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5 things that you must forbid from your kitchen

Your kitchen is a place where all your needs and needs related to food should be kept. Therefore, it is expected to find food, spices and affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world.

And if some things are allowed or even recommended to be placed in the kitchen, there are those that should not. After all, it’s where food is made, so it should be clean, have as much space as possible and keep only things that do no harm or make your meal taste terrible.

To avoid any adverse events in your kitchen and your food, here are a few examples.

A pre-filled spice collection

Without spices it is very difficult to give food a special taste. However, buying a spice rack will not help you so much, because spices that have been stored for a long time are no longer fresh, which means that they do not taste as much as they used to.

Therefore, even though it seems much more laborious, it is better to buy single fresh spices. And as much as possible, try to buy only if, as I said, stored spices lose their taste.

Stuffed spice collection Image credit of kitchen trends

Opaque food containers

It’s hard to imagine a life without a food container. Sometimes, just like everything that’s hidden, they tend to be forgotten. And when transparent and translucent food containers can be kept away and forgotten, obscure foods are more likely to suffer the same fate because it’s harder to remember what’s in them.

To keep track of your food, either use food containers whose contents are visible from the outside, or label them with labels and then stack them in a rack to let you know where to look.

Opaque food containers Image credit of Ordinary method

Non-stick cookware

For people who love or need to cook, non-stick cookware is a godsend as it keeps the food – especially friends – intact. And as nice bonuses it’s super easy to clean the oils that stick to its surface, not to mention that you need less fat when you need to fry.

However, this too good tableware actually has a bad health. When heated above 500 ° F, non-stick ware will emit toxic fumes that can cause flu-like symptoms in humans and be fatal to birds.

Instead of these miracles, you stay with good old pans made of stainless steel. While food is a bit of a liability, it is definitely much better than inhaling deadly fumes.

Non-stick cookware Image credit of Wohnungjh

Pop-up Toaster

Nothing beats toast, especially in the morning. However you may be a fan of toast, it’s time to get rid of pop-up toasters, or even better, not to buy them at all.

While the emergence of toasted bread never loses the amusement it gives off, it is neither worth your money nor hygienic. Instead, go for a toaster oven as it can cook toast and other things as bread. In addition, mice tend to climb pop-up toasters in search of bread crumbs.

Pop-up Toaster Image credit of Kitchens By Peter Gill

kitchen sponges

It is cheap to keep the same kitchen sponge. However, it is definitely not a hygienic practice. According to the Center for Disease Control, sponges are sanctuaries in which bacteria multiply, as they are always moist. And while sponges can be rehabilitated, this can be annoying.

Instead of sponges, it is better to use cleaning rugs and brushes to rinse dishes and kitchen surfaces. However, if you prefer these porous foams, make sure you replace them regularly so you can spread more diseases rather than prevent them.

Follow these tips and make sure your kitchen is free of clutter and germs. After all, these things should not be in a place full of love and good food, of course.

kitchen sponges Image credit of Tess fine

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