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22 beautiful ideas for decorative curtains at home

decorative curtains glaring colors living room wood bright ambiente

22 ideas on how to combine decorative curtains with other elements of interior design

Everyone will agree that the curtains bring more comfort and coziness into the room. The pendant of the harmonious interior can combine curtains and curtains with other elements of the interior aesthetic and stylish.

We’ve come up with some fresh ideas for you so you can be infected by the creativity of the designers. In the pictures you will discover rooms in which the curtains have the same colors and patterns as pillows, bed headboards, wallpaper, upholstery, carpets, tables and more. to have. Enjoy it!

wonderful ideas for decorative curtains in your apartment

decorative curtains blue pale beige living room classic floral motifs

Purple curtains and decorative elements in the bedroom decorative curtains bright purple colors bedroom idea

Dominant red color in the interior design of the living room – variety of decorative pillows

decorative curtains cushions variety colors lines textures armchair living room

Floral elements on the walls and curtains that are similar

Decorative curtains vivid colors old-fashioned armchair comfortable

Elegant, comfortable living room interior – armchairs and highs of silk in pink color

decorative curtains pink silk stool armchair floral ornaments decorative curtains pink white ornaments floral elements

Combination of contrasting colors in the bedroom – dark curtains

dark curtains bedroom cozy white walls single beds bedroom beautiful views strip bedspread

Floral ornaments – wallpaper and curtains in yellow color

curtains similar to chairs classic dining room studded wall ornaments pink pillows gardienen curtains bedroom

Living room decorated in Italian style – bright colors

garish walls floral motifs matching curtains living room design

Delicate green color on the curtains – white sofa and thematic pillows

green pale saturated white sofa pillow garish colors flowers curtains bright white yellow bedroom element curtains original gorgeous

State of the art dining area with monotonous acrylic chairs

state of the art simple dining area blue acrylic chairs floral ornaments curtains children's room play wood decorative elements curtains glaring warm colors

White, striped sofa – blue curtains and blue, round stool

round stool decorative curtains blue stripes sofa carpet

Variety of floral ornaments in the bedroom behind the dressing table – decorative curtains

bedroom make-up walls walls wallpaper curtains decorative

Golden floral ornaments on the walls in the bedroom – really attractive

wallpaper pattern floral golden decorative curtains ideas bedroom wrap chest-old-floral-motive-curtains-table lamp-classical style

Modern interior in the urban style

living room furniture wall shelves white stool square urban decoration beautiful blue green wallpaper dining area plain kitchen furniture


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