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5 steps to consider while renovating your bathroom

One of the hardest parts of the home renovation is designing the bathroom for the whole family. Whether you only want to remodel the existing bathroom or completely refurbish it, careful planning is required.

If you do not know how and where to start, there are five steps to follow while renovating your bathroom to make it look bigger, better, and more relaxing:

{1} budget

First and foremost, you must set the budget. You need to know how much you want to spend on renovating your bathroom. If you know the budget and the numbers, you can make better decisions about what can go into the transformation. Once you have the provisional amount and the deducted average labor costs, you will know how much you can spend on tiles, fixtures, lights, lighting and color.

{2} Get a clear picture

Before embarking on a bathroom renovation, you need to be aware of the changes you want to see in your bathroom. Look for references online and in the renovation magazines. Once you’ve collected the inspirational images, it’s best to create a list of must-have and love-to-have. This list will help you to work on the budget to determine bathroom remodeling costs. It is important that you keep the age, size and gender of all persons using the bathroom before you start. When making the decision, the time frame should also be taken into account. An extensive renovation project will take a few days, which means you have to make the necessary preparations in your other bathroom.

{3} Look at the latest trends

The look of your bathroom can make or break the image of your home. The former bathroom was considered a place to shower, but now it is meant to be a space for comfort, luxury, contemplation and functionality. You need to stay updated on the latest bathroom design trends. One thing you should keep in mind is that design should go hand in hand with functionality. Some of the trends followed by the experts to create a contemporary space are:

I. Wood: Nothing can match the surface of the wood and is therefore preferred by most designers. Bathroom veneers are one of the trends that are very popular. Choose chestnut or walnut finish to give your bathroom interior warmth and an element of nature.

II. Stone: To give the bathroom a raw or natural look, it is important to add stones to the bathroom inside. Natural, finished or raw slabs and stones can help to convey the luxurious look of expensive marble.

III. tiles: If you plan to replace the bathroom tiles, choose the color and texture very carefully. The blue color tiles will be strong and will surely add the desired character. Although you can experiment a little and choose warmer tones of blue or white.

IV. Lighting: If there is insufficient light in your bathroom, it can be dangerous or impractical. When renovating the bathroom is therefore important to pay attention to the lighting. If possible, plan in natural light. If this is not possible, it is proposed to use four watt incandescent lamps per square foot. To avoid saturation of the room, do not add white light.

V. Fittings and fittings: When choosing bathroom fixtures, it’s best to stick to a brand. This helps you to create consistency, as all luminaires are in the same color. For smaller bathrooms, it is best to have a cistern in the wall if there is enough space in the cavity of the wall for drainage through the floor. For this particular section, it may be a better idea to hire a specialist. If you live Somewhere in Sydney, consider a local plumber for a better service. It will help you to get a perfect fitting and fixtures. Professionals will also give you better advice to make your place perfect.

Vanity: When Selection of bathroom vanity , consider the tile color. It is best to choose the mirrored vanities as they give you a feeling of larger bathrooms. In the end, remember the purpose of vanity is to store all your daily beauty regimen products, so choose the size very carefully.

{4} Set the goals

Before you decide to replace everything in the existing bathroom, it is best to determine the goals. Check if you really need the new fittings and accessories or if you can reuse the current fixtures after bleaching. Do you need a new bath and washstand or is there a way to reuse it?

{5} Hire the specialist

Once you have a clear picture of the renovation of the bathroom in your head, it is best to seek a professional who can help you make your dream come true. Before hiring a professional, run a background check and ask for some feedback from previous customers.
These are just some of the steps you should follow when renovating your bathroom. You can check Bargain hunter blog for more tips on home remodeling.

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