To start with the disadvantages, the first one can be the price. As we know, it is about doing work that increases costs by hand and work in the same way. Of course, this is more economical if you buy finished furniture in a shop.

In one of the corners of the bedroom and in different shades on the doors

Built-in wardrobe several tones concepts

Something that increases the cost is maintenance and Recovery If they need to be repaired, the work must be done again. On the other hand, the location is fixed and there will be no going back. The cabinet is the one that conditions the order of the room whenever you want to update your design. As we mentioned at the beginning, another negative point is that it can not be carried in any movement.

A vintage bedroom with various floral elements and elegant glass doors

Vintage cupboard special flowers

If you have programmed a change of residence, it is best not to risk making it. This means another item for finished furniture. If you have already decided, remember that the main advantages will be the fact of using the space. A higher height is always achieved than with prefabricated or conventional cabinets.

Built-in wardrobe interior and some of the possible modern design solutions

large wall loft special outdoor furniture

When we come from the floor to the ceiling, we have more storage space. In addition, there is a greater customization thanks to the customized production. So they adapt to our space and the way we place our clothes.

Various applications of wood in the natural elements of this bedroom

Bambu lines furniture LED furniture

The mirrors add extra functionality to the closets in the bedroom

Wooden edges special concepts salons

The drawers can help to organize everything in the cabinets

Drawers Dressing rooms Room colors

Another possible configuration of the interior of the built-in wardrobes at home

Interior modern special styles

With metal structures lights and curtains instead of traditional sliding doors

Curtains special doors furniture clothes

Interesting cabinet interior that is perfect for storage and order of clothes or books

Stairway lounges materials colors parts

Ideal contrast of the wood in light tone and the black color in the doors of this model

special black rooms room lamps

This time the contrast is the use of white and black in furniture and accessories

Mirror doors special colors pictures

Use one of the corners in this house for the built-in wardrobe

Corner room furniture concepts white

A special design that makes it possible to integrate several decorative elements into the shelves

Shelves ornaments house colors houses

Well invested in Akzentwand, which hardly noticed the built-in wardrobe

interesting secret wallpapers colors

The effect of the wood is not sustainable, to create a cozy and warm environment

Wood complements room lines

Furniture without handles on the partition to the bathroom area with different shades of gray

modern gray separator handles

Modern model with built-in LED lights and multiple folding doors in different areas

special options that fold modern decorations

Doors that contrast with the tone of the carpet in this special modern bedroom

Brick wall special outdoor furniture

Another and simple way to present doors framed by mirrors

modern wall mirror bricks specials

Everything is easily accessible without doors or curtains

Special sections open furniture tips

Traditional style with cabinets that save a part of the room

fresh tradition special plant crystals

An elegant bedroom that mixes bright tones in furniture and accessories

Vintage concepts materials living room color


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