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Bathroom design in black – 8 useful tips that can not be overlooked

Bathroom far-black aesthetic and original

For many people, the color black is the color of grief, sadness, melancholy, so choosing bathroom designs is not their first choice.

Sometimes we do not recognize the elegance that this color can bring to our home, and more when the black color is visible in the home. Bathroom.

Black bathroom design: a universal color that blends with each other

Black can also be associated with eternity, rest and wisdom. In one way or another it is elegant and deep. The design Black bathing is an excellent way to apply this color indoors without any “side effects”. However, it is necessary to strictly follow certain rules. Only in this case will you receive an excellent result.

A black bathroom by Taylor Smyth Architects┬╣

Bathroom Design Taylor Smyth Architects

Rules for the use of black color

1 Use the color black in moderation

The black color inside is rarely used because it can be difficult to apply properly. And if you make certain mistakes, you can turn your kitchen or bedroom into a real cave.

Combination-white-black-bathroom design

The bathroom – is a room we did not spend so much time in. That’s why we can afford to rate and inspire black bathroom designs. However, we should always use this color sparingly. To ensure that the interior looks nice and elegant, it is desirable that the black color does not occupy more than half of the space. It can be more, but you have to choose the right materials.

Design bathroom-color-black

2 Be careful when choosing materials

The basic principle of choosing materials in black is pretty simple. To finish small areas, you can use low notes. If you plan to use the material in large quantities, it is best to choose not only black surfaces but also white, gray or brown ones. In our photos you can see examples of these combinations.

Bathroom Designs options-modern style

Then the structure of wood, marble or a stone in combination with black furniture will be very good. These options highlight the nobility of the black and at the same time reduce their influence on the emotional background.

Bathroom Design Options Modern Style Decoration Plants

3 Do not forget to add enough light

Bathroom designs in black need adequate lighting. The black bathroom will look exquisite, and it will be nice to stay in it if you choose the right lighting. In the first place, it should be enough. This is due to the properties of the black color to absorb light. For this reason, it is necessary to provide a sufficient number of powerful lamps. Even better, if the bathroom has a big window.

Bathroom Designs Options-Style-Modern-Black-Gray

Note that the matte black pure color areas have a minimal power of reflection, so should not be used in large quantities. It is best to use glossy surfaces or textured materials with additional colors.

Bathroom Designs Options Style Black

4 Make combinations of black with other colors

The classic option is the combination of black and white. This option is the safest and most universal option. For a design in black and white, you can take equal parts of both color and enrich the interior with a variety of textures.

Bathroom Designs options style black and white

Black with gray is a less contrasting combination, but sometimes more elegant. It is also desirable to supplement with white elements or warm wood tones. The combination of black with bright colors (blue, red, yellow) is a bold and energetic choice. This design is inherent in modern styles, minimalism and the avant-garde.

Bathroom design options style black wood

5 In which rooms is black more suitable?

The bathrooms are different. And none of them will look just as nice in a black design. If you have a spacious room with plenty of natural light that you would like to turn into a bathroom, then you have no problem using black. In this case, you can not worry that the black color has an overwhelming effect. It will help to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere where you can relax well.

Bathroom Design Options Style Walls Black

If your bathroom is small, it is better not to use a black color. Otherwise it will be too tight. For once, you can attach small accessories or black details. It may be a curb under the sink, a decoration on the floor or on the walls, an accessory. But in this case it is necessary to strictly limit the total amount of black color.

Bathroom design options walls black plates blue

6 Decide for the natural

The black-stained wood gives it a completely different effect than the black-painted walls or the panels. A black wooden wall reinforces the feeling of this room and brings it closer to nature. A sandstone bath, travertine tile and beach accessories is another great option.

Bathroom design shower screen glass

7 Add a bright element

Add a feature that shines. Black is like the perfect canvas for a vivid color or pattern. If you have a characteristic wall or backsplash or even a showy shower curtain, black will make it shine. A good idea is to add shower tiles that attract attention. If you can focus a lighting on your bright element much better.

Designs Bathroom black studio Tate

8 Choose dull surfaces

Even a small line of glitter on the wall will stand out against super matt tiles or black wall paint. The black serves as a strong background for the bright elements. But if black has a shiny finish, the effect would be impressive, not subtle. For a bathroom with matte black walls, we recommend elegant lighting on each side of the sink to add glamor to the room.

Design-de-Banos-Negro Decorations Madera

Bathroom designs in black are a very elegant solution, but not suitable for everyone. When you create this interior, you must act with caution and care. If possible, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. They take into account your wishes, choose harmonious material combinations and ensure adequate illumination.

Design bathroom Black marble style

Design-of-bathroom Black marble Options


Designs of Bathroom black options style


Designs of Bathroom Black-Wall Ideas

Design-of-bathroom-black-walls-plate walls

Mosaic Black floor Bathroom Modern

Taylor Smyth Architects


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