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6 reasons for the installation of cast iron radiators this winter

Winter is coming, and our thoughts revolve around keeping our homes warm and comfortable as the nights move in. But does she choose a new heating system that is in the style of practicability?

The modest cast iron radiator has been experiencing a resurgence lately. The traditional cast-iron radiator we know of has barely changed since its early appearance as a Victorian source of heat, and perhaps this intimacy contributes to a combination of nostalgia and appreciation for classic design.

The trend for installation Cast iron radiator As modern residential buildings are on the rise and require a comparison with more contemporary central heating systems, we have put together some tips to help you discover the benefits of this architectural style in your home.

They are energy efficient

Modern heating systems are proud of their energy efficiency, but you will be surprised that their predecessor, the reliable cast iron radiator, is one of the best solutions to reduce heating costs, heat your home faster and keep it warmer for longer. This is due to the density of the metal from which they are made. Cast iron stores heat, which means your radiators will still give off heat when the heater is off, as they slowly cool down. Since iron has excellent conductivity properties, your room will warm up faster.

They are the treasure of another man

Cast iron radiators can often be obtained from recycling suppliers who find original radiators that are recycled for reuse. Since these radiators can be brought back to life, there is no manufacturing process and they occupy no space in the landfill and contribute to the environment as little as possible to burden. Plus, you can easily buy a great investment at a great price.

Cast iron radiators have a timeless design

We have already mentioned that the cast-iron radiator has remained largely unchanged since its first dissemination, and that this long-lasting and long-lasting classic has its very own charm. When renovating houses built at the turn of the century, traditional and modern cast iron radiators are an ideal complement to the design of the decade. Cast iron radiators will pass the test of time without requiring frequent replacement.

They are versatile

New cast iron radiators are also a spectacular addition to modern homes. Modern cast-iron radiators have been redesigned, retaining the original design features that are loved by many in updated versions, while sporting modifications remain functional yet functional. Sleek functions for space-saving and contemporary surfaces ensure that they look good and complement the interior of each house.

They are good for your kettle

Using a cast-iron radiator system is also good news for your boiler, as the hot water coming back through your central heating system stays hot, unnecessary re-heating is required, your energy costs are kept low and you save money in the long run.

Cast iron radiators are good for your health

The winter months can cause additional health concerns for asthmatics, as temperature changes often worsen symptoms. Modern radiators typically use a convection system to heat a home, meaning that warm air circulating around rooms is likely to disturb dust and other allergen particles, posing a further risk to those with poor respiratory health. Plus, with no dust flying around, cast iron radiators make it easier to keep your home clean and dust-free.

Traditional and modern cast radiators offer a superb range of benefits, from saving money to creating a fantastic look in every room in the house. Discover our range of high quality cast iron radiators for every home.

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