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33 elegant inspirations in Danish design

Danish design Scandinavian style simple furniture

The company Handvärk and the new Danish design

Discovering a new fashion brand is always fascinating. That happened to us again recently. We are sure that you, like us, fall in love with the new brand that we discovered. Handvärk Danish furniture has recently been launched on the market with a new but beautifully selected collection.

For their elaboration mostly the materials stainless steel, sheet metal, leather and marble were used.

In time for the winter

It makes a big difference in which season you start your interior design. Consciously or unconsciously you can be influenced by the mood out there. When you start to decorate the room in autumn or winter, there is almost always a sense of calm and contemplation in your home. We experience these qualities in some of their most beautiful forms Danish design ,

Danish design for more clarity and functionality

Danish design Scandinavian furniture desk marble

Where can I buy the furniture?

We know that many of you have a pretty practical attitude. Before you look at something beautiful, you certainly want to know if you can buy it. That is why we are making this short excursion about the availability of the furniture of the brand “Handvärk”. The company currently has local businesses in its home country, in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and in Bergen and Oslo in Norway. But the company delivers everywhere in Europe.

Simple elegance through Danish design in the home office

Danish design Scandinavian living simple functional desk table

Here and there you can also add a little gold gloss to the Danish design

Danish design Scandinavian living golden shining oval bowl

Cross Candle is the chic candlestick by Handvärk

Danish design Scandinavian furniture home accessories cross candle

The furniture

Handvärk is a Danish design brand for furniture and accessories. So it offers just about everything you need for your interior design. Do we want to start with the presentation of the furniture of the company?

The collection includes different models of coffee and side tables. You can also buy great standing and writing desks from the same brand. You can still find great pieces for the dining room.

The collection is especially good for those of you who are looking for angular models.

The round furniture is anyway rather untypical for the Danish design

Danish design Scandinavian style dining table 230

Functional and beautiful

Functionality and beautiful appearance are equally important in Danish design. This is confirmed by the furniture of the Handvärk brand. Only the most valuable materials are allowed. From these simple and functional pieces of furniture are produced. That’s all you have to do to achieve the desired effect.

Do not forget the matching home accessories

Danish design Scandinavian style elegant simple functional

In this context, we would especially like to mention the marble furniture pieces. They are available in beautiful green, white or black shades. As soon as there are legs, they are made of stainless steel and brass. These are mostly in black.

Dining table 185 – black marble and brass

Danish design Scandinavian style dining table 185 marble brass


According to the founder of the brand Emil Thorupp, Handvärk’s value is particularly high in the experimental approach. It is based above all on the creative handling of certain materials. It’s about these materials that Danish design has already specialized in producing, and where a high level of perfection has already been achieved.

Especially the creativity in this field will probably make Handvärk a very successful brand Danish design do.

The summer house of Emil Thorups

Danish design Scandinavian furniture summer house Emil Thorups

Everything is of course completely furnished in the Scandinavian style of living

danish design scandinavian furniture emil thorups summerhouse terrace

And this is his bedroom

Danish design Scandinavian furniture bedroom emil thorups

Genuine leather in black and white marble – the classic

Danish design Scandinavian living dining table chair

Green marble calms the senses

Danish living style Scandinavian furniture dining table marble

Noble textures and natural materials

Danish designs kandinavian furniture textures marble leather

Elegant living room furniture in the Scandinavian style

Danish design Scandinavian living room living room coffee table marble

Function is capitalized here

Danish design Scandinavian style functional furniture

A young company with great potential

danish design scandinavian style handvärk company

The refined side table by Generous Design

Danish design Scandinavian Danish furniture coffee table generous design

The legendary Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

design scandinavian living egg chair arne jacobsen

The splendid artichoke light of Poul Henningsen

Danish design Scandinavian style furniture monochromatic gray

Elegant Imola Chair by Boconcept

Danish design Scandinavian style leather chair imola chair boconcept

The Grip table by Troels Grum was made by Randers Radius

scandinavian living grip table troels grum randers radius

And now a few inspirations for your interior design in the Scandinavian style of living

danish danish design scandinavian dining room dining table chairs hanging light gubi

Danish design Scandinavian furnishings dining room hanging lamps chairs dining table GUBI danish design scandinavian home office furnishing gubi danish design scandinavian set up kitchen bar stool gubi Danish design Scandinavian furniture dining room dining chairs Gubi

danish design scandinavian furniture pink armchair round side table gubi Danish design Scandinavian style dining room set up gubi Danish design Scandinavian style furniture sofa side table stool Gubi danish design scandinavian table lamp brass gubi danish design scandinavian living study gubi

danish design scandinavian living furniture gubi

danish design scandinavian living danish furniture living room gubi

danish design scandinavian living danish furniture living room interior design gubi danish design scandinavian living furnishing style living room gubi danish design scandinavian living interior design living room gubi

danish design scandinavian living wall shelves coffee table gubi

danish design scandinavian living style leather sofa gubi

danish design scandinavian living living room gubi denmark


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