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Badtrends 2018: Fresh design ideas for the new season!

Bathroom Trends 2018 Bring ideal comfort and the beauty of incredibly high elements. Mostly eclectic Bathroom design 2018 Do not leave problems with strict style choices and plenty of room for imagination. Designers took care of your comfort and your self-expression. Even the most austere interiors should now contain fabulous fantasy details. Styles’ mixing opportunity creates good opportunities for old bathrooms that are simply revived to the hottest trend! Sometimes only a few changes or restorations are enough. Remember Rachel Ashwell, who made revolution in our minds with her shabby chic style.

Bath Trends 2018 Bath Designs 2018 Bath Ideas 2018 Bath Trends 2018

Bathroom Ideas 2018 will certainly not leave anyone indifferent! We can say that even the most “trivial” colors and solutions get a new magical charm. Modern bathroom is a real work of art! And it still remains perfectly functional – more than ever.

Read about them in our « Bathroom Trends 2018 : Fresh ideas! “Items.

Badtrends 2018: Equipment and Materials

Technologies meet nature – that’s it Bathroom Trends 2018 common credo! The variety of materials makes bathroom design a fascinating process.

  • Organic materials, such as bamboo and specially treated bleached wood, climb to the very top of reality! They coexist peacefully with shiny high-tech surfaces and clear colors: ice-white, gray, red, lemon, light green.

Bamboo Bath Trends 2018 Bath Designs 2018 Bath Ideas 2018 Bath Designs 2018

  • Floor tiles get geometric shapes. It’s something of a new 60th mix with more styles of the early periods. The colors vary from dark groups to those inspired by Art Nouveau: purple, white, beige, celery. Water screens also remain popular.

2018 Geometric Tile Bath Trends 2018 Bath Designs 2018 Bath Ideas 2018 Bath Designs

  • Fantasy fans will surely love Bathroom Ideas 2018 ! First surprise for her (and many others) – iridescent tiles, fabulous-looking walls!

Iridescent Tile Bath Trends 2018 Bath Designs 2018 Bath Ideas 2018

  • Second surprise – subway tiles made positions to scale them! Those Bathroom Trends 2018 really mesmerize!

Scale Tile Bathroom Trends 2018 Bathroom Designs 2018 Bathroom Ideas 2018 Bathroom Trends 2018

  • Multi-toned concrete-look bathrooms win tranquility industrial hearts of indoor enthusiasts. Who thought concrete could even look tender? It is really original!

Multitoned concrete bath-trends-2018 Bath Designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018

  • Nature motifs can appear everywhere, noble stone structures are welcome.

Stone textures Bath Trends 2018 bathroom designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018

  • Another option for Bathroom design 2018 : Soil is reminiscent of sea pebbles. For example, add bright orange fish paintings.

Pebble Bath Trends 2018 bathroom designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018

  • Brass looks classy and ultra-trendy!

Brass Bath Trends 2018 bathroom designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018

  • Sound came back in beautiful details.

Bathroom Design 2018: Trendy colors

Bathroom Trends 2018 are free about color. New bathroom designs deserve to be called the music of colors! Different sounds mix in wonderful polyphony, in which all parts complement each other. Sometimes they recall brilliant variations on a color theme and reveal its beauty. Anyway, Bathroom design 2018 Symphony always be characterized by refinement and special atmosphere.

  • Black, every dark steel becomes incredibly popular. Black not only becomes a background color, but often a “main character” as well. Light-shaded elements seem to stand out thanks to black. So, it’s a good feature to accentuate some bright furniture or decoration details.

Black-bathroom-trends-2018 Bath Designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018

  • Also watch out for saturated berry tones. Trendiest ones that tend to deep purple and save red saturation. You are welcome for every style! Of course, rustic, country and Provence Bathroom Ideas 2018 can only contain small berry elements. But we will be sure, there will be the most beautiful accents there.

Berry shades bathroom trends 2018

  • Green appears everywhere, but will not be just color. Because they are cool and warm, you can create many non-trivial combinations. Dark greens are harder to combine but they are very trendy this season! Large bathrooms will look perfect with Emerald Basic!

Green tones Bath Trends 2018 bathroom designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018

Of course, we have listed only the hottest colors. But everyone is welcome when design is made competent!

Furniture in the Bathroom Trends 2018

Several styles furniture highlights Bathroom Trends 2018 , Despite the general trend toward high-tech, you can find refined Victorian tubs near “wide” concrete basins. Competently combined, they can form a truly unique ensemble. However, if you choose furniture without the help of the designer, you should avoid short styles to avoid mistakes.

  • In general, the latest bathroom furniture is marked with two opposite lines. First, you keep oval shapes. Second, one tends to become rectangular, cubist forms.
  • Another interesting trend, which we see mainly in the catalogs of Bianchini & Caponi, is the rebirth in Art Deco style. Such pieces turn your bathroom into a royal one! However, it should be better for big rooms.

Art Deco Rebirth Bathroom Trends 2018

  • Bath is natural Bathroom Ideas 2018 Heart! Their variety ranges from extra modern with LED lighting to old bathtubs with decorative legs. Choose with trendy brass legs if it fits.

Bathtub and cabin bathroom trends 2018

  • Shower cabin can also have interesting design!
  • Bionic vanities and sinks were extra up to date. No wonder, they are so stylish and enjoyable to see!

Bionic vanity bathroom designs in 2018

  • The design of the bathroom cabinets depends on the style of the whole room. It can be something romantic and artistic, or just rectangular, but not trivial objects. Try for example wood with several colors. Such things bring stylish, cheerful accents Bathroom design 2018 ,

Bathroom Ideas 2018

The fast pace of life of modern people has left their mark Bathroom Trends 2018 , They are primarily meant to make your life easier and provide maximum comfort. The first option is reflected in the abundance of high-tech novelties. Second – to bring home natural elements. Such tendencies mix Bathroom design 2018 close to the sky of modern man. So you will feel as if you have all the modern amenities in nature.

  • The more automation, the better! Even if you have typical medieval design, it will not restrict your comfort. Find beautiful things stylized that you choose and make you feel at home!
  • «Flying» sanitary ware rules in Bathroom Trends 2018 ! It means wall-hung design or ascending illusion. Emphasize it with LED strips attached to the edges or below.

Flying plumbing Bad Trends 2018 bathroom designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018

  • Hide pipes and other “underground” things. Or, conversely, they demonstrate, as a decorative element in steampunk, industrial bathrooms.
  • Bad ideas 2018 sometimes stolen from nature! Small bathroom cascades provide additional comfort! Choose as the usual style: clay or stone elements fit perfectly with bamboo walls, clay pots – for rustic and rural bathrooms, glass – for high-tech style, etc.

Cascade Bath Trends 2018 Bath Designs 2018 Bath Ideas 2018 Bath Ideas 2018

  • Another cool eco-trend – live plants. We highly recommend combining it with previous one!

Plant Bathroom Trends 2018 Bathroom Designs 2018 Bathroom Ideas 2018 Bathroom Ideas 2018

  • Use the forms of nature for the whole sense of harmony! What about bathtub, remaining coconut? Such furniture really needs a peaceful seascape background!

The nature shapes bathroom ideas 2018

Hopefully with our article “Bathroom Trends 2018: Fresh Design Ideas for the New Season!” You will have your own little water paradise at home!

Bathroom Trends 2018 bathroom designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018-1 Bathroom Trends 2018 bathroom designs 2018 Bad Ideas-2018


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