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Build furniture from pallets yourself – inspiration in 40 pictures

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Buy pallets and spice up the house: Here are our new ideas!

Why is pallet buying still so relevant after so many years? That certainly has many reasons. Among other things, the pallets can be integrated really well into the interior and exterior design. They already have a shape and can be easily converted into the frame of a piece of furniture.

Furniture made of pallets

furniture made of pallets diy furniture wood side table with drawer

They give the room a rural appearance and can be wonderfully combined with a stone wall. Whether in the living room or in the garden, the wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and metal.

Buy pallets and use as source material

furniture from pallets buy europallets price

Build wooden furniture from europallets yourself

build DIY furniture from pallets yourself

Creative and original pieces of furniture

furniture from pallets hallway wardrobe wooden diy ideas

Bed made of europallets

furniture made of pallets diy furniture bed made of europallets

Comfortable bed and seating around a coffee corner

You can buy pallets and set up comfortable beds and seats. They need to join together some wooden pallets, preferably six, and cover them with comfortable cushions and cushions.

Build a rustic living room sofa yourself

furniture from pallets sofa europaletten build yourself

You can also quickly make a coffee table. Bring some pallets together and equip them with wheels. Small pallets can hit the wall. They can serve wonderfully as shelves for pictures and other great works of art.

Coffee table on wheels with plenty of storage space

furniture made of pallets living room table made of europallets

Buy wooden pallets for wall decoration

If we are in the wall decor anyway, let’s discuss it. It is important to know, that not only the whole pieces but also the material can be used very well. You can decorate the wall with it. What about a headboard in the bedroom? Or maybe you can make it a background against which pictures and photos are wonderful.

Wall covering made of wooden pallets

furniture made of pallets wall cladding wood

You can also make a wooden board from pallets yourself and let it work as a decoration. So you can hang on such a jewelry at home.

How to create a creative atmosphere

furniture made of pallets wall covering and living room furniture

Set up accent walls and separate different areas

You want your flat to be industrial or rustic? You do not want to spend too much money? The strips from the wooden pallets can also be used to cover entire zones. You can use it to decorate an accent wall. Consider the different variants. You can only take one or more wood colors.

Partition in a chic restaurant

furniture made of pallets wall covering wood diy ideas

Do you have an open living plan?

There are always better and more successful methods for the successful inner division of space. You need curtains, curtains, space restrictions and much more. But it is not unusual to structure the room with different wall textures. These show where one area starts and where the other ends.

DIY room divider made of pallets

build furniture from pallets room dividers from europallets yourself

Workspace only from wooden pallets

You want to furnish a working space chic, original and cheap? Then make all the furniture from wooden pallets throughout. They just have to be well preserved. Then there is only the appropriate overlapping of the tables, leaving room for the legs. Then cover the pallets with glass panes.

The modern office furniture can also be built from pallets

Office furniture from pallets diy furniture home office

Everything will look so bright, easy to care for and original. Do you really want to miss this opportunity?

Stack europallets and cover with a glass sheet

office furniture from pallets diy furniture


Do you enjoy decorating the wall with pictures? Are you looking for suitable frames that represent the connecting element between many different works? Can not you buy pallets and adapt them for this purpose?

Creative DIY decorative items

furniture from palette wall decoration ideas wood deco heart

Artworks from pallets

furniture made of pallets creative wall decoration

Give free rein to your creativity

furniture made of pallets wanddeko tinker itself

Positive messages are always welcome

furniture made of pallets mantel decorate wood diy ideas

The painted works of art are extremely popular as centerpieces on the wall. Against the brown wooden background, the nuances look even more appealing!

Make an original declaration of love!

furniture made of pallets deco wood diy ideas

Do you have all house rules in mind?

furniture made of pallets diy deco products made of europallets

For the garden

If you do not want to spend too much money on new furniture in the garden, then you can also buy pallets. You can make a great summer bed or a swing out of it. Even a combination of these is not a bad idea. What about a floating bed of wooden pallets?

Garden furniture made of pallets

diy garden furniture from pallet flower box

Build flower box yourself

garden furniture from pallets flower box garden furniture

Vertical garden

furniture made of pallets flower box garden furniture made of europallets

For many potted plants in the garden

furniture made of pallets wood flower box garden furniture europaletten

Sustainable garden furniture made entirely of europallets

furniture made of pallets garden furniture wooden diy ideas

DIY jewelry wall

diy furniture from pallets jewelry storage build yourself

Living room furniture in country style

diy furniture made of pallets living room furniture made of europallets

Simple coffee table on wheels

furniture made of europallets coffee table from wooden pallets build

Dress the walls in wood

furniture made of europallets wall covering wood

Practical bathroom accessories

furniture made of pallets bathroom accessories made of europallets

Picture frame with an individual touch

furniture made of pallets wooden picture frames

Create a corner just for nice memories

furniture from palette wall design with pictures craft ideas

Cozy outdoor kitchen

furniture made of pallets garden furniture garden cabinets made of wooden pallets

Original bed headboard made of wooden pallets

furniture made of pallets wood bed head itself

Another interesting variant

furniture from pallets bedroom furniture headboard build yourself

You can also build kitchen back wall made of pallets

furniture made of pallets kitchen back wall made of wood

Practical wood wall for spices

Furniture made of pallets kitchen furniture wood wall for spices

Start the day with a big smile

furniture made of pallets tray made of europallets

Tool wall also in DIY style

furniture from palette tool wall build yourself

Mobile DIY furniture on wheels

Living room furniture made of pallets Coffee table made of wooden pallets on rolls

Nursery furniture and decorative items

build bedroom furniture from pallets yourself

Add vintage accents

bedroom furniture made of pallets wall paneling wood


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