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Bathroom design ideas-2017

It is impossible to imagine modern people without bathrooms. Bathrooms – one of the most important premises that have a functional character: Here we make hygiene and beauty treatments, relax in a warm bath or under the shower, when the workday is over, we refresh ourselves after sleep.

Bathroom design ideas 2017 aims modern bathroom design stylish, comfortable, beautiful and fashionable, without sacrificing functionality.
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Modern bathroom design 2017

2017 recommends choosing minimalism and simplicity. The abundance of shapes changes the frilly lines and the abundance of decoration, which is why the high-tech style is one of the favorites in modern bathroom design ,

They can be original in your bathroom, and this creativity is only available for large bathrooms. In 2017, it is worthwhile not to place sanitary or furniture pieces on the walls but in the middle of the bathroom.

New ideas are outlined in the use of decorative materials. Ceramics, glass, wood, natural stone or its imitation are widely used in modern bathroom designs and will be at the peak of popularity.

According to Bathroom design ideas In 2017, the lighting will also change, and instead of a main light source, several lighting fixtures will appear highlighting separate areas.

Modern Bathroom Design-2017 Modern-bathroom-design-2017-1 Modern-bathroom-design-2017-2 Modern-bathroom-design-2017-3

Modern-bathroom-design-2017-8 Modern-bathroom-design-2017-9 Modern Bathroom Design 2017-10 Modern Bathroom Design 2017-11

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Color solution in bathroom design 2017

White undoubtedly plays the dominant role in Bathroom decoration ideas , It visually enhances the space and emphasizes the purity, which is especially important for bathrooms.

The classic decoration of black and white is the hit of the 2017 season. Gray is also popular in the processing of modern bathroom designs like never before. Gray-black-and-white palette allows to create unique interiors. For those who prefer brighter colors than accents, it’s better to choose one of the rich natural colors: lemon, emerald, turquoise, blue and amber.

Modern-bathroom-design-2017-4 Modern-bathroom-design-2017-5 Modern-bathroom-design-2017-6


Current decorative materials and tiles in bathroom design 2017

As in other rooms of the house, natural materials are preferred as they are traditional when you make a bathroom.

Ceramics, glass, metal, stone are classic genre for modern bathroom design , In 2017, this range will be supplemented with wood. Wood or its qualitative imitation is used as material for wall panels, decorative elements and furniture.

Stone (marble, granite, etc.) is a pretty expensive treat. The modern industry that offers building materials, however, offers a wide range of artificial analogs that are externally indistinguishable from the original. The stone is used to cover walls and floors to make table tops under the sink.

In addition to decorative stone, you can use masonry as an accent wall in the bathroom renovations , Soil with pebbles is an interesting stylistic solution; as if you are walking along the rocky beach.

Current-finishing materials and Tile in Bath Design-2017 Current-finishing materials and tile-in bathroom design-2017-1 Current-finishing materials and tile-in bathroom design-2017-2 Actual finishing materials and tile-in bathroom design-2017-3

Finish cleaning materials and Tile in bathroom design 2017-4 Current-finishing materials and tile-in bathroom design-2017-5 Current-finishing materials and tile-in bathroom design-2017-6

Original finishing materials and tile-in bathroom design-2017-7 Finish cleaning materials and Tile in bathroom design 2017-8 Current-finishing materials and tile-in bathroom design-2017-9

Finish cleaning materials and Tile in bathroom design 2017-10

Plumber need in bathroom decor 2017

Without piping deliveries of course the bathroom can not be easy. Bathroom, sink, shower are indispensable elements that, it seems, are also influenced by fashion Trends and Bathroom decoration ideas , Bathroom design ideas 2017 encourages you to install bathtub with unusual shapes and even colors. Bathtubs are amazingly diverse: round, oval, ovate, square, trapezoidal and the choice is limited only by Your preferences and size of bathroom , Together sum up, Bathroom design ideas 2017 Allow yourself to create that truly magnificent, comfortable bathroom, where every minute held a heavenly pleasure.

Plumbing supply-in-bathroom decor-2017 Plumbing supply-in-bath decor 2017-1 Plumbing supply-in-bath decor 2017-2 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-3 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-4 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-5 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-6 Plumbing supply-in-bath decor 2017-7 Plumbing supplies-in-bathroom-decor-2017-8 Plumbing supplies-in-bathroom-decor-2017-9 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-10 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-11 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-12 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-13 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-14 Plumbing-the-bathroom-decor-2017-15


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