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56 Designer Relax Armchairs – ideas for modern living room furniture

designer relax armchair shrimp cor

A comfortable piece of seating for a person, usually with armrests and soft padding – that’s the name of an armchair. The shorter and clearer it is, the more models there are. Of course, everyone wants a comfortable upholstered armchair in the living room, where he can rest after a long day and relax.

Here we suggest you to browse through some artworks. How nice would it be if you were standing in your living room. And if not, enjoy the works of great furniture designers from the screen.

Designer Relax Armchair – Luxury Armchair “Largo” by Durlet Design Kai Stania

designer relax armchair largo durlet

Leather armchair and stool “Alhambra” by Linteloo Design Linteloo Team

designer relax armchair alhambra linteloo

Upholstered armchair “Archibald King” from Poltrona Frau Design Jean-Marie Massaud

designer relax armchair archibald king poltrona woman

“Armilla” from ARFLEX Design Burkhard Vogtherr

designer relax armchair armilla arflex Model “Big Bug” by Poliform Design Paola Navone

designer relax armchair big bug poliform

Comfortable armchair in red – “Rob” from COR Design Christophe Marchand

designer relax armchair rob cor

Inspired by the shrimp – the model “shrimp” from COR Design Jehs + Laub

designer relax armchair shrimp cor

Armchair and stool “Daisy” by Porada Design P. Salvadè

designer relax armchair daisy porada

Elegant white armchair model “DS 144” from de Sede Design Werner Aisslinger

designer relax armchair ds 144 de sede

Brown leather armchair model “DS 277” from de Sede Design Christian Werner

designer relax armchair ds 277 de sede

Comfortable and stylish is the model “Dunder” from Blå station Design Stefan Borselius

designer relax armchair dunder bla station

TV or office chair “Farfalla” JR-7390 from Jori design Verhaert New Products & Services

designer relax armchair farfalla jr 7390 jori

Relax armchair “k Chair” by Woodnotes Design Harri Koskinen

designer relax armchair k chair woodnotes

Leather and wood in the model “Lord” of Riva 1920 Design CR & S Riva 1920

designer relax armchair lord riva 1920

Royal throne “Louis XV goes to sparta” by Cerruti Baleri Designer m.galante + t.lancman

designer relax armchair louis xv goes to sparta cerruti baleri

“Lounger” by Bd Barcelona Design Jaime Hayon

designer relax armchair lounger bd barcelona

Red “lounger” armchair and stool by Bd Barcelona Design Jaime Hayon

relaxation fauteuil modern lounger bd barcelona

Fresh idea – “Milo” from Softline Design Flemming Busk, Stephan B. Hertzog

designer relax armchair milo softline

Model “1282 | 1283 Link” from Intertime Design Fries & Zumbühl

designer relax armchair model 1282 1283 link intertime

Upholstered leather armchair model “Nido JR-3890” by Jori Designer Christophe Giraud

designer relax armchair nido jr 3890 jori

“Origami” by OFFECCT Design Carlos Tíscar

designer relax armchair origami offecct

Innovative model “Racing” by Miiing Design Laurent Minguet

designer relax armchair racing miiing

“Repos & Grand Repos” by Vitra Design Antonio Citterio

designer relax armchair repos grand repos vitra

Armchair “Rossetta” by GRASSOLER Design D.T.G.

designer relax armchair rossetta grassoller

Italian design – “STAR” by Via Della Spiga design Makio Hasuike and Marco Piva

designer relax armchair star via della spiga

“Stealth” of Johanson Design Design Johan Lindstén

designer relax armchair stealth johanson design

“Take A Line For A Walk” by Moroso Design Alfredo Häberli

designer relax armchair take a line for a walk leather moroso

“Take A Line For A Walk” by Moroso Design Alfredo Häberli

designer relax armchair take a line for a walk moroso

“Take A Line For A Walk” by Moroso Design Alfredo Häberli

designer relax armchair take a line for a walk textile moroso

Silver leather armchair with round shapes – “Up 2000 Series” by B & B Italia design Gaetano Pesce

Multifunctional Designer Armchair “111 Wink” by Cassina Design Toshiyuki Kita

relaxation fauteuil modern 111 wink cassina

With floral print – “111 Wink” by Cassina Design Toshiyuki Kita

relaxation fauteuil modern 111 wink floral print cassina

Italian style – “Ardea 882” by Zanotta Design Carlo Mollino

relaxation fauteuil modern ardea 882 zanotta

“Audioluce” by FSM Design Georg Appeltshaus

relaxation fauteuil modern audioluce fsm

“Bertoia Collection” by Knoll International Design Harry Bertoia

relaxation fauteuil modern bertoia collection knoll international

Fresh idea for the office – “Catifa 70” by arper Design Lievore, Altherr, Molina

relaxation fauteuil modern catifa 70 arper

Classic and elegant – “DS 51” by de Sede Design de Sede design team

relaxation fauteuil modern ds 51 desede

“Frank Gehry Collection” by Knoll International design Richard Schultz

relaxation fauteuil modern ds frank gehry knoll international

Inspiration Egg – “Egg” by Fritz Hansen design Arne Jacobsen

relaxation fauteuil modern egg fritz hansen

“I-SIT” by Magnus Olesen design Design Concern

relaxation fauteuil modern i sit magnus olesen

“Jade” from Nielaus design Orla Mølgaard Nielsen

relaxation fauteuil modern jade nielaus

Kandor “from Bonaldo Design Karim Rashid

relaxation fauteuil modern kandor bonaldo

“Kenno” from Showroom Finland Oy Design Heikki Ruoho

relaxation fauteuil modern kenno showroom finland oy

“Lane” by Softline Design busk & hertzog

relaxation fauteuil lane softline

Futuristic design – “Lofty” by MDF Italia Design Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

relaxation fauteuil modern lofty mdf italia “L ucky “of Brühl design Kati Meyer-Bruehl

relaxation fauteuil modern lucky brühl

designer relax armchair shrimp cor

relaxation fauteuil modern tok varier furniture

Designer Relax Armchair – “Tok” by Variér Furniture Design Toshiyuki Kita


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