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6 simple tips to get really chic bathrooms on a budget

Planting money for the renovation of your bathroom is a great option if you are really wealthy. However, most of us can not afford to hire a designer, a plumber, a tiler, an electrician and all those professionals who would probably be more efficient but also much more expensive. Here are 6 important & very simple tips to get a fancy bathroom on a budget. If you are renovating bathrooms, have a look at our previous post: – 6 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Renovation Look Amazing ,

If your budget is limited, and let’s be honest – there are more challenges to overcome, but that does not mean that you should give up before you even start. Do not forget what you want to achieve: a functional, pleasant and inviting space. In addition, a beautifully decorated luxury bathroom can make the price of your home so high that it justifies every investment.

Posh Solus freestanding bath Image source of Reece

contemporary small bathroom pictures East Malvern Residence renovation of LS Architects

1. Be realistic and stick to the plan

You need to know exactly how much money and time you can afford for this project. There is little room for improvisation here. It’s easy to get away with buying new tiles or fixtures, but that would mean sacrificing some other, perhaps equally important, elements. Be honest too, what you can do, d. H. What is your potential quantity of sweat. If you have never done DIY work before, you probably should not start very ambitious now.

nice bathroom design

2. Tiles for elegant bathroom

One of the most efficient ways to save money is to use as few pieces as possible. The truth is, they are not only decorative but also very functional. However, you can only cover the floor with them, or maybe just a horizontal strip. If that’s not enough, then you can buy some more expensive tiles and count them among the cheaper ones. The effect you will achieve is worth these extra few dollars.

Victorian Dream Master Bathroom with Colorful Tiles and Open Shower Image source of Rustico tile

Zigzag black and white bathroom floor Bluff House Architect & Interior By Auhaus Arch

3. Counter tops

If it has to be granite because it’s the latest craze, you can at least look for plates with imperfections. The greater the imperfection, the more money you save. Do not forget that you need to install a sink so that the imperfections part is exactly what you will cut anyway!

Another useful tip for a trendy feature in your posh bathroom is to find an old dresser and use it as a sink. Instead of paying more than $ 1,000. You can make your own unique item for little money, provided you have the right tools, some skills, and a little patience.

Bathroom worktop La Dolce Vita architect of Cape Cod Fine House Builder

modern kids bathroom worktop Snow King Project by Grace home design

4. Fasteners

It is very often that these little things make a difference. Faucets, drawer handles and towel rails can be extremely expensive to replace. “When you buy water-saving faucets and shower heads, you pay the same but save on your electricity bills. Plus, it’s good for the environment, “consult us at one Hazlet-based plumbing service ,

Trendy bathroom with double shower The Bradner Residence developed by Rock Ridge Fine Houses

5. Paint for Posh bathroom

Probably the easiest way to redesign your bathroom without breaking the bank. Paint is cheaper than tiles, you can probably do it yourself and your bathroom is not as big as your bedroom, so it can not cost a fortune. But there is a catch. Namely, since there is a lot of moisture in a bathroom and the temperature often changes, mold and mildew can easily grow. Therefore, you really need to invest in high quality paint designed for use in such places. It is also a good idea to use a special bath color, at least to cover the ceiling, as this prevents mold growth.

medium size trendy bathroom gray color, white cabinets, a freestanding bath black and white tiles Picture and color Color of Dulux

6. Buying used items

Needless to say, a lot of money can be saved if you do not buy everything new. The internet is required to give you a lot of information about which used items from your bathroom you can buy in your neighborhood. Alternatively, you can also look at one Habitat for humanity ReStore near where you live. You’ll find what you need at a fraction of the retail price.

As you can see, much can be done for very little money. However, you must invest a significant amount of your time and patience in such a project. The key is to have a very good understanding of what you want, what you can do yourself and how much you would hire a pro. After you’ve done your calculations, you can focus on the design and ultimately enjoy both the process and the result.

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