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Apothecary cupboard – great ideas for interior design


There is a trend interior design that shows in home decor I is, and is to use some piece of antique furniture to make a statement and a refined touch.

And it’s not just for vintage or classic interiors; in modern interiors, a touch of vintage style looks even more eye-catching and fresher. We’ve already shown some ideas to incorporate vintage chests and cabinets, and today we’ll show you how to use another very popular item: Pharmacist’s Cabinet. If you already have one, you’re in luck, do not throw it away and let’s see how you can make your inside nervous.

Apothecary cupboard – interior ideas

pharmacies cabinets

The word “pharmacist” in the past means much more than just a practicing physician. The botanical style and culture, along with its unique decoration, came from the many dealers of spices, wine and herbs in medieval Europe and the Far East.

pharmacies cabinets

The special demands of this lifestyle have resulted in some unique furniture and accessories that are popular around the world for their vintage style and value.

Ideas for pharmacist cabinet

Most inputs have enough room for a large or small console table. Take the Apothecary cupboard and paint it after sanding in the desired color. A pharmacist’s cabinet is a great piece of entry because it has enough storage space both inside and up.

Ideas for pharmacist cabinets

Most salons can accommodate a room divider, and a pharmacy cabinet is an ideal item for the occasion. Find out what your style looks like: a vintage industrial type, a rustic vintage or an elegant shabby chic, and make changes to your pharmacy cabinet. If you want a pharmacist cabinet Shabby chic, use the pastel and sand tones. For an industrial touch, add metal frames and handles combined. To achieve a rustic look, you can choose different shades of the paints.

original ideas for pharmacist cabinets

The Cabinets From the pharmacy you can find splendid kitchen islands and storage furniture: they look very structured and eye-catching. You can paint or dye it as you wish, and a closet guarantees that you have plenty of storage space.

great ideas for pharmacist cabinets

You can also change your piece and include some open shelves in it for bedding, dishes and other things. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy this great piece in your home!

Ideas to use pharmacist cabinets

The apothecary cabinet may not be that common in contemporary homes, but it offers much more than just aesthetics. These original pharmacist cabinets are equipped with a number of small drawers to help you stay organized.

Ideas to use pharmacist cabinet

In addition to the unique look it offers, the Apothecary cupboard also acts as a beautiful screen when used properly. Although most homeowners are happy with the use of this vintage piece to create a dramatic entrance, it seems a more convenient addition when placed in the dining room, bedroom or bathroom.

Idea to use pharmacist cabinet

The Apothecary Cabinet is available in a variety of sizes and finishes and can even be painted with a shade that matches the color scheme of your home. The local rake is probably one of the best places to find a really original vintage pharmacist cabinet.

Original interior design ideas with pharmacist cabinets

Idea to use pharmacist cabinets in the living room

However, there are many modern replicas that offer the same look and appear authentically obsolete. Decorate the case with photo frames, vases and other accessories to make it an eye-catcher.

large pharmacy cabinet

If you are not one of those people who are very interested in adding a vintage pharmacist’s cabinet to your home, there are many other options that you can choose from. Inspired by the classic style, some modern kitchen cabinets mimic dresser drawers.

red pharmacist cabinet

These exclusive and often bespoke cabinets give the kitchen a visual contrast and emphasize a rustic or industrial theme. Whilst apothecary style cabinets in lighter shades blend well with modern kitchens, those with darker shades create a remarkable centerpiece for your kitchen.

Pharmacy cabinet colors

There are many contemporary models that take over the design of the pharmacy and give it a smart and modern twist when using materials such as glass and laminate. You can even have them painted to complement the color scheme of your room or dining area. The enclosed bathroom-style bathroom sinks in the bathroom are space-saving and give the bathtub a sophisticated and spa-like ambience.

Pour Apothecary cupboards with glasses

Pharmacy cupboard in the bathroom

We recommend that you accompany the decoration with a few glasses. Unlike chests and cabinets pharmacy, pharmacist funny canned design is an investment that we can all afford to do. It’s amazing how transparent glasses have become such an integral part of Christmas and New Year decoration. However, they can be used to spice up your home far beyond the holiday season.

decorated pharmacist cabinet

The simple silhouette of the lenses is easy to recognize and they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. From a terrarium in a pharmacist’s glass to sweet treats, you can use your imagination to creatively fill the glasses.

Vintage pharmacist cabinet

One can use the Apothekerschrank in the kitchen not only as visual supplement, but also for the storage of spices and other condiments. Fresh seasonal fruit in the pharmacy pots is another wonderful way to change the color accent in the kitchen without much effort.

Vintage pharmacist cabinet in the dining room

If you want to emphasize the theme of your choice, fill the jars with ornaments that add to the overall look of the room. Decorating with pharmacist glasses is mainly to exploit their creativity!

Cabinet made of apothecary wood

Pharmacist cabinet vintage style

Vintage Pharmacist Cabinetry Designs

Original pharmacist cabinet

Vintage apothecary cabinet made of wood


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