A Roombeez Author and Her Childhood Dream: Visit Muller’s Treehouse


Every child would like to play in a tree house, preferably spend the night or live right now. Our guest author Hannah currently has this luck. She is in Australia, where it never gets really cold and lives with a host family on the Gold Coast. The Mullers lost the Ü-Pünktchen in their surname several years ago, when they emigrated from Switzerland to Australia and had to survive a small visa battle. Since then Walter, Irene and their two children Tayla (12) and Noah (14) live as “Mullers” in the so-called “Treehouse”, in German: Baumhaus. Officially it is a Paddington Pole Home, why it is said, even the owners do not know.

Hannah interviewed the treehoppers:

The Mullers built their dream home in Australia over two decades ago. The house is very different from other houses in Down Under, says Hannah. The treehouse is made entirely of wood, which is very rare there, due to the risk of fire. “Also, the structure is rather atypical: Actually all live here in bungalows with only one floor, they have less closed rooms, but rather open living areas.” In the Treehouse but the living areas are spread over three levels.

Pretty striking are the round windows. “I’ve never really seen anything like that – pretty cool!” Hannah enthuses. A “jetty” leads to the main entrance door and thus directly into the dining and kitchen area. A few steps down and you are in the living area, with a cozy fireplace and large sofa. “Actually, I’m not a fan of white leather sofas, but here, I think, it suits somehow. Any other model would have been too bleak. ”

Treehouse in Australia

A mix of styles under the palms: The Treehouse has bullet eyes that cite the maritime look, comes in a modern design and yet is a classic tree house. Since you have to take the long journey to Australia, so to discover a rarity.

Hannah particularly likes the geometric pattern of the wooden beams on the ceiling in the Treehouse. The dark wood spreads cosiness, which stands in an exciting contrast to the modern kitchen. Here granite surfaces dominate in great gray and white tones. No frills, chic espresso machine and a look in the palm trees – because everyone would certainly like to enjoy a coffee in the morning, right? Both the living room and the kitchen adjoin a balcony. Here you can meet for a drink or Aussi BBQs.


Below the balcony, the party continues, here are the in-house bar, the pool table and the pool. The design of this area is different from the rest of the house – colorful glasses, lots of red color, the ambiance is rather rustic. “The garden is not so beautiful in summer, to be honest,” Hannah tells us. “But the rainy season is just around the corner!” And the tree house is – as already mentioned at the beginning – actually an indoor playground that can hardly be topped by a garden.

For more impressions of Muller’s Treehouse click here:


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