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4 realistic textured murals for your interior design

If you think of murals, you could conjure images of landscapes, cityscapes or maybe a kind of vintage art. What many people forget is that murals with textures and materials are just as common – and look great.

With the advent of industrial decor, things like open bring, concrete and rustic wood become stacks or stylish living or office space. If your home does not have access to beautifully exposed bricks or a real wood paneling does not fit your budget, you’ll find highly detailed murals that look like real muraledesign.com

With the right texture mural, you can capture the look of these textures and materials at a fraction of the cost.

Choose the right textured mural for your decor

4 realistic textured murals for your home decor
Faux Wall textures can add an interesting accent to any room. For example, a rustic wood-paneled mural would be a great choice if you are looking for a chic French country house decor. On the other hand, an exposed mural on the other side can create this trendy industrial look.
Below are four types of wall textures that can enhance your accent walls.


Brick wall decoration
Alone or in combination with other materials such as wood or glass, Facing brickwork is a classic symbol of tradition and authenticity. This rich texture is definitely the most popular texture for a reason. It not only offers a real vintage look, it is also versatile and eye-catching.

Using a removable exposed brick wall mural, you can use this texture on an accent wall. Exposed brick murals also come in many different colors and brick types, so it will be something out there that fits your space perfectly.

Waste wood panels

Reclaimed wood panels decor home
Another great traditional texture that can give your room a trendy vintage look is reclaimed wood. This look is a little less industrial and looks more rustic or nostalgic. A white painted mural of recycled wood goes perfectly with a French country theme. Some of these wood wallpapers can also be used to give a cottage or cottage a more authentic look.

Cement or concrete

Cement textured wall decoration
Concrete textured wall Murals can give any room the typical industrial feel. This is a very desirable look if you are trying to decide for the modern studio or loft feel. Complementing these textures with graffiti or any other urban style is recommended for the entire industrial decor theme.

Torn posters or advertising

Home Wall Decoration Retro
Textured murals with torn posters or retro advertising are becoming increasingly popular for accent walls in many homes and offices. Its realistic effect creates a retro feel and adds interesting colors to the mix. This look is extremely versatile and could work in a youth room, a sports room, a man cave or a bedroom.

There are so many amazing highly detailed murals on the market that you are sure to find, one that fits your decor. The right textured photo wallpaper can give your room a great character and also decorate some of your favorite pieces for your home – all at an affordable price.

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