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Aromatic herbs in impressive vertical gardens

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The aromatic herbs are a supplement that must not be missing in the culinary world. When you are at home, you save money and time when preparing our favorite dishes. One of the most interesting ways to have them at hand is vertical gardens.

Aromatic herbs within reach in the kitchen

aromatic herbs window variations

When they are prepared with aromatic herbs, they give the decoration an interesting accent. Within the variants for this The framed gardens have gained in popularity. In general, they are easy to build and the effect is impressive. The first thing we should do is buy a set of vertical planters.

Aromatic herbs that are also used for decorative purposes

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They have the positive aspect that they are very easy to hang up. Perhaps the most complicated thing is to frame the planters as soon as they are attached to the wall. The frames add style and character to these aromatic herb gardens. As we can see in some pictures you can even build with a little recycled wood.

Interesting composition with small pots, nice fresh effect

aromatic herbs white walls effects

To be stably fastened, you need to use supports in the form of L. You have to put it under the table above. Many of the Planter You have perforations. This makes it relatively easy to irrigate so that the water will pass quickly at all levels. In general, aromatic herbs are easy to grow.

Idea with planters made of different natural fibers

aromatic herbs vertical lines watering

If we decide to start gardening, they are the best option. In addition to the interior of the house, you can develop very well in the flowerbeds. It should be noted, however, that in these cases they need more water and nutrients. Which, of course, decreases if we let them plant directly on the ground. Where they can absorb these nutrients directly.

Vertical garden of herbs framed in wooden box, rustic atmosphere

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In the same way we have to pay attention to enlightenment. A place where they have at least four to six hours of sun a day. Inside the house should be in very well-lit areas. Within the great variety of aromatic herbs, many have their origins in the Mediterranean Sea . For this reason, some like washing or oregano need no further watering.

Make the vertical garden more attractive with glass pitchers

vertical containers modern glass kitchen

On the other hand, parsley or mint needs more moisture to develop properly. If they are grown in pots, they should be watered more frequently. Especially during the summer days. To improve the drainage ceramic fragments can be introduced into the container. In general, irrigation depends heavily on the conditions under which the plant is located.

DIY design for a small vertical garden that can decorate our home

Wood reclaimed kitchen drawers diy

So much will affect the climate, the wind or the type of soil in its development. As for the schedule, it is best to do it during the first hours of the morning. Otherwise, we have to do it at dusk and avoid the hours when the sun is hottest. If we notice that the aromatic herbs are somewhat withered, we should reduce the frequency of watering. Those who place in our vertical gardens, we can add a dissolved liquid fertilizer.

Project seen from the front, the framed recycled wood completes the style Special parts salons ideas in front

Gardens with different styles, perfect for any kind of environment

modern special solutions lighting concepts

Framed with blackboard to put the name of aromatic herbs

Blackboard calls paint dark doors

They are the perfect decorative element for rural and traditional kitchens

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