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Awning in the backyard of Corradi

Awning in the backyard corradi pool

Awning in the backyard thanks to Corradi

Ideal for large outdoor spaces, open plan dining areas and poolside seating, this Corradi awning has a modern, nautical look that we love. The defending awning covers 11 or 14 square meters, which rises to a pedestal and rotates 90 or 360 degrees depending on the model.

The interesting thing is a self-standing screen supported by four steel bars that remove the need for ground anchors. Between its four corners, this awning forms an outdoor living room where you can enjoy the warm weather. It is available in 50 or 78 square meters. The freestanding glider has six individual sails. This awning is equipped with a sensor that automatically rolls up the sails in strong winds. And the large pedestal offers a large seat! The awnings are made according to the customer’s specifications, which can be adapted to spaces up to 100 square meters!
Bonus: Each sail is available with manual or motorized wheels! Read more about it on Corradi.

Oversized awning also protects against rain and wind

Sun sails in the backyard corradi

Attractive and compact design

Awning in the backyard corradi wood flooring

Minimalist exterior design – wooden wall paneling

sun sails in the backyard corradi deckchair

Original and unique sailing umbrella design – big enough to accommodate two or three dining furniture groups

Awning in the backyard corradi at night

Beautiful and extravagant exterior design

sun sails in the backyard corradi original Fitting to the pool design Awning in the backyard corradi sail


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