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Bringing natural surfaces into a home is an old concept; The current trend in the design of a natural bathroom takes up this concept. So now the nature is brought into your bath sanctuary. The aura of a bathroom changes enormously when you see nature around you. It creates an exciting experience with calming and calming emotions; You imagine, Mother Nature strokes her bare skin. To achieve this natural bathroom experience, you need to bring along certain materials that are found in nature.

Materials from nature to bring within the natural bathroom

Water and heat in the bathroom can soothe, relax and rejuvenate your tired body. Your connection with nature can do the magic by bringing your senses to rest and comfort. You need natural materials in your bathroom such as wood, stones, pebbles and stones. They need flora and fauna to complete the environment.

Use wood in the floor or wall cladding. Stones and stones serve as the base for your bathtub, or even better, your bathtub is made of stones and stones, emulating a hot spring. There is no better way to take a shower than to let the water come from the top. So, keep your shower head hidden in the ceiling so that water comes down like rain. Lay some plants around the tub and on the dressing table. You can install some artificial birds at the ceiling corner. Your green and your flora do not have to be artificial. Decorate with real houseplants. See more : Bathroom Designs Ideas & Images

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Best Place to Install a Bathroom Sanctuary

If you have a place near your garden, this is the best place to install your natural bathroom. Make your window large so that the garden is visible from the bathroom. Install a disposable mirror so people outside can not see you bathing. If you do not live near the garden, paint the glass window with plants, flowers and anything that represents nature. So your bathing area still remains a natural bath.

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