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6 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Renovation Look Amazing

If you are dealing with the renovation of your bathroom, you have to do something new. Tile installation, normal shower, faucets and cabinets are the oldest ideas. Here’s something else and creative for your bathroom renovation that will look great:

How do I start the bathroom renovation?

The renovation is not associated with low expenses. You have to spend a large amount, because in addition to the wall paint you have to reinstall the sanitary system, design the cabinets and you must also install the bathroom attachments. Before you start the renovation, you must make sure the cost and ask the renovator for the estimated price. Then you have to clarify the concept and inform about your requirements. If you change your plan in the middle phase, you also have to spend extra. So decide on the entire renovation and list the requirements accordingly and inform them directly. They show you some of their previous work and you can also select the templates from their collection. Otherwise you can also customize your bathroom designs and make the architectural design of the professionals.

Small bathroom remodel

Collage wall art

You can use some collage wall art on your bathroom wall. You must use some contrasting colors and also use separate colors on the different walls. The dull look of the bathroom wall is the old art and now people are experimenting with bold colors. Also you can install some picture tiles.

luxurious master bath retreat Image source of Cindy Smetana interiors

Asian bathroom wall art Image source of Utopia lifestyle


It is not necessary to install the bathroom fixture according to the wall color. Use a few different metal fittings such as wood or stainless steel fittings. Also customize some attachments. There are some additional accessories on the market that can be installed in the modern bathroom, such as a wall that hangs a cabinet, or you can also remodel your bathroom cabinet with the shower box.

Bathroom metal bracket Image source of Marisa Daly

Cherry wood bathroom

Hang up the picture frame

There are some picture frames that are waterproof and you can hang these frames on your bathroom wall. Wallpaper or wall art can be used on the bathroom wall and in addition you can install some art or canvas according to your bathroom wall color and make the bathroom like the art place. You can buy this wooden frame in the store. But if you’re thinking to make this photo frame yourself, then you need some equipment that can help you make that frame. You may have some equipment, but you will love to add one Yonico router bit in your equipment , It will help give wood panels a perfect shape while they are being cut.

Wall frame decor ideas in the bathroom Image source of Chango & Co

Bathroom in shabby-chic style Image source of Sarah Greenman

Add a window

Most bathrooms do not have a big window. But you can make a window in your bathroom with colorful curtains and design the window frame with stylish attachment. But the privacy of your bathroom must be preserved, and you can install a fake window that looks like a big window, but in fact it’s a small window like it used to.

Bathroom design with large mirror and window Image source of Luke Cartledge

bathroom window

bathroom cabinet

Install some storage cabinets in your bathroom. Most bathroom cabinets look very boring and are installed in a separate zone in the bathroom. You can install some Designer Cabinet with mirrors in your bathroom wall mount, and it will save space and make your bathroom space big.

Bathroom Black Cabinet Image source of College City Design Build

modern bathroom cabinet designs source Sheer luxe


Ceiling lights are very old, replace these lighting systems and install the new lights on the wall of your bathroom. The new LED lights are ideal for modern bathrooms and also save your power consumption. So you can try it too.

Ideas for bathroom lighting

dark wooden cabinets with lamp in the bathroom

Now the bathroom renovation is with the Online bathroom designer and they will show you the best designs that you can instantly select from your website.

A white interior design with wooden flooring
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