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Build a bench – an unconventional way of sitting

Bench build white long

Bench build – a curious collection

Today it is about the well-known bench or park bench, just a little differently designed. It is a project that consists of many benches that are no longer as static as the conventional bench, but are very multifunctional and interactive. It’s not so much about sitting, it’s about movement and communication.

The benches have different shapes – sometimes zig zag, sometimes swinging or they are in the form of a bow. Most seating is ergonomic and unconventional. These wooden creations are part of the Modified Social Benches project and are perfect meeting places for more activity.

On some you can sit directly in front of each other and not just next to each other, on others you can put your feet up. Some of them are curved or geometric in shape and are not only suitable for sitting but also for playing. Many of them are like real slides and the kids like to climb on them. Such a bench is an ultimate urban way of promoting and nurturing social relationships in the city.

Take a look at all these quaint benches and see for yourself!

Bench with oval armrests

bench build armrests

Unconventional and original

bench project failed

Play as a couple

Bench build triangular

Perfect for a nap

bench project ergonomic

Symmetrical and ergonomic in yellow

bench project yellow ergonomic

A steep slide

bench project yellow long wavy

Relax in the shade

bench build yellow bench with rest

Geometric shapes

bench project geometric

Curved shapes in white

bench project curved shapes

Three in a circle

bench build circular white

Seat rollercoaster

bench project art art

This is how you communicate easier

bench build art bench with rest

Playful sitting

bench project slide

A private conversation

bench project bench for two

Make zig-zag pauses

bench project bench with rest

Oval shapes in yellow

bench build bench with rest yellow

So close to nature

bench project bench slide white tree

Suitable for sliding and reading

Bench build steep yellow

Actively enjoy the sun

bench project white arched

Good for the back

bench build white reversed

Like sitting in a hammock

bench build white cradle

Wavy and amusing

bench project wavy white

Zig zag lying

bench project zig zag


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